The Pied Piper

Posted Nov. 28, 2020, 1:49 p.m. by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) (Jennifer Ward)

OOC: Trickster folks. This takes place on Delotha but has nothing to do with the Trickster thread. No clues/events/etc that affect that will happen here. However you are welcome to join in if you wish.
Bog was on his way to the engineering shed, McHarrie would soon have his hands full and be dragged to the clinic, Yarren had taken Remington off, and Karra had left with Terul and Ryder. Casela moved out of the back area and into the main area of the orphanage and then down to the right. She entered the room where the youngest children were just waking up from their naps. She walked across the room and opened the window. Karra had this strong belief that fresh air was important. These three were the newest to the orphanage. Cas had brought them here just over 6 month ago. Right after she’d abandoned the Triton to be transferred to Levi. The section always left plenty of time to wrap up whatever was needing to be ‘taken care of.’ They just didn’t know this was what she was doing. She never left loose ends, so that ‘leeway’ was always hers to do with as she pleased.

She walked over and picked up the smallest one. She grinned as the tiny hands grabbed the massive pink curls that Zanya sported. “Hello Sulme,” she said softly as the 1 year old Romulan girl yawned big enough to swallow her little fist. Casela…no…Zanya moved around the room cleaning the little ones up after their nap. Karrith, Sulme’s 4 year old older brother, with a vocabulary to rival an adult, bounded off his bed, wide awake. “Zanya!” he yelled running over twirling circles around her telling her all about the bread he helped Karra bake the day before and how he kneaded it and let the yeast rise and kneaded it again.

Pimola, a 3 year old half-Romulan girl, with a very round face and short straight chocolate brown hair sat up on her bed and just looked at Zanya. Zanya knelt down to be eye level with her, from across the room. “Hi Pimola. Do you remember me?” she asked very softly. Pimola nodded her head but hugged her stuffed animal close. “We’re going to get cleaned up and then we’ll go to the kitchen, okay?” Pimola only nodded her head and then got up and ran out of the room. Pimola had been very afraid on the trip here, and she was still scared but at least she responded when you asked her questions now.

Karrith went over to another bed and pounced on the lump that was in the middle of the bed.

“OWWWW Kawwith!” and a little Bajorin boy stuck his head out.

“Julin! Zanya’s here!” and Karrith bounced on the bed irritating the still sleepy Julin. Julin looked over at her and grinned and waved sleepily. Julin had been a surprise. Casela had left the Triton for 7 months to go to the Cardassian boarder near Bajor. She’d found Julin huddled in an abandoned building along with Vedi and Mecona on the Cardassian colony of Saltok IV. That had been an obstacle that the Karra couldn’t seem to get past. There were plenty of people interested in adopting siblings, but no one was willing to take the small Bajorin boy along with the two Cardassian children. It was odd to be sure, but they didn’t want to be separated and so Karra wouldn’t do it.

“Come on Julin, go wash up. If you sleep anymore you won’t want to go to bed tonight,” Zanya told him. She picked Sulme up from the changing table and put her on the floor. Julin and Karrith walked over, each taking one of her small hands and helping her walk into the main room. They helped her sit without falling and then ran to go wash up. When the other children returned the boys went right back to Sulme and urged her to stand up on her own and then holding hands once again they wandered into the kitchen, Pimola in front of them. She turned the high chair around and Zanya reached down, lifting Sulme into the chair. Karra always had something put aside for the littles, as she called them, to eat when they woke up.

Half an hour later Zanya had the children herded out into the yard to play. Sulme sat in the grass playing with a stick that was bigger around than her fist. Zanya sat next to her, dodging the flying stick as it came too close to her head. Karrith came over and sat down in front of Sulme and set several rocks of different sizes in front of her. She picked them up waving them around in a tight fisted grip. Karrith laughed, “No Sulme. Look,” he picked the rocks up and started stacking them, laying them in lines and building with them. Sulme giggled and tried stacking them but they kept falling. Karrith took the time to show her to put bigger rocks on the bottom, but Sulme was just excited with moving them around with her own small child logic.

“My dad used to do this with me. He showed me how to turn the rocks to make them fit together, like a puzzle,” Karrith whispered. “I miss him.” Zanya gathered him up into her arms and hugged him.

“He loved you both very much. He always laughed when he was with you,” Zanya had never met him but had heard the stories from the people where she’d found Karrith and Sulme. And the personal files she had been able to hack and collect told the same story. “You know Karra has their pictures.” Karrith nodded. Pimola came and sat down making her stuffed animal dance and interact with Sulme. The three were very close now. They’d managed to at least for attachments to each other.

Julin sat down as well. “Zanya, will you take me to see Vedi? Mecona got to go, I miss my bubba.”

“If it’s okay with Karra, I will. I know you miss him. But he’s going to be okay. Dr. Doolittle is a very good doctor and will make Vedi all better. I promise.” She leaned forward and stared at him with a very serious face. “BUT you have to promise that when Vedi comes home that you will take care of him. I know he’s your big brother, but he’ll have trouble walking around for a few days, so you have to be the big brother for a little bit okay?” Julin nodded very solemnly. As he got older he would forget everything that Vedi did to protect him and Mecona, but the feelings would never fade. Brothers forged in fire and heartache.

Karra arrived a little while later without Terul. Pimola got up and ran inside with her, grabbing Karra’s hand and skipping a little. Casela let out a soft sigh and smiled slightly happy at the sight.
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