Side Sim - Oh, my head! Juliet check in with Sec DH

Posted Nov. 30, 2020, 8:45 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Surda (Chief of Security / RTF) (Leonora V)

Posted by Ensign Juliet Anders (Security Officer /RTF) in Side Sim - Oh, my head! Juliet check in with Sec DH

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Surda (Chief of Security / RTF) in Side Sim - Oh, my head! Juliet check in with Sec DH

Posted by Ensign Juliet Anders (Security Officer /RTF) in Side Sim - Oh, my head! Juliet check in with Sec DH
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She fell back into step just to the left of the Chief, having noticed she was right handed. She knew not to block a weapon arm. And despite being on a ship they should be secure on, it was another ingrained habit she automatically did without thinking. She watched the places they passed as she memorized where they were heading. If the test was to see if she was paying attention, Juliet had no doubt she could find their way back to the offices without any issue. “By the way, you can call me Jewels if it’s easier than Anders or Ensign. It’s the call sign I got when I joined the teams.” She wouldn’t bore the woman with the details. Most folks didn’t care anyway.


Surda laughed. “Well, you can’t leave it at that! Call signs have stories, even if only the person it belongs to knows the meaning.” She suddenly took a sharp right down the hallway and several Ensigns who had been whispering together scattered out of the way. “Tell me yours, and I’ll tell you what my name means.” She had crafted her own name the day she had left Nuclo’s ship for the last time.
-Surda, CoS

She must be getting used to the Chief already. Jewels actually smiled as the Security DH laughed. “It’s pretty obvious. Coal for my hair and diamonds for my eyes. But a man I turned away from on my last Team said it was because I was cold and unobtainable. Just like buried coal and expensive diamonds.” The last sentence tapered off with a touch of emotion in it. But whether it was hatred for the man who spoke the words, or a realization it was probably true, even Juliet couldn’t have answered.

“Both coal and diamonds were highly coveted because they were difficult to obtain. Perhaps he should have tried properly.”

Quickly wanting to change the topic to something other than her frigid past, she nodded. “Now your turn.” A small smile still lifting the edges of her lips ever so slightly.


Surda smiled back and led the way into an open holodeck. “Surda is two parts. Sur is the Orion word for ghost, but it’s often used for someone who has vanished or is presumed dead. Da is a high Orion suffix which means old. Thus a sur-da would be someone who disappeared a long time ago.” She had been away from Nuclo for 12 years, and she never planned on going back.
-Surda, CoS

Juliet smiled. “Good thing I’m not Orion. My name probably would have meant left alone a long time ago,” she tried to laugh but it fell short.

“You know my real name’s Juliet. It’s in my files. But I want you to know something else about me. Something no one on this ship knows. Not even the Captain.” She paused, realizing what she to do. She wasn’t sure why, but Surda struck a chord deep in Jewels she didn’t even know existed…trust. It was a hard concept for Juliet so she allowed it to guide her.

Surda raised an eyebrow but listened carefully.

“In Ops, I had to change who I was. My background, hobbies, hangouts, everything. Also my name. I kept Juliet because being the last of my family, I figured I needed to hold on to something. So I changed my last name.” She glanced sideways a moment back straight ahead. She’d never told a soul that her last name wasn’t real. It was made up. Made to aid in the new persona she’d created almost 5 years ago.

Juliet “somethingorother”
(Call me Jewels for short)

Surda paused to evaluate what she knew of human culture. “I’m not sure I understand the significance. It’s not as common in the Federation, but Orions regularly change their name and become a new person.” She spoke slowly, thinking about it. “You changed yourself for a job, so there is no reason you cannot change yourself back if you want to.” Surda’s voice lowered, becoming more solemn. “We change every day. Sometimes it is more drastic. You can change to reflect that as well.”
-Surda, CoS

Juliet shook her head. “No reason to change back. If anything, I’ll change forward in the future. Maybe lose Juliet, altogether.” She laughed a the thought that crossed her mind. “Though hard to lose someone who’s been gone a while. Honestly, I don’t know who I am, anymore. Maybe being here,” she absently gestured to the ship, “I’ll figure out out.” She smiled slightly and shrugged. “Who knows… maybe I’ll find some alien term for I exist and just name myself that.”

Realizing she hadn’t really answered the earlier comment, she backtracked a bit. “Humans, in general, don’t change their names except for specific reasons. Some change their last name to their spouses name when they’re married. And in my case, some change their name so they can’t be found. Though since no one’s looking, it was probably a moot point.”

She wasn’t ready to admit she was Betazoid yet. Too early for that. But something told her Surda would probably know soon enough. One way or another.

Sec/ RTF

Surda nodded. Names were an interesting cultural difference and one she hadn’t anticipated when she ran away. “Well, in any case, we are now on the training holodeck. Most meetings I call will be here. It’s also open for your use, whenever you just want to practice.” She debated asking about something that she had noticed almost immediately, then made up her mind. “As you know, I personally assign partners, rotations, shifts, even duty locations. That means I like to know about all the capabilities, and limits of all my officers.” She paused. “And that means I’d like to know what else you are, other than human.” It would trick just about anyone, even Orions who hadn’t spent most of their time around Humans. However, Starfleet was still a majority human organization, so she knew the scent well.
-Surda, CoS (Kinda taking a risk here, but she’s just gonna go with it.)

A single blink was the only give on Juliet’s face at the query. “I don’t know what you mean. I’m an excellent sharp shooter and more than fair at hand to hand. And I can usually move around without being caught if the need arises. Was that what you were asking?” She looked at the woman a moment longer then glanced around the holodeck. With the programs off, the grid lines were all she had to look at. But it gave her an idea of the size of the room so when she ran her own simulations, she would know what her boundaries were.


Surda raised an eyebrow. “Certain species have certain traits. Orions have an extra gland that exudes pheromones. We also have the accompanying olfactory sense. Personally, I have nearly twenty years of experience. I like to think I’m pretty good at connecting dots.” She looked Juliet up and down. “That said, clearly it’s some sort of state secret or something, so I’ll drop it.” She shifted her weight slightly, making herself seem more serious. “That said, if there’s something you can do when no one else in your group can do it, I hope you’ll do it, even if we have to fudge the report a little.”
-Surda, CoS

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