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we’re fast approaching the holiday season (for many) and, while it doesn’t look like posting requirements are going to be officially relaxed this year (although of course, you’re still able to take LOA’s if needed), I thought we might all appreciate somewhere lighter to post through December. In the past, I’ve tended to run this as a party thread, but in keeping with the unique creativity that you all regularly display on the Levi, I am open to any and all suggestions on what else we could do for a holiday thread instead.

Please make as many suggestions as you’d like, or just offer general feedback, below.

  • Sharon

I don’t know if the crew would like this but I suggest to create our own paradise corner, a planet where we can always return to, filled with joys and beautiful scenarios, places and fragrances. I mean, wouldn’t a RTF or an ARU officer deserve a fantastical journey in fulfilled with many emotions that can be shared intimally and singularly without the thousand of visitors of Risa and pesky Starfleet officers? a planet not known to Starfleet and Federal common agencies, just for the special agents who works in the dark, like Section 31, or us. But remember, anomalies, the friendly ones, are allowed to come and join us in this holiday secret site. That’s my idea!


I like this idea!

Me too! Kind of a neutral ground area where they don’t have to worry about literally everything is classified but they’re still off ship.

I agree that this idea is awesome! Kind of like an ARU-exclusive Risa! It would offer us all a change of scenery now and then (since once we’ve established the world, I’d imagine crew could take vacations there whenever they felt like writing a thread for it) and it might allow us all to see another side of our characters away from the anomaly-wrestling, hehe.

Although Jay did also agree that Dave can have his own, private beach, lol!

  • Sharon

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