Ready Room, a meeting of the CO and XO

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Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in Ready Room, a meeting of the CO and XO
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Before the Ferengi had a chance to respond Raauhl was next to two into the room having caught the end of the conversation, “I wouldn’t encourage him” He said arma crossed standing next to Cobb. He was having a bad day, among the report writting, dealing with discipline issues and badly behaved Anomalies this he felt was going to overshadow them all. “How can we help you Mr Lazol?”

  • LtCmdr Raauhl, XO

Lazol looked offended, a little over blown in traditional Ferengi business dealings, as he said, “Firstly Captain and Lieutenant Commander if I am to give you the decency of respecting your rank I expect that you respect mine.” He said tapping his pins on the neck of his Ferengi uniform. “Secondly I wanted to sit down with you and discuss the runnings of our ship.” He handed each officer a PADD with the transfer orders and directive straight from Rear Admiral Vincent T. Jansson reading “DaiMon Lazol is to, hereby and henceforth, assume the duties of ARU Chief Science officer onboard the USS Leviathan retaining his rank of DaiMon equivalent to a Starfleet Captain as well as duties of an Ambassador of the Ferengi Alliance. Do whatever needs to be done to further the understanding of the anomalies. When in regards to ARU matters Lazol is the highest ranking person onboard and has control over what is done with the anomalies and has discretion with their future.

As Lazol let the officers read their marching orders, he nodded to the table. “Please, I mean to be a good host, join me at the table as we have much to discuss.” Lazol poured the Ferengi wine and pulled out their chairs as he said, “Gentlemen I insist

Lazol, CSO

Having silently scanned the details on the PADD, Cobb placed it on the desk and then reached over for the glass of wine, before carrying it over to his desk and settling himself into his chair.

“Well, I thank you most graciously for the drink, DaiMon Lazol,” he began, raising the glass in toast and then taking a long, savouring gulp. “But if that overstuffed arse of yours ever touches my chair then it will find itself promptly blasted out of the nearest airlock. Do I make myself clear, DaiMon?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Lazol smiled even though deep down he was concerned, after all Rule of Acquisition #235 states: Duck; death is tall. “My dear captain you’ll find that I have no interest in running your ship, that’s for you Starfleet types to worry over. You’ll find I’m interested in my science department which, if I’m not mistaken Captain, through the ARU is the highest importance on this vessel. Believe me or not Captain I would rather find a working relationship between myself, yourself, and the Lieutenant Commander…” He said leaving the second half of the at sentence up to the imagination of the good Starfleet crew. “So Captain, Lieutenant Commander, let’s eat and drink. Get to know each other. Then perhaps we can come to an understanding?”

Lazol, CSO

Cobb shrugged. His territory marked and claimed, the captain returned to the table and settled into a chair, indicating by a nod of the head for Ryder to do the same.

“You are correct, Mr Lazol,” he began, lifting a fork and poking suspiciously at the pie, “that, as my Chief Science Officer, your position amongst this crew is an exalted one. But while I admit to being somewhat surprised to see the role offered outside of Starfleet itself, still I must trust that the ARU had their reasons for selecting yourself as the pre-eminent choice.”

Gathering an infinitesimally small amount of spore on his fork, Zachariah lifted it to first his nose and then finally his lips, where he chewed as one might on a nugget of cow dung.

“From my viewpoint, however, it would benefit our relationship greatly if you could expand on the qualities that you believe made you the ARU’s prime selection?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

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Lazol had been thinking long and hard about what he was going to say when asked. He couldn’t at all reveal how he actually got to the position but he did have the chops for the role. Lazol had indeed been researching these anomalies on his own as he grew and grew his profits; through this he has learned much and sold even more as he grew his empire. All of this was kept to himself as he took a sip of his wine and took a bite of his pie as he let the Captain’s question sit in the air for a while. Opening his mouth he said, “Captain you need to understand that I am on this ship because my resume is impeccable”. As Lazol sipped at his wine he resumed while handing a small Ferengi PADD over listing his own recoveries and studies “You’ll find that I have a record of successful captures and plenty of data to back it up.” The list would show a total of 17 recoveries and the accompanying data on un-named anomalies ranging from what the ARU would consider Blue to Abell over the past 40 years. “Captain I can bore you with the details or you can read them on you own time. I met with Admiral Jansson and showed him this exact resume. He informed me that this position was available and asked if I was interested. I simply told him to look up Rule of Acquisition #292.”

Lazol, CSO

Cobb gave the PADD a cursory glance, then pocketed it to study later as suggested. He had already, however, seen more than enough to leave an impression. Despite all appearances to the contrary, this particular Ferengi most definitely seemed to know his stuff where the ARU’s area of interest was concerned.

“Rule 292, right,” he replied, shooting a brief but painfully quizzical glance towards his First Officer in the hope that Ryder was better-versed in Ferengi customs than himself.
“Still,” he continued after a moment and another tentative forkful of pie, “it’s a dangerous business for a Ferengi to concern themselves with. Surely there are much easier ways to make money than tangling with death and destruction at every turn? Or perhaps,” he locked eyes with Lazol, his own scrutinising the other for any minuscule twitch of reaction, “deep down you crave adventure and excitement almost as much as you crave latinum? Perhaps, deep down, you and I are not so very different, Mr Lazol.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“Honestly sir I don’t see any of the Ferengi Rules of acquisition apply to what’s happening here, there nothing that puts itself above Platinum except for maybe ones life or more latinum” Raauhl explained extremely perplexed as to the events unfolding in front of him.

  • LT Cmdr Raauhl, XO

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