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Posted Dec. 1, 2020, 6:16 a.m. by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) (Sharon Miller)

Hey all,

well, what a fantastic November we’ve had. Over 500 posts made overall and some absolutely stellar entries for the line of the night. I’ll just add my usual disclaimer that this is purely a bit of fun and doesn’t count towards anything official. It’s also inevitably skewed in favour of those who post daily, but that’s just the nature of me choosing a new line every day.

Go and bask in the glory of your posting genius, each and every one of you!

  • Sharon

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Date Character Player Line Post
01/11/2020 Tellek Bog Charles Stevens “The color drained from Bog’s face, “Doppelgänger?!, you mean their are two of him?”
02/11/2020 Quinn Emery Kindle Cassa D “Quinn looked at Kara, then back to Bog, “As I said the Evil Overlord Hampton lookalike wants us all dead. If that’s not threatening enough what is?”
03/11/2020 Genesis (Gen) McCallister Calé Reilly “Gen tilted her head and considered the captain, ”Being scared and Fear aren’t the same.” she said softly as she walked with him.”
04/11/2020 Lazol Brian Richards “The Ferengi was in a sour mood, he had been doing his best to turn the Leviathan into his own personal fiefdom, but that was going far slower than he’d like. He’d set up the “Slip Box” and started to bring an economy to the ship but he had yet to have his boots kissed or be given Oo-mox by his subordinates. Now that rankled him.”
05/11/2020 Juliet Anders Melissa Aragon “So you prefer to meet everyone in person so you can see which direction they topple over upon meeting you, huh? Guess it’s a good thing in case you’re ever beside them again in a panic situation. Avoid the side they topple to, huh?”
06/11/2020 Ryder Raauhl J Ridgley “I’ve asked the computer to randomly select a location from its database on searches for picnics so it’s a surprise for me too. I’m just hoping it’s not the icy tundra for Andoria.”
07/11/2020 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “But she was there to make sure…how had Bog put it?…grabbed his daemons by the horns and make them do his bidding. Cobb had shown her she needed to do the same, and she would do no less than walk beside him along this precipice to ensure that he succeeded.”
08/11/2020 Tellek Bog Charles Stevens “I learned about tachyons from your dear mother, Miss Nakuto. Tho I may have to take off my shoes to do the calculations.”
08/11/2020 William Hampton Samuel Stroud “Durhiem’s body lay close by, his limbs missing, blood still draining from his torso. Bog lay a few more feet away, his body looked fractured. A medical scan would show that every single bone in his body had been snapped in half, and his ribcage had been shoved into his lungs.”
09/11/2020 Akirel Ros Dave Shotton “We have a problem.” He moved his face closer to the Bajoran, nostrils flaring in anger as he raised his fist, revealing the studded knuckle plate he was wearing and had rammed into the Bajorans stomach. “Yeah, we do. Your breath stinks.” The Bajoran countered, and for a moment the eyes of the two men met closely. It seemed that deep inside the Bajoran, a flash of fire and will existed that was barely contained within him, something primal and barely held in check. It made the Naussican pause, despite the verbal jab.”
09/11/2020 Jonathan Durheim William Deaton “Oh of all the fragging luck… of course the limbs are missing. Destroyed, likely as not!” As he would phrase it, Durheim was displeased; angrily muttering to himself in a rare display of anything but cheerful optimism. Unceremoniously, he ripped open the corpse’s jumpsuit, probing none-too-gently at the rapidly-cooling and blood-soaked body’s upper chest and shoulders; frowning as his metal fingers sunk into the spaces where metal and bone should have been; finding only charred meat instead.”
09/11/2020 Erve Manhattan Jay Luistro “With the word “Energize” the bajoran dictated his return to the life he conducted prior the disappearance. It’s game on, the Captain is back.”
10/11/2020 Zacharian Cobb Sharon Miller “Finally coming face to face with the passenger, although towering above him by a clean couple of feet, Zachariah Cobb looked down and exclaimed, with a stunned expression, “Are you here to see Mr Bog? I can only presume that you are his…partner?”
10/11/2020 Gruv ‘Blackbeard’ Skallig Dave Shotton “I’ve barely set foot on this ship now, and you’re telling me you named yah Latrine, ‘Mr’ Bog, and ye insult me by calling me it’s partner? Ros!” Gruv called back into the shuttle, not taking his eyes off the man, “get out here lad. We got a suit with his own two dominatrixes hurling insults like e’s Cupid looking for a date, and I think I’m in love!”
11/11/2020 Lazol Brian Richards “You speak words of wisdom there my good Doctor. Tell me, what has you on this ship? Please do whatever needs to be done to release me, as I’m told its at no charge.”
12/11/2020 Fey Kastil Brian Armstrong “True to her word, arriving forty five seconds after her communication, the eldritch horror that is Doctor Fey Kastil comes through the door into the Cargo Bay, complete with the usual sporadic power fluctuation in the lights and door she has to manually open.”
13/11/2020 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “Casela would not leave, she would not deny her part in this horror or shirk away from the condemnation she deserved, but she would disappear from their side to the hard to see darkness where the light ends and the shadows begin.”
14/11/2020 Genesis (Gen) McCallister Calé Reilly “Gen tilted her head and considered. “You could bring her something to distract her then just blurt it out.” She said ponderously.”
15/11/2020 Erve Manhattan Jay Luistro “Captain Manhattan to Captain Cobb’s. I might have bad news for you. If this recontainment is unsuccessful we might be forced to blow up the entire ship. Your crew here is getting annihilated, copy?”
16/11/2020 Lazol Brian Richards “My dear counselor you’ll find that my desire to make profits is only surpassed by my desire to remain alive. After all Rule of Acquisition #89 states: It is better to lose some profit and live than lose all profit and die.”
16/11/2020 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “I’m glad to see we are on the same page. I have found that I much enjoy doing business with the Ferengi Alliance. Your rules of acquisition are quite satisfying. One is never left in the dark of where they stand when doing business with the Ferengi.” Not to say that it wasn’t fraught with twists, turns, and backstabbing, but an understanding of the rules allowed Casela to know where those treacheries would occur.”
17/11/2020 Fey Kastil Brian Armstrong “Someone decided to spread a rumor that I was akin to ‘Bloody Mary’ and some unknown anomaly found it entertaining to enact it. I’ve been popping up in random bathrooms all over the ship for the last few days. The captain didn’t mind so much, we each brought him a box of ship-shaped cookies save the one that brought him a bottle of whiskey to wash the cookies down with.”
18/11/2020 Juliet Anders Melissa Aragon “Trying to break the silence that she knew was coming with the examination, she smiled once more. “I think the apron lends a bit of good severity to your look. I am guessing it may keep the lesser whiny babies from coming down here with every small imagined ailment for hear your ‘cure’ would be to hack off some offending limb.”
18/11/2020 Surda Leonora V “Surda sat down on the floor of the empty holodeck, about to compose a series of messages. The first, an invitation to Captain Cobb, as well as a reminder that he had planned to stop by. The second was simply to alert Casela that the festivities had begun and that she ought to come prepared. Captain Manhattan was alerted to the plan in the third message and invited him as an honored guest. By honored guest, she meant “I’ll keep an eye out for you.” but she wasn’t going to say that. She requested a doctor for supervision, and finally invited all off-duty Security and RTF officers to Holodeck 1 for “Training.” Her own department was highly encouraged to make an appearance. She couldn’t wait.”
19/11/2020 Ryder Raauhl J Ridgley “As XO I have a duty of care to this crew and high responsibility but when it comes to Lt Synthi-er, she… We understand each other, I think what I’m trying to inform you is of our official relationship as per orders any relationship especially within the command team is subject to review by the commanding officer. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m being to kind or picking favourites l and especially not wanting people to think I’m dating half the ship, which is most certainly untrue.”
20/11/2020 Jennifer Ward “Main STF makes me sad for the human race.”
20/11/2020 Lazol Brian Richards “He was after all a money grubbing, egotistical, callous, rude, and generally unpleasant old man who’s reputation was only a slight bit higher than Dave’s. However he knew that, deep down, the human tradition of a birthday was something that was celebrated and having made himself out to be a right sod he wanted to, at least in some small way, show the captain that he could be reasonable.”
21/11/2020 Ryder Raauhl J Ridgley “Casela wasn’t your A-Typical woman and would like prefer a new selection of weapons than a bunch of flowers, but even that then brought in the question whether she’d appreciate it or not.”
22/11/2020 Juliet Anders Melissa Aragon “She was rolling her head and swinging her arms to start loosening up when she froze like some creature being sighted down an energy scope. If anyone had checked, her heart had actually skipped a beat and she had to force herself to breathe once more. IT WAS HER.”
22/11/2020 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “But despite the foot steps not being familiar the feel of the mind entering the room was, and as loath as Casela was to admit it, it nearly broke her.”
23/11/2020 Erve Manhattan Jay Luistro “We need to be coordinated… otherwise you’ll not see your First Officer beautiful ass. Got me?” He asked looking the woman in the eyes. He had some friendly love for Casela and sending her over the top, like WW1 trench phrasing, was like sending his own daughter to die “Be Careful…”
24/11/2020 Surda Leonora V “Some people say that we’re people Starfleet wanted quietly out of the way. People expected to die on every mission. And that that’s why we run the ship however we want.” Surda shrugged. “I think that they put us all together because we are people with life experiences that don’t lend themselves to the usual ship, but make us far too valuable to let go. We don’t have to listen to red tape because the Admiralty knows we do best without it.”
25/11/2020 William Hampton Samuel Stroud “The young man yelled in rage. The blue beam was blazing now from his fingertips. The schism in the sky was growing larger by the second. William would not go down this easy. He began to feel a new sensation, fresh air, it was like a breeze blew through the dingy terrain. He suddenly felt his essence, his metaphysical form, the gap in the sky was enough for him to slip through. He took a deep breath, and jumped for it.”
26/11/2020 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “Karra shakes her head. “If I believed in the devine, Zanya, I’d think that thing was a demon. Bella has only seen pictures of her mother, from the files you brought with her.” She looks around at the men in the room with them. “That thing never talks. Bella holds its hand and walks around all day and then it takes her out into the hills all night. I’ve started leaving food out because I know she’s not getting it elsewhere.”
27/11/2020 Misana Kahl Ellie W “Taking a deep breath and looking down upon her four legged friend, she smiled softly. Misana didn’t quite need the dog anymore, at least not for support purposes, but they had become really close companions over the years and she wasn’t about to let go. Her hand hovered over the lock for a while, before she decided it was time to return to work. With one swift movement of the hand, the door opened and she was greeted to the regular smell of her laboratory, home at last!”
28/11/2020 Surda Leonora V “I like to know about all the capabilities, and limits of all my officers.” She paused. “And that means I’d like to know what else you are, oher than human.” It would trick just about anyone, even Orions who hadn’t spent most of their time around Humans. However, Starfleet was still a majority human organization, so she knew the scent well.”
29/11/2020 Ryder Raauhl J Ridgley “Infomation gathering only, dont engage him unless its life and death and report back to me every step of the way. The first sign of trouble you high tail it out of there and meet back with us if you cant get to us get back to the Leviathan.” He looked around and then added, “Our one that is, I don’t want to bury any heroes today.”
29/11/2020 Lazol Brian Richards “As he sipped at the liquor Lazol set his glass down and rose to excuse himself, everything was a calculated move from summoning the Captain here to leaving the man among the CSO’s positions where he could see just how wealthy that Lazol was.”
30/11/2020 Ryder Raauhl J Ridgley “Come now sir, you seemed to have handled the Ferengi well” Raauhl took his own gulp of fluids.”

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