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Posted Dec. 1, 2020, 10:22 a.m. by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) (Jennifer Ward)

OOC: So I gave you a nick name of Dr. Doolittle, but please change it to whatever alias you would like to use.
Upon arrival at the orphanage Mecona kept tugging on McHarrie’s sleeve. “Come on, Vedi’s this way. He has to stay with Jensen. I’ll show you. Come on.” Mecona led him down between two houses and to the back door of a house. She didn’t knock but walked right in. “Jensen Jensen Jensen!” The little girl bounced. A middle aged man walked through a door from the front of the house. “Mecona! Does Karra know you are here?” Her little eyes got wide. “I forgot to tell her. Zanya brough him” She points to McHarrie. “She said his name is Dr Doolittle. He’s going to help Vedi! He’s going to make him all better.” It doesn’t really matter that McHarrie didn’t guarantee her anything; she has the belief of a four yearl child that everything is going to be okay because there is an adult there to take care of it.

Jensen’s eyes widen with a smile. “Zanya always knows what we need.” He holds out his hand to shake ‘Dolittle’s.’ Come on, this way.” He leads McHarrie down a short hallway and into a room. There in the bed is a 7 year old Cardassian boy. His leg is in a full splint and he struggles to sit up and drag the leg as he scoots into sitting. “Vedi, this is Dr Doolittle. He came with Zanya.” Vedi smiles and relaxes. Everyone knows Zanya. Jensen turns to Doolittle. “I had training as a medic, but we just don’t have the equipment here. I don’t have anything to knit the bone with. All I could do was set it and splint it. The bone broke through. I cleaned and stitched it, but it’s not healing right after all this time. It’s been weeks.”
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