Layover on Maxia

Posted Jan. 16, 2021, 2:46 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ilena Keelara Rox (Medical (Assistant Researcher - Abell)) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ilena Keelara Rox (Medical (Assistant Researcher - Abell)) in Layover on Maxia
Ilena had been on USS Benton not as long as she would have thought. She’d only transferred out this year. Taking the position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer at the very young age of 23. Once Ilena got her new orders, it took a week to get from the middle of the Pioneer fleet sector to Starbase 10. Right along the neutral zone. Thor was relieved to get to the star base for two weeks. He drug her out to wander and explore everyday. The all white husky was huge and needed more space than just her quarters to move. He loved to explore and always drew attention. Ilena was lucky that he was so well behaved. She attributed that to being Betazoid. Most Betazoids would have shied away from Thor as big as he was, but Ilena had learned very early to block out any telepathic input, it distracted her from learning. So she’d been comfortable using her empathy to figure out what Thor wanted and using that interpretation to help her train him. Of course sometimes she really wondered who trained who.

It was another two weeks to Maxia, her first duty assignment. As the transport landed on Maxia, Ilena clipped the leash to Thor, which she normally didn’t do, but this wasn’t a starbase, it was a planet and she didn’t want him running off to investigate.

Thor looked up at Ilena. Hold on to the rope mom. I don’t want to lose you. Put the PaDD down, we’re moving. And he let out a weary doggy sigh and bumped her leg. It was hard work keeping her focused. As they started to move Ilena finally put the PaDD in her bag. She stepped up to the duty officer. “Lt. Ilena Rox.” The man looked at the roster and back up. “That way. You check in with Lt Cmdr Hollasholm.” Ilena shrugged and moved away following the direction the man had given. Ilena moved off, Thor walking closely to her side. Further down the landing pad Ilena found a Lt Cmdr in what she would later learn was an RTF uniform. “Lt Cmdr Hallasholm?”

The man grunted and looked up. “Are you Lt Rox?” At her nod he sighed. “Good. Come on.” She followed him to another small building and into an office. “So you’ve taken on the job of an Abell level researcher, huh?” He thought she looked a little young. But then what did he know about research? He was RTF through and through. He’d been transferred here after he’d been almost mortally wounded when Dave escaped. He still wasn’t as healed as he wished. He missed the crew on Leviathan. But in the meantime he’d been placed here to help filter the new ARU crew to their transports. “I’ve got your orders here. You’ll be joining the USS Leviathan. They are expecting some….deliveries. You’re to wait here till they all arrive, and confirm and expect them. The information is here. This PaDD requires biometric and ocular readings. As well as your ARU clearance.” The Lt Cmdr handed over an old fashioned access badge. “Take the time to read over what’s on the PaDD. I’ll show you where you’re berthing until then.” Lt. Cmdr Haalasholm led her out to an adjacent building and then down to the end of the main corridor where her quarters were located. He left her there.

Ilena put her bags down and then ordered from the replicator a bowl of water and food for Thor. She gave it to him while she glanced over the PaDD of endless information. It wasn’t long before Thor was nosing at her hand and barking for her attention. “Alright let’s go.” She clipped the leash on again and walked out with him to find some open space to let him run. Ilena and Thor had discovered the park on their first day on Maxia. Ilena had been reluctant at first to let Thor off the leash, but he’d stayed near her and returned every few minutes to her side. Lots of grass, trees and places to sit. It was a luxury to be outside. It reminded Ilena of her days at the Academy sitting outside while studying. She’d been very young then and being outside had made it feel a little less lonely. Now of course, she had Thor.

Mom! Mom mom mom mom! there is SO much to smell here. Can we stay? Can we, can we? His 52 lbs of weight lollying and wiggling around her feet nearly knocked her over that first day. He never got the chance to really run while on a starship. Today, Ilena was sitting at a table reading another medical journal, Thor finally having worn himself out and laying in the grass at her feet.

Ilena stopped and reread what she’d just read. “Pants spider? What the heck is that?” She scrolled back up and started reading again. It was a list of anomalies currently on board the Leviathan. And this one was called a ‘pants spider’ and apparently after it bit it’s subject it grew and its legs would wrap around the victim’s legs and looked like pants, it would then begin to wreak havoc using the victim’s body. Giant flat denim like legs wrapped....Ilena stopped. For once her always hungry mind did NOT want to know any more.

But the quiet was short lived when he suddenly got up, and ran, full out, and around the path, his loud thundering bark coming back to her on the breeze. Ilena was up and jogging after him, leash and PaDD in hand. “THOR!” She’d never catch him….

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