MPT-"Six Hours From Evil"- the other Leviathan Shuttlebay

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The shuttlebay appeared vacant. In fact, the only thing out of place was the shuttle. Its engines hummed softly. They were activated and the shuttle was sitting in standby mode. The only other sounds being made were from the away team.

Storyteller S

“They should have already arrived, I’m worried,” Raauhl said pacing the shuttle bay, the rest of the away team had yet to arrive and he was beginning to suspect there was some foul play. “DO we have the portable forcefield generators I’m beginning to feel as if this is just what he wanted?” He looked to Casela and then to the shuttle, “If not lets use the shuttle’s shield, we’ll localise them until the others arrive.”

  • Lt Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Casela nodded, “Then maybe only one of us should go to the shuttle so we aren’t in the same place? I can try to get access to Valkyrja and you can contact them? You’re command codes should still work here. The computer should accept any orders you give it.” She didn’t like it either. “And I’m not sure, other than our own wits how much the ships systems will help us, as far as working how we think they will. Hampton knows this ship better than anyone.”
Lt Synthi-er, RTF

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It was too easy, or maybe she was just paranoid after all these years. She scanned the shuttle bay. “Valkyrja.” There sat her shuttle, powered down and appearing to be untouched. If she could get safely to the shuttle she could let the HUEY system, aka Alfred, try to hack the other shuttle’s systems. “That might be the only safe piece of equipment on this ship. Unless Hampton has managed to hack my security overrides.” The man hated her, but the question was, had he bothered to try and hack her shuttle or not. It hadn’t been long since Bog had finished rebuilding her. “Fenrir, stay here, just in case.” If something went wrong, Fenrir would be their back up. Assuming Hampton didn’t have a horrible demise for Fenrir as well. Out of curiosity she clicked the communicator at her wrist to see if the Fenrir on this ship would show up as well. One click to summon. “You might have company if we’re lucky.”

She made her way from the shuttle control room and into the shuttle bay itself. She scanned the bay again, but again saw no one. She moved over to Valkyrja and placed her hand on the biometric reader, but the shuttle didn’t respond. She tried again with the same result and then with voice command. “I’m sorry, but you must provide verification. Bio readings for Lt. Synthi-er read as deceased.”

Bog! He’d set the HUEY to monitor her life signs. And now it thought she was dead. “Alfred, please scan my bio readings and then confirm that bio readings to Casela Synthi-er also show as deceased on the bridge.” She waited. “Confirm existence of second vessel off port bow as UUS Leviathan. Confirm connection with Shuttle Valkyrja and HUEY program on that secondary USS Leviathan.” Again she waited. “Scan with sensors and confirm temporal anomaly.” She waited letting the AI work through the problem. “Now scan bio readings, retinal scans, and confirm voice recognition.”

“Scans complete and confirmed. Access code required.” Rather than speak, Casela choose to input the codes manually. Never know when Hampton was watching and listening. The code was accepted and the shuttle opened. She stepped into the shuttle and over to the controls. “Alfred, one of the shuttles is on stand by. See if you can connect to it and shut it down.”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

The only thing out of the ordinary was an unusual amount of plasma particles, but nothing lethal to lifeforms. The ALFRED began connecting to the shuttlecraft onboard systems. After several minutes, the ALFRED had connected, and was shuffling through the shuttle’s systems to disengage the shuttle’s systems.

Plasma? It wouldn’t hurt them…but it was flamable. She called back to where she thought Raauhl was waiting. “Ryder, there is a large amount of plasma floating in the air. Let’s not catch it on fire.” She did another quick walk around the bay to see if there were any surprises waiting to ignite the plasma.

Hampton stood on the bridge, debating his next move. He had developed a device that would overload the various weapons manhattan had, and had programmed it to be transportable, He figured it would probably overload Synthier’s wireless connections if he targeted them. He considered beaming into Valkyria, it would at least disrupt the connection. But Hampton only had one, and he was concerned about wasting it. He would need a fast escape though… He glanced down at his chronometer, twenty five minutes. He couldn’t afford to wait any longer. He beamed the device in and activated it. He cursed himself for leaving his get away vehicle so exposed, it had been one detail he had somehow overlooked. He slammed his hands on the console. He diverted power to the shields. Pulling it away from life support. Not low enough to kill them all, but there would be considerably less oxygen and cooler temperatures in the next few minutes.

He realized his hand was shaking slightly. He felt a feeling he had not felt in years. Fear. It was the fear of failure, fear of being captured. He had committed horrible acts of evil, if caught… He shook his head. He was not afraid, he had planned for this moment all of his life, this was his moment to break free from his past life, break free from the hollow shell of existence he had formerly occupied. All he had to do was get off Leviathan, one more time, and he could start his new life. He could be happy, he might even find purpose. He grabbed his bag, and pulled out a utility belt. He clipped the resonator and emp grenade on it. He grabbed his phaser and held it firmly in his hand. He closed his eyes for a moment. He was shocked by the amount of fear he felt. It was unacceptable, he shook his head, he called on an old friend to give him strength, confidence, and courage, anger. It poured into his soul once more. These were the pathetic people who had looked down on him, degraded him, ignored him, he was better than them and he knew it. He could defeat them all, he already had once, he could do it again. “Computer, activate program Hampton 1.”

ALFRED was nearly complete in its task, Synthier heard the distinct of a transporter beam. In a few moments, ALFRED was offline, as was the entire shuttle’s onboard systems.

“Cmdr my shuttle’s dead. Can you get the computer to override his get away shuttle?”

A second transporter beam sound echoed in the shuttlebay. If Synthier and Raauhl turned to see what it was they would see their old crewmate, standing behind them at some distance with a smirk, phaser in hand.

Mr. Hampton

“I doubt that, I was onboard the Leviathan and I’ll sure as hell be on it after him. We’re not splitting up” He said a little sharply, so perhaps he was being a little protective and selfish over Casela but could you blame him? He’d seriously have to get a grip if they were to go on future away missions. “Sorry, I’m just a little..m on edge. All my life times and this s the scariest”

-LtCmdr Raauhl, XO

Casela glanced at him briefly. Really? Right now? This was going to happen right now? She got it, she did, Hampton had attacked her in a way no one could stop or even see. But right now? She took a deep breath realizing he was right. Ryder didn’t live in these high stakes situations day in and out. She turned to him and nodded, “It’s…” behind Ryder, was William Hampton, with a phaser. “Hampton,” she said by way of greeting. She wasn’t willing to use a phaser, if she had one, and Ryder was between her and Hampton and so a throwing knife was not an answer either, and she was too far away to simply physically attack him. She stepped out and away from the Valkyrja and to the side, putting herself between him and the other shuttle and removing Ryder from between them. She had to keep him busy until Fenrir or both Fenrir’s if they were lucky, were able to get into the room and immobilize him, or something. Or maybe Ryder could use his command codes to lock him in the brig or something. “A phaser? I have to say I’m a little disappointed. I thought you would have come up with a much more horrific death for me.”

“But why? Bog and Durhiem were trying to save you, get you out. I mean I know Bog is annoying and never shuts his mouth, but he was trying to save you. We saw the security feeds.”
Lt Synthi-er, RTF

Hampton kept his back to the wall, keeping everything in the room, including the door, in front of him. He slowly made his way towards his shuttle. He smiled as Synthier blocked his path. He had at least two different ways to kill her in the moment. He knew she was stalling, buying time, and he knew that they were no match for him. He also knew that it was only a matter of time before the others arrived, and a four on one would be more difficult confrontation for him. Still, his pride would not let him simply shoot the counselor and leave the ship, despite the fact that his instincts were screaming at him to simply shoot her and move on. He wanted to play along for a few moments. “You’ve never been a god before counselor, you’ve never expierenced that amount of power I have.” He took another step toward the shuttle, a small one, his phaser still resting in his right hand. “You think you are a person of quality, but I promise you, if you possessed the power I did, you would have done the exact same thing.” His lips turned upward in an evil smile. “This ship and crew made me suffer, so I returned the favor. It’s that simple. I doubt you would act any different.” His left hand went down to his belt and rested on it. He anticipated an attack soon, and he would have the initiative.

Mr. Hampton

“You’re wrong Hampton, I don’t think in any lifetime I would be able to find it in myself to do the things you have done. But since you’re so damn sure of yourself, and you’re all so powerful bestow some of that power to me and then we can see who is right” Raauhl had no idea if he was even capable of doing such a thing but playing to his ego was a sure fire way of either getting them killed or hopefully keeping him distracted from whatever Casela was planning.

-LtCmdr Raauhl, XO

Casela kept pace of Hampton, the closer he stepped to the shuttle the closer she got to shuttle door. She was an expert at picking locks, she could jam them too. She had a trick up her sleeve, literally, a knife. It only took a few steps to get close enough. As Hampton glanced at Raauhl, she stepped, side on to Hampton and the shuttle so she could see the lock mechanism. The problem with this plan was it left her with only her Mark VII baton and close-in combat. Or the one weapon she didn’t want to use. Her telepathy. Could she do it? Without a doubt she could seize his mind and turn it against him. Could she do it to Hampton? No way to know. Before, earlier in the corridor, no she could not, but she had sensed earlier that the ‘other’ presence with Hampton had left or weakened. So was she dealing with Hampton or Anomaly Hampton? If he was just human, she could do it, how hard would it be was up in the air. I could kill her too. But she didn’t want to. Hampton was one of them. He was crew and she respected him, she liked him. He’d never believe her of course, he was too far gone in self pity and delusion. He wanted to leave, fine let him resign, but she couldn’t let him go if the anomaly was still with him.

She didn’t have a plan, she was simply buying time till Fenrir could be deployed or Raauhl could use his command codes or Surda and Durhiem showed up. Hampton was waiting for something, she just had to keep him there. She dropped the knife into her hand silently turned and slammed it into the lock mechanism on the shuttle. If her aim was true the door would be jammed and there was no easy way onto the shuttle. He could transport in, but if Raauhl was thinking he would use his command codes to lock Hampton out before he could do that. She spun back, the comm button on her sleeve vibrating softly, twice. Both Fenrir’s were out there. One in the corridor and one in the shuttle bay control room. And as she spun she tapped it twice: approach with caution. Quietly the one in the shuttle bay control room began to pace to the ledge with the access ladder. “No William, I’ve never been a god, but you aren’t either. If you were you’d blink and be gone, you wouldn’t take a shuttle. You have no more power than a man. But I will tell you what I have been.” She was pacing forward, away from the shuttle, as close as she could get before the inevitable attack came. “I have been a goddess of death. I am the thing of nightmares, that even in your twisted mind, you can’t imagine. Shall we compare stories.” She tapped her head, “If you have the power, you’re welcome to look.” She seemed almost bored with it. “But you won’t. You asked me for the truth once, and I gave it to you. And what did you do? You ran like a coward, and you’re running now.” She was goading him and she knew it, and whatever he did was going to hurt, a lot. And she hoped to distract him from the Fenrir’s long enough for them to get into the shuttle bay.

Ryder, your command codes, lock him out. Her telepathic touch was not gentle but she tried, and hoped that he heard her and would use whatever distraction she could provide.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Casela had just finished her sentence when Hampton raised his alpha wave amplifier and fired it without saying a word at Casela and Raauhl. He had let this go on too long. There was no reason to let these two people hold up his escape any longer. He had already allowed the counselor to complicate the situation. The waves would disorienate Raauhl, but they completely incapacitated Synthi-er.

Something was wrong, there was this painful itch like sensation in her mind. Out of instinct she pulled the Mark VII, activated the flash grenade button and threw the baton at Hampton. When the flash went off, blinding everyone in the room, giving Fenrir (inside the shuttle bay) the opportunity to attack Hampton.

In a second she heard the sound of a ring in her ear that got louder and louder, her head throbbed like it was being smashed with hammers. Her eyesight blurred to near blindness.

Casela fell to the ground, screaming silently, the pain excruciating, blood could be seen from her nose and ears. Her heart and breath stuttered dangerously as body began to falter without her brain to regulate it’s functions.

With his right hand, Hampton aimed his phaser and fired at Raauhl before he could get his bearings. The blast went through his abdomen, and was set for kill, although he wasn’t dead, the XO was in serious condition and needed medical attention immediately. Hampton holstered the amplifier and grabbed the emp grenade, waiting for the Fenrir to attack. He made his way toward the control panel across the room. The transporter was the easiest way to get on the shuttle now. The ringing remained in Casela’s mind, as it felt as though a bell were being rang in her head every second. Raauhl had a cavity on his abdomen that was bleeding internally.

Mr. Hampton

Raauhl felt the odd sensation of being shot, an odd warmth bled through his body before a staggering pain, he’d been shot before of course in multiple lifetimes but this one felt different. He hadn’t felt the fall to the ground, the phaser burning the flesh but blood still smeared where he laid, kill. The phaser was on kill. His vision what was already blinded turned to grey, it hollowing to a pinpoint until there was nothing. Raauhl laid face down on the floor, blood pooling, the smell of burned flesh and synthetic cotton surrounded him, not dead but critical.

In stark contrast to the grim scene; Durheim’s bright tone squawked out of Ryder and Casela’s combadges. =/\=Mr. Raauhl, Miss Synthi-er; this is Durheim. We were trapped by Mr. Hampton in his office; but we have escaped and are none the worse for wear. What is your status?=/\=

From the Leviathan-Prime came an order, backed up by the requisite command codes to hopefully access this Leviathan’s systems.
=^=Raise the EMH at Commander Raauhl’s location. =^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

With the amplifier holstered and just the painful disorienting ringing of the bell she opened her eyes. Her vision blurry, but no longer black. She scanned the room, seeing Raauhl…and a dangerous rage began to boil inside her. She attempts to roll, but is too disoriented to move much, but feels something hard and annoying against her hip…her rail gun. She’d never used it, but Manhattan insisted they carry it. She pulls the gun and steadying her right hand with her left she aims, firing, to take out of the control panel. But with her vision so blurry it could hit, miss, or hit Hampton. Her vision goes black, again, more blood and more pain. She vaguely hears the comm, but can’t make sense of it. Hampton wanted to be miserable fine, he could have a painful death. He shot Raauhl and he was making her break her promise to Gen (to always come back). She reaches out and lays siege to his mind making him hallucinate and see all those horrible things in his life. The pain in her own head, debilitating, but at the moment she is beyond that. You want me to suffer? You want me to die? I shall go willingly, but I will take you with me. Hampton lived in anger and fear and paranoia. Much like a Jem’hidar warrior. Those emotions and memories would not effect him. Instead she forced him to see those memories that are happy, pleasant, full of deserving pride, and amplifies them, confusing him, and in that confusion she inserts thoughts of self doubt or self recrimination, of the need to offer an act of ultimate forgiveness, to wipe his soul clean. For each moment of pleasant though she encourages his mind and body to feel it like hot knives gouging his brain and body. She feeds him her own pain. And that pain along with the mental strain against the device makes her own body falter and fail, but she’s too enraged to let go.

Outside the shuttle bay the other Fenrir is waiting for a chance when Surda and Durheim appear.
Lt Synthi-er, RTF and pissed off

Fenrir turned to see the other two officer, his visual sensors quickly scanning them and determining them as friendly, kicking his audio patterns, “Lt Cmdr Raauhl, life signs critical” He then bounded into the room, stopping at the downed officer’s side. When Fenrir was assembled for this mission, his medical protocols had not been installed, it was meant to be a recon mission nothing more. He let out an almost whimpering grown, “Life sign hasq ceased, date, time and location logged.”

  • A flatlining Lt Cmdr Raauhl, XO
  • Fenrir K-9 unit.

OOC: continued from ‘other leviathan’ thread
IC: As Durheim rounded the final corner to the shuttlebay, he wondered what he might find. Mr Durheim, their life signs are failing. The words didn’t quite echo in his head.... but they certainly lingered. His eyes landed on the Fenrir unit outside of the doors; and his heart raised in his small chest. This might work…

=/\=Shuttle bay doors; open!=/\= Jonathan barked, before turning his attention to the mechanical K-9. “Follow me, Please!” As he crossed the threshold, he quickly took in the view; and the obviously poor status of the officers lying on the floor - the pool of blood surrounding Mr. Raauhl was impossible to miss. To Durheim’s infrared overlay, it was a rapidly-cooling stain surrounding the Trill officer. And he was no expert, but he was sure that Trill weren’t supposed to run that cold…

Pointing at the mournful Fenrir unit standing over Raauhl, he gave a command that he hoped would work. He didn’t know the unit’s current loadout; but it was a safe assumption that whatever medical abilities it did possess, they were insufficient to the task. But Containment was hardwired.... And step one of containment was stasis. Or so he hoped.
“Fenrir! Immediately place Mr Raauhl under maximum containment; per ARU standards!”

Durheim, Engineering

Fenrir’s mechanical chirp acknowledged the order, though the officer was not his handler he was still programed to obey recognised Starfleet personnel. “Containment Protocols in process” Came the next mechanical voice as a small tool rose up from his front right shoulder before a small pulsing began and a portable containment shield surrounded both Fenrir and Raauhl, the field was set to containment but Fenrir’s AI had also set it up for life pro-longment despite knowing Raauhl Lifesigns were already gone, both the host and the symbiote.

  • Fenrir

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