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Uduld Yaren appeared later that evening. He was stopped by Lanshay who had a million questions about the people that Zanya had brought with her. The man with the long black coat she was sure was the scariest person she had ever met. He seemed so laid back but his eyes never stopped. And he was just too relaxed. Who relaxed that much in a border village like theirs? And then that tellarite had the biggest gun she had ever seen. Was that even safe to have around the younger children? Yaren stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. “Zanya wouldn’t bring anyone here who would hurt us.”

“No, she wouldn’t, Lanshay. She brought us here to help you and protect you, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Lanshay rolled her eyes, “Zanya has no sense of self preservation, so she didn’t bring them to protect herself. What’s going on?” Yaren sighed, “Girl, you are going to be the death of me. First of all you should be worrying about having fun and boys, second you were supposed to be in school today. Come on. You can come listen and you’ll see. This Mr Pinkerton knows what he’s about, or I didn’t survive the Cardassian occupation.”

Yaren walked into the back room. Zanya was nowhere to be seen, probably off telling one of her crazy stories to the younger children. “Mr Pinkerton,” he held out his hand. “I’m grateful to have you here. Why don’t we go outside? Karra is an excellent hostess, but this room can get crowded.” He led the way outside. “We get some unwelcome guests every now and again, but my biggest concern is those hills up there. People go wandering and get hurt. Lots of places for people not wanting to be found to hide. And I’m not as fast as I used to be, and the people who I work with, well none of us are trained fighters.” Yaren led the way to the outer edges of the village and then up a hill on the south side of the village. From the top the whole village could be seen and on the other side lower hills, dips, and lots of places for problems. There was what looked like an old path leading southerly and a well-worked new path off to the east of the village. Several people were coming back down that path. To the north west were the ruins of a large house, mostly overgrown now and looked like it hadn’t been visited in a long time. The security, as it were, could be seen around the village. And it wasn’t that they weren’t diligent but they weren’t trained or born for the work.
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From the top of the hill, Icarus pulled out binoculars and surveyed the various areas Yaren pointed out. He looked for various weak points in the village, areas that needed to be shored up for less access as well as safe places the villagers could make stand against invaders if need be. . .

The village was in a semi valley in between the hills. The hills making a natural wall of sorts, but also leaving the village blind to the other side of the hills. The east side was flat and was plowed but allowed for an easy view for a few kilometers. “The hills to the north have a sheer drop on the back side. The west and south hills are riddled with caves but plenty of paths laid out, but not hard for a determined hiker to make their own way.”

“What kind of unwelcome guests are we talking about, Yaren? Getting to know your enemy and how he operates is half the battle.”


“Mostly we have petty thieves. They hide out in the caves and sneak into the village. Mostly, we can handle them. Unless they are on the run rather than lazy. Then it gets rough. Takes more of us to get rid of them or arrest them. The syndicate comes around now and then, but we don’t really have anything they want. The other villages deal more in their black market. Every once in awhile they show up. Their tradings are not on the up and up but as long as we don’t do business they leave us alone. I fear…” Yaren looks at Lanshay, she had a good idea of the risks going on, but as far as Yaren was concerned she was still a kid.

“He’s afraid the slave traders might come back with them. They left when the governors house blew up 12 years ago and haven’t been back.” Lanshay glares at Yaren, “But what about that woman who kidnapped Bella!”

“I was getting to that,” Yaren snaps. “Some woman has taken Bella, sweet little 2 year old. Bella keeps saying it’s her mom, but her mother died right after she was born.” Yaren holds up a pair of binoculars and then points. “There, they’re in the southern hills right now. They never go far, but I am certain Bella is not safe with that woman.”
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I carus looked toward the hills. “Does Bella ever come back to orphanage? Or ever alone without the woman around?”

Lanshay shook her head, “Not alone. That woman is always with her. I’ve tried, Karra has tried, to get her to leave the woman when we see her, but she won’t. And even if Bella would I’m not sure she would let her. They come into town, Karra leaves food for Bella out on the back wall by the house. The first time the woman appeared she was in the yard playing. Bella told everyone the woman was her mother. Karra, Alyssa, and I tried to tell her it wasn’t her mother and to come inside. She started crying and the woman picked her up and disappeared. I followed her into the hills, but she moved faster than I could follow.” It was obvious that Lanshay blamed herself for Bella being taken.

The CIO shook his head at the terrible situation. Using children to pursue evil needs or desires was something he couldn’t stand.

“I’d like to do some recon of that area. Do you know of someone that knows those hills and could be my guide. They’d need to be quiet and sneaky as well.”

Remington/Pinkerton (CIO)

Yaren sighed, “Know the hills, myself, Karra, a couple of the other guards. But to move quiet and sneaky?” Yaren didn’t want to say it. Karra was going to kill him. “Well Karra....”

Lanshay snorted, “Maybe 20 years ago. And she has no business, at her age now, being out in those hills.” She looks at Remington, steel in her very young eyes, “I can do it, or Alyssa. We know the hills and we know how to be quiet. You’ll be hard pressed to get Alyssa to go into the southern hills though. I’ll do it.” Alyssa wouldn’t go into the southern hills near the mines. She was older than the rest and she remembered bits and pieces. She’d go if there was no one else, but it would be life or death before she would.”

Jokoth, a half Romulan boy ran up, “Lanshay!” he was out of breath. “Ms Karra wants to know if Mr Pinkerton needs food for the night. She’d make a bag and she wants to know if Yarren is letting you stay out or what.” She huffed, “Jokoth, tell Ms Karra I don’t know.”

“Hey she won’t like that!” Jokoth protested. Lanshay knelt down next to him and huffed. She was, after all, still a kid, “Well she’ll have to take it because I don’t know.” He argued with her and finally she snapped, “Jokith, I wish you’d go get lost. Go home!” She turned around and looked at Remington to see if they were going or what. She turned around to see if Jokoth was listening to find he was already out of sight.
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A tricorder scan would show no quantum readings at that spot, but a larger sweet would show several around the village, but over half of them were all located in or around the orphanage.

Each of the signatures were distinctly different from not only the natural quantum signature, but separate from each other. While McHarrie was scanning a new one appeared on the scans. It appeared to be cycling through several quantum signatures before stopping on one, that was again different from all the others. The ‘cycling’ took less than a nanosecond but the tricorder picked them up. This new signature appeared near Yarla’s house. Minutes later it happened again, this time the location was tracked to the largest of the southern hills ringing the village.
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James looked at the readings carefully. He was not an expert quantum signatures, but he knew enough about random chance to realise this was not a naturally occuring phenomenon.

He tapped on his tricorder to transmit the readings to the other members of the away team with a message asking if they had seen anything like it…


Icarus looked at the screen and recognized the area of the hills. He showed the screen to Lanshay. “Do you know where this area is? Can you show me the sneakiest way to get there? I don’t want to be seen while we’re scouting the area.”

He didn’t want to put the young girl in any danger, but right now she was his best option to find the camp.

Remington/Pinkerton (CIO/security specialist)

Lanshay had begun to lead Pinkerton down the back side of the hill and towards a small path. She stopped to look at the screen he was showing her. Lanshay looked at the images and then up and around them to orient the screen to the terran. “This one,” she pointed to a spot not far from them, “is the hill where we just were with Yarin and Jokoth.” She sounded puzzled and saw there was a time stamp, “We were there when whatever it was happened.” She looked at two more blips on the screen. “This one is moving, it’s that way,” she pointed west and glanced in that direction and then followed it backwards, “Bella and her ‘mother’ were there, but walking. They could be heading for whatever that is.” That blip continued to move and seemed to be heading towards the last blip on the screen. She looked back and then pointed straight south and a little east, her face going pale. “That last one is either above the mines or deep inside them. I can get you quietly to either one you want.” Lanshay waited to see where Pinkerton wanted to go and then would set out.
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