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Karra begins to clear the table, the day was already shot with Zanya here. The children were always excited when she showed up. But that meant she would have an afternoon almost free. “Terul!” The little boy showed up almost instantly as if he’d had a cloak around himself and dropped it. She smiled. “Why don’t we go for walk. We’ll show Mr Anderson to Yarla’s house and then you can help me.” At the mention of Mr Anderson the little boy’s face lit up, but the idea of helping Karra with her ‘chores’ sounded so dull to the very energy filled little boy. Karra chuckled, not in the least bit offended. “Zanya, you will be alright all on your own with the masses?”

Zanya/Casela laughed, “Do I have a choice?” She got up from the table and moved back into the main room of the orphanage. The children old enough for school would be back soon and the small back room was not big enough for everyone.

Karrah grabbed Terul’s hand. He tended to run off to whatever caught his attention, and though Karrah loved his enthusiasm he tended to wander off at times following whatever it was that he noticed. “It’s this way!” he said enthusiastically. Karrah shook her head with long years of dealing with children’s loud voices that could do nothing but express their excitement.

“Yarla used to work on a freighter and worked in communications. She’ll be happy for the help.” They walked out the back door, Terul chattering on about what he did here and there and look at that mud splotch on the wall where he drew a rock with an ogre, and over there he almost fell off the wall running once, and then, and there, and that, and on it went.

Yarla lived near the west end of the village where the hills dropped away to an open field. There were several plots of produce growing. Karrah knocked and the door was answered by a very old Benzite female. “Yarla, this is Mr. Anderson, Zanya brought him. He’s a communications engineer.” Terul let go of Karrah’s hand and ran inside. “Yarla I can smell them! You baked cookies!” Yarla chuckled. “Come in Mr. Anderson. Karrah, I’ll bring Terul back to you later. Along with extras for the rest of the children.” She stepped aside letting Mr Anderson into her home. Terul was already at the table with cookies and trying to pour a drink from a large pitcher. Yarla pointed to the side of the main room, where a very old CB radio stood and the interface for their subspace transmitter sat. “We use the old radio to communicate between the villages. But the subspace radio is, well it’s old. I know how to work it, but not how to fix it.”
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Raauhl had remained quiet and nodded politely, sometimes throwing in a smile for good measure but now they were down to buisness, “No problem, I can give it a look over and see what I can do” He said looking to the subspace radio, it was old even by his standards “So how long have you been here?” Raauhl asked in attempt of small talk as he worked.

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Yarla said over her shoulder while she watched Terul pour the drink and sighed with relief when he didn’t spill anything. “11years. I got here right after the governor was removed and the villages took up for themselves. I’d been serving on a freighter working communications before that. The skipper of the freighter was dropping off supplies here. They were in need of someone to help, and I was ready to retire. So I stayed when the freighter left.”

The subspace transmitter was being powered by an old Vulcan krellide power cell. The transmitter was built for a stronger and newer powercell than what it had. The signal coming through was full of static and clicks. The old CB style radio worked fine, but was connected to the village’s power supply. So as the power supply fluctuated so did the radio signal.
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Raauhl examined the jumble or radio parts and power supply whilst he listened to Yarla. “Well, I think I see your problem. Theres so many odds and sods here that its causing a whole heap of issues but I think we need to regulate your power, that’ll help clear some of the signals. Do you have a power regulator or performer laying around by any chance?” He asked.

  • Lt Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Yarla tapped a finger to her cheek, breathing into the apparatis on her chest as she thought. “Let me go check the supply shed the Bolahfur keeps. Terul, want to help?” He was a good kid but she didn’t want to leave Mr. Anderson having to keep an eye on him. He tended to go missing if you didn’t keep a sharp eye out. Terul jumped up from the table, knocking over his cup, looked totally embarrassed, eagerly cleaned up but just making more of a mess and then ran out the door with Yarla.

After several minutes Yarla returned, Terul with her. Terul was caring a box that was way too big for him, but not overly heavy. Eager to prove his usefulness after knocking over his drink. Yarla was carrying a smaller container, but over filled with items. Terul set the box down next to Mr. Anderson. “Will any of these work?” There were plasma flow regulators, power nodes, a very very old back up power pack that might still work, some power regulators of varying age and a performer.

Terul looked at Yarla, “Can I watch?” She pointed to a chair against the far wall. “From there, and only if Mr. Anderson is okay with it.” Yarla went into the other room to finish cleaning the mess.
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“Only time will tell, they’re pretty old but they might do the trick” He took the items and one by one studied them, “And of course you can watch we’ll make an engineer out of you yet” He chuckled discarding one heavily degraded power regulator but there was one or two that showed great promise. After a while he had separated the items into piles of age and started with the newest, sometimes though it was the tried and tested older ones that would work.

“If I can help let me know,” Yarla said. “I’m not very good at working with the insides of those things, but I’m happy to help.” Terul happily perched on the chair stretching as far as he could to see what Mr. Anderson was doing. He spent the whole time asking a never ending string of questions that he never bothered to pause long enough to get answered.

After some times and some serious trial and error “Eureka” Raauhl stepped back pleased with his work. “That might just do it, if only temporarily” he wished he could just use one of the leviathans replicators, he’d give them a brand new radio and spares to keep it running for decades.

  • Lt Cmdr Raauhl, XO

With the flip of the switch the subspace transmitter began to power up. The screen flickered briefly and then the power steadied out. The clicks were gone, but there was still some static but the signal was significantly clearer. The relief on Yarla’s face was obvious. “You are a miracle worker. I wasn’t sure that old thing could be fixed. Thank you, Mr. Anderson.”

Blushing slightly Raauhl began to pack up the odds and sods which he either didn’t need to use or were replaced by the parts he had. “Oh please, it was nothing. Everything can be fixed or replaced I’m glad I could restore it to a usable state. I cant promise a lifetime warranty but till work for a while at least” He turned to look for his bag and walked over to pick it up.

Yarla shrugged good naturedly. “Well it’s certainly better than what we had a couple hours ago. And hopefully it will last long enough for use to finish saving up enough latinum to buy a new one. Karra has a knack for turning one into 10 so it’s shouldn’t be too long.”

Terul pointed at the bag Anderson had put down, (the one Casela gave them before leaving the shuttle), “What’s that?!”
“Terul, that’s rude,” Yarla admonished. He looked sheepish, apologized and then danced from foot to foot waiting to find out.
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Chuckling at the young mans inquisitive nature, “Oh well” Raauhl reach down and picked it up opening the flap which hid the contents, “This is an old communications device I picked up, it allows is to talk short ranges providing someone else has another, and some PaDDs for the school, figured we’d update the library while we were here., you can never have enough to read and learn.

  • Lt Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Terul’s eyes lit up. “New stories!” He was eager to get his hands on one of the PaDDs to look through them. He had only started formal school this year, but he loved to read and was obviously very excited. Yarla could see the poor child was practically vibrating with excitement. “Terul, do you think you could be super helpful?” He bounced on his feet, “Yeah, Yarla. I’m always helpful.”

The older woman sighed heavily into the breathing apparatus. “Yes I know, but can you be super helpful?” She waited for him to stop, or at least slow down, bouncing and look at her. “Those communicators would be really useful for Yaren’s people. Do you think you could take Mr. Anderson around to them all and swap them out and bring me the old ones?” Yarla almost regretted it. Terul was out the door in a flash and then back realizing he’d forgot something very important–Mr. Anderson.

“The security patrols are the only ones with communicators. Terul can show you who they are, if that’s okay with you. And then I can take the old ones and give them to some of the other villagers, the farmers, the miners. Others who would benefit from it.” She looked at Terul, “Do you think you can stop bouncing long enough to help?” Terul nodded and waited as patiently as a five year old can, at the door. “Come on, this way.” He headed out to the outer perimeter of the village and leading them from one sentry to another. At the top of the next hill he stopped looking to see where the next one was.
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Raauhl was again smiling at the young man’s eagerness to show him around, he almost reminded him of himself when he was a young impressionable young boy. “I guess that’s my queue, see you around.” He said waving to Yarla before heading out to follow after Terul.

“Slow down, I’m exhausted” He said in half jest, the boy, Terul certainly kept uo a good pace. Looking around he couldn’t see the next security patrol. “are they usually here?” He asked.

Terul skidded to a stop. “Sorry!” He bounced from foot to foot still despite slowing his pace. Terul looked around again. “Well they walk around so she should be here somewhere.” He looked around but he was short so he was running around trying to get a look at everything. “Oh!” it came out kind of strangled and scared. He grabbed Anderson’s hand and pointed, whispering. “Look, there’s Bella and her mom.” A little girl was walking around with a woman farther down the hill and disappeared into the trees. “That’s not really her mom, but Bella says it is.”

After they disappeared Terul went back to looking for the sentry and finally found her trudging back up the hill. “Terul what are you do....Who is that?” She reached out and grabbed Terul’s hand while he giggled. “That’s Mr. Anderson. Zanya brought him. He fixed the radio at Yarla’s and he has these cool new thingies for you.” The woman looked him over, but at the mention of Zanya she relaxed. “I’d heard she brought friends with her this time.” Terul, feeling very important swapped out the communicators and then led Anderson off to the next one. After they were out of earshot Terul started chattering. “It’s weird, Bella won’t come home, and that’s not really her mom. She’s scary. I saw in town one time, and she never talks. I wouldn’t want a mom who doesn’t talk. That’s weird and kinda scary.”
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Interesting Raauhl though before addressing the young man. “I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason why she doesn’t, or maybe shes a chatter box like you but doesn’t show it to everyone. People are different, doesn’t mean their scary.” He smiled at Terul as they continued to walk his mind playing on the image of the woman who seemingly had no voice.

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Terul shrugged, “But she doesn’t talk at all. Even when you talk to her. She doesn’t look at you or anything.” They were walking towards one of the larger hills. They could see Yarin, Pinkerton and Lanshay talking. “Hey there’s Jokath!” There was another boy with them and Lanshay was talking to him. She turned around and headed off with Pinkerton and Jokath disappeared. “Oh man, where did he go? I hope he didn’t fall.” Terul shrugged and ran/slid/rolled down the hill with child like abandon. “I don’t know, I just think Bella’s mom is scary. Do you think that’s really her mom? I don’t think so. Her mom died when Bella was born. Zanya and Ms Karra told us.” The woman obviously made Terul scared because he kept talking about it. “I would want to hear my mom’s voice if I saw her again.” He was sitting at the bottom of the hill waiting for Anderson to catch up with him. “I remember her voice though. I wish I could hear my dad one more time. I remember mom’s voice, but not his.”

Ryder interjected with the conversation to show interest, which he was by nodding or making agreeable tones, he was in his passive listening mode especially when it came to someone who talked as much as Terul. Casela had taught him that sometimes being on the receiving end of a one-way conversation was a good way to help people get over certain things. It seemed Terul had a lot because he didn’t stop talking until suddenly…

Terul, with no lack of energy, jumped up and off to the next person. Then the only one left was Yarin. They met him as he was coming back down the hill where he had been talking with Pinkerton and Lanshay. “Terul! Are you helping Mr Anderson?” He picked up the boy half tossing him in the air and catching, making Terul squeel. “Yarin! You’re the only one who can still do that.”

Yarin chuckled. “That’s because you are getting too big for everyone else. What have you two been up to?”
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“We are just handing out the communicators that we brought for your people, Terul was in return giving me a tour and a running commentary on everything that goes on here” He in a low half-joking tone that Terul could still hear “And I mean EVERYTHING” He winked at Terul and gave him a smile. “That being said I haven’t any left to give out after this so I think perhaps we should be getting back to the group and Zanya.”

  • Lt Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Yarin nodded knowingly and Terul grinned. Terul saw and heard everything and had something to say about it all. “I hope, at least some of it was entertaining,” Yarin commented. He took the new communicator and handed Terul the old one. “We have to take these back to Yarla first,” Terul said. “And Zanya is here so that means stories! So we need to hurry!” And off he was again, Yarin sighed, resigning himself to never catching him and simply keeping him in sight.

As they approached Yarla’s house she came out slamming the door suddenly and she grabbed a struggling Terul who was uncharacteristically defiant. “No Terul!” As Yarin and Anderson got closer they could hear the snap and static of the subspace comm going off, but the words were muffled by the closed door. Terul was still struggling, “Let me go Yarla! It’s my DAD!”

Yarla shook her head, “It started about 20 minutes ago. I even removed the power source…it won’t stop.” Yarin took the struggling boy, “Terul, stop!” The little boy was struggling and crying, it wasn’t fair. “That’s my DAD!”

Upon entering Yarla’s house, Yarin having moved farther away to have another man, strong enough to stop Terul from getting away, then rejoined them in Yarla’s home, where she promptly shut the door.

Terul? Terul it’s Daddy. Your father. Terul can you hear me? Terul… and the message repeated over, and over, and over.
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A tricorder scan would show no quantum readings at that spot, but a larger sweet would show several around the village, but over half of them were all located in or around the orphanage.

Each of the signatures were distinctly different from not only the natural quantum signature, but separate from each other. While McHarrie was scanning a new one appeared on the scans. It appeared to be cycling through several quantum signatures before stopping on one, that was again different from all the others. The ‘cycling’ took less than a nanosecond but the tricorder picked them up. This new signature appeared near Yarla’s house. Minutes later it happened again, this time the location was tracked to the largest of the southern hills ringing the village.
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James looked at the readings carefully. He was not an expert quantum signatures, but he knew enough about random chance to realise this was not a naturally occuring phenomenon.

He tapped on his tricorder to transmit the readings to the other members of the away team with a message asking if they had seen anything like it…


Ryder looked the data over before looking to those around him, “Whats happening, I dont understand Ive never seen anything like this!” He was puzzled and wondered if Casela would have a better understanding, after all, she knew these people.”

  • LtCmdr Raauhl, XO

Casela had arrived back at the house, just as Terul had been brought home, screaming and crying that his father was calling for him and that Yarin and Yarla wouldn’t let him go. Karra had taken him and Zanya had left headed towards Yarla’s home. She walked in shutting the door behind her, hearing the strange message coming from over the radio. The shock, puzzlement, and fear were particularly strong and growing as other things began to happen around the village.

“Ryder?” she asked and looked at the readings. She had absolutely no idea about quantum readings. But she did look at the times, “Yarla, when did this start?” Yarla was trying to turn the radio off, or down, but it just kept going. “About 20 minutes ago.” Zanya looked at the other readings, another was a few minutes before coming from the southern hills, and another close to the same time from Jaren’s house. “This southern hills, Jaren’s house…that’s the medic…Vedi! Who was on the southern hills?”

Yarin spoke up, “I was with Pinkerton, Lanshay, and Jokath.” Zanya looked around the room and then at Ryder. “This children?” She had no idea but it was defiantly focused around the children. Yarla had been alone in her house, but the message was for Terul. She spoke softly to Ryder, privately, “The shuttles sensors?”
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“The children?” John asked for clarification, “But why would that be? What reason would something like that have to even differentiate between child and adult?”


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