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An encrypted message requiring a Section 31 was received and given the tardiness of the security, it was clear that the message had been composed in a hurry and transmitted from the Viking using an older encryption S31 key. Anyone with the key would be able to decrypt the message…


OOC: Just starting a little Side Sim for anyone who wants to join in. If you do and you want your character to decrypt the message, just jump in.


Ensign Luna was on duty and writing up a report for a miner disagreement that had happened during her usual patrol . She had been able to catch the message but did not have a key needed to poen it. She know there were people from section 31 onbord the ship sho she chose to go looking for one of them. The section was up to sumthing and she wanted to know what. She was not going to let them harm anyone onbord the Leviathan.
Ensign Luna
( OOC: Luna would not have the key to decrypt the message herself but she wants to help)
Ensign Luna

OOC: Kara isn’t exactly S31 either, but possibly her being the former CO of the Viking might help? Either way, she’s also intrigued…

IC: For an entire year, her sleep had been disrupted - by voices, by scratches and crashes and pounding against the walls, no matter where on the ship she had attempted to find slumber. An almost continual state of semi-wakefulness had become the norm for the exhausted captain of the USS Viking. And at that time, in those days that seemed almost carefree now compared to what came after, the half-Klingon would have given anything for a silent, solitary night in her own assigned bed.

It had been a saying oft-quoted by her human father - be careful what you wish for.

Since joining the Leviathan, Nakuto had indeed found the silence she had been seeking. But unexpected had been how desperately her mind had strived to fill that silence. With memories. With shame. With horror and anger and regret. Until she found herself considering that the pounding on her walls might be a blessed, external, relief.

And so it was that, as Luna took to the corridors of the Leviathan, in an attempt to locate some help with the strange message, Kara Nakuto was leaving the Jörmungandr lounge after enjoying a ‘nightcap’ of a bottle of bloodwine. Stepping slightly unsteadily into the passageway, she almost collided with the winged security officer.

“Luna!” Kara called out, delighted as always to see her old friend. Although her perception remained sufficient to see immediately that the other woman was troubled.
“What is wrong, Luna?” she asked, immediately wanting to help.

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

Luna smiled still a bit supersed to see Kara. ” it well a message from section 31 came into the ship. I can’t open it we could all be in danger” Luna said she was almost panicked. Given what section 31 had put her throw there was no surprise that she was started in to panic.
Ensign Luna

The half-Klingon frowned. “A message?”
She could sense the rising panic in the other, understandable considering what ‘31 had subjected them to on the Viking. But for herself there seemed no reason for alarm just yet.
“Please, show me,” she requested, “and let us see if we can decipher it before alerting the rest of the ship.”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

Luna nodded handing the pad over seaming to calm down as she did so. She was thankful that Kara could keep her cool when all Luna wanted to do was find a corner to hide in.
Ensign Luna

Kara took hold of the pad and studied the screen, then with a shrug punched in her former authorisation codes from her time as CO of the Viking.
“Let’s see if that does the trick,” she mused. “If not then we might need to take this to McHarrie or Synthi-er.” The half-Klingon drew in a breath. “Or Akirel. Did you know, Luna, that he is back?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

” let’s avoid the consuler for now, I’m pretty sure she is not happy with me and possibly questioning my fitness to parent” Luna said a bit embarrassed. She looked at the ground for a moment. ” waght did you say Akirel? When how?” She asked.
Ensign Luna

Nakuto nodded, although briefly the shadow of lingering turmoil flickered in her amber eyes.
“He…I…I have not yet had chance to learn all of the details,” she shrugged. “But he was tracked down by the ARU and sent here. Gruv too,” she added with a grin.

” you mean like how they tracked Cerenity and got us transferred here” Luna asked.

Nakuto nodded slowly. She’d seen the records the ARU had compiled on Luna’s daughter and knew of their continued interest in the child. And she also knew that she would fight all the way to the doors of Sto’vo’kor before she would let them harm the little girl.
“This might be hard to accept, Luna,” the half-Klingon replied, “but please believe me, this ship is, right now, the safest place for Cerenity to be. If the ARU believe they have her in a controlled environment then there is no reason for them to come any closer.”

” they should simply leave my baby alone. She is not dangerous she is a child why can’t they just let me rase her in pice. Scientists are evil.” Luna growled. A bit of frustration and anger in her voice. For a moment it was like a fire danced behind her eyes.

The message did not play for the Captain, however her access told her that the message’s intended recipient was Admiral James McHarrie. The Viking’s encounter with John’s uncle had been awkward and uncomfortable at best, but who on the Viking would want to be in touch with James? One candidate would spring to mind for both Luna and Nakuto… Matthew ‘Junior’ Grimshaw was a shady character that had arrived aboard the Viking shortly before both Nakuto and Luna’s departure who had in the past been trying to enlist the help of Akorem Nevin (one of the Viking’s previous XOs) to locate James by seemingly holding John hostage, but had later claimed it had been a hoax that was John’s idea…


“James McHarrie,” the half-Klingon groaned. She had not forgotten her hunt through the darkened corridors of the Viking in the fruitless search for Reman imps. Nor had she forgotten John’s leaving her crew. Or the footage of him supposedly bound and beaten at the hands of Matthew Grimshaw, the image torturing her for months before she finally learned the sordid truth. There was no denying that, whenever a McHarrie arrived on the scene, the taking of Kara Nakuto for a fool was often not too far behind!

“Luna,” she continued to muse aloud, “before you left the Viking, was Matthew Grimshaw still onboard? And if so, what was he doing?”

She was undecided whether to take the footage to McHarrie himself, contact Grimshaw directly or maybe bypass the both of them and put a call in to her old friend Peter Sigmundsson.

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

Luna shook her head” as far as I know he was of the ship is McHarrie onboard this ship” she asked
Ensign Luna

Kara nodded. She cared deeply for John McHarrie, as she did for all of the Viking’s current and former crew. But that did not mean that she trusted him. Especially not after Grimshaw had muddied the waters. Still, he was, so far, their best bet on the Leviathan.
“Let’s go speak to McHarrie,” she agreed, leading the way to the nearest turbolift and then on to the Abell-level laboratory…

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

” agreed” she said and followed Kara.
Ensign Luna

Neither woman had sufficient clearance to gain access to the Abell-level labs, a situation that made perfect sense to the logical side of Kara Nakuto…but enraged her Klingon sensibilities all the same.
At the main access door, they were forced to report to the officer manning the checkpoint, Kara trying her best to remain dignified as she growled, “We need to see Commander McHarrie. It is a matter of great importance.”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

The officer on post tapped the wrist console that he wore on his left wrist.

Luna glared that the individual at the checkpoint. She was never good at hiding her emotions. The tight and slightly lifted way she held her folded wings also showing she was not in the mood to play games. She remained quiet however. Then a thought struck her they did not have clearingce but Lazol did or should. Though he may still be angry with her and unwilling to help her. ” Perhaps Lazol could get his attention” Luna sigest.
Ensign Luna

“The commander is not in his lab at the moment,” the officer replied, “I have notified him you are here.”

The officer glanced at his wrist.

“He has asked me to send you to his quarters,” the guard said. He glanced at Luna, “He says you should let yourselves in with your security override and make yourselves at home. He will be with you within about half an hour.”

OOC: I’m going to assume that you do go and let yourselves in to his quarters.

IC: John’s quarters were a fairly generic mid-ship quarters with no actual window. On one wall there was a virtual window - a console display that showed the a feed from camera mounted on the corresponding hull.

At a first glance the quarters looked sparse. There were a couple of photographs dotted around. There were several of John with Riera Akaba who had served on the Viking with them. There was also an older photo showing John as a young teenager on the bridge of the Viking at the ship’s naming ceremony. He was stood infront of his father and uncle who were identical twins. At the time the picture was taken both James and Marcus would have been about the same age as John actually is now and there could be now doubt that John was related to them.

There was note on the console on the coffee table telling Luna and Kara to make themselves at home.


OOC: Feel free to snoop around if you want :)

Luna did not like this. ” Maby we should waght outside t-this feals like a trap” Luna said. She was even tender then befor. Kara Maby we should just take this to the capten when if by the time we know what the message is its to late for the ship to defend its self” Luna said her voice barely a wisper. Only section 31 could have Luna so jumpy and anxious. She felt as if her hart might stop beating.
Ensign Luna

Kara’s brow furrowed into a heavy frown. On the surface, Luna’s panic seemed irrational. This was John McHarrie, their former colleague and current friend. It was almost an insult to suggest that he could be luring them into a trap.
But Nakuto had felt it too. That familiar sensation of physical terror a leaden, glacial shroud, restricting her limbs, constricting her chest, filling her mouth with the cloying muslin of earthen, rotting decay until she could not breathe, could not speak, could not scream.

How had it found her? For months the half-Klingon had sought sanctuary from the shadows in the starkly-lit laboratories of the Leviathan. Obsessive focus on her research almost wholly successful at holding the nightmares at bay. But with each disparate memory that punched to the surface, each former colleague reunited with their captain once again, came the lighting of another beacon. Until now, they blazed with more ferocity than the Leviathan could ever muster. And with this wave of luminosity her security was shattered. There would be no more shelter here from the lurching horrors of her past.

“It is okay, Luna,” her reassurance was stated for the benefit of them both. But still, as Kara stepped into the room, her hand fell to the d’k tahg in her belt. “Perhaps you should watch the corridor and I will examine the room. That way at least one of us can make an escape if…”
She laughed and shook her head. The shadow of the Viking never failed to reveal her for the coward that she was, deep inside.

In truth, she had expected more personal trinkets in the quarters of John McHarrie. The photographs of Reira were touching, Kara blinking away her own tears as she recalled the young scientist. But other than that the space was almost entirely functional. She exchanged glances with Luna, her own expression one of confusion and a growing sense of dread.

Taking a seat at the table, Nakuto studied the note on the console. It felt almost premeditated, as if he had been expecting them for some time. But how? The message had been intercepted immediately by the security team. They had allowed him no advanced warning. Had they?
“What do you make of all this, Luna?” she called to her colleague once again. “I am beginning to suspect that you might be correct but…is there anything else you want me to examine while we seemingly await our fate?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

Luna had followed Kara into the room. She struggled to stay calm as she looked around and cataloged all possible escape roughts. ” I feel like we should leave and request he meat us in an open an public area. This has to be some kind of trap” Luna Said.
Ensign Luna

It wasn’t long before John arrived at his quarters. He did not seem his usual cheery self, but it was obvious he was trying to put on the facade of being himself.

“Luna,” he said, “It is good to see you. I was pleased to hear that yourself and Cerenity were leaving the Viking, That ship was not a good place for children to be.”

Luna glared at him ” stay the hell away from my child” she growled. She was already on edge with the strange meaning and a message from section 31. The mention of Cerenity had only agitated the ensign.

John was not surprised that Luna had not made herself comfortable. She was a security officer in someone else’s private space and it was unusual to be permitted entry to such space when the crew member was not there. He had, however expected Kara to have helped herself to at least a drink from the replicator, but guessed she was also suspicious of him.

“Sorry for the delay,” he said, “For someone with my record some meetings cannot simply be walked out of without arising irrational suspicion.”

He removed his black uniform tunic and casually tossed it through the sleeping cabin door onto his bed.

“Drink?” he offered.


” like secret orders and meetings in your quarters don’t already do that. You know about the message don’t you” Luna said coldly. She was not in the mood for games. Not to mention suspicious of everything sumthing about this felt like a trap.
Ensign Luna

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