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‘Juliet’ The name bounced around in Casela’s head, back and forth and up and down and round and round. Juliet Anders WAS her cousin, Juliet Arur. She was guarded and she had secrets, and Casela could respect that. And as far as she could she didn’t want to pry. But it was her job to judge the intentions of the crew, and given her unique talents, skills, and position within Star Fleet, (okay that made it sound like she was important, but being a S31 operative did give her some unique ways of finding out information) she could find out a lot. But that wasn’t her job exactly. That was Remington’s job and Cobb had said to let him handle the background checking on Juliet.

Casela sighed, she HATED leaving the work to someone else, to rely on someone else. But there was personal information she wanted that wasn’t covered by Juliet’s Star Fleet record. If she was there, after someone, herself or otherwise, then Remington would find out. He was good even though he was relatively ‘young’ experience wise, officially anyway. And Casela knew how much that ‘unofficial’ experience was really worth.

With a press of a button she locked her office up tight and unable to be monitored by prying eyes. She sat down at her desk and after entering a secure encryption code…and she laughed because these codes were unknown to anyone on the ship or the Federation, except for those they were intended for. And it drove the other ‘sneaks’ on board crazy. She sent a message and waited to connect. She smiled as a familiar face appeared, reminding her of simpler days, despite the gruelling nature of the work. “I found her, or she found me–Juliet.” There were scare minutes that the situation was described and questions and conjectures given and made. “She doesn’t go by Juliet Arur anymore, but Juliet Anders, security officer. She’s listed as human with blue eyes. Juliet was born with the traditional all black Betazoid eyes. I’m not concerned with her official record. I want to know where she was all those years and what happened to her.”

“And you want me to do what, girl?” Casela grinned at the half Klingon. “You? Nothing. T’Jal I was hoping would run a records check.”

“You’ve got the skills, I taught you, you do it.” Casela shook her head. “I can’t. I can’t risk drawing undo attention to the ship. I’ve done that enough, T’Jal knows, I briefed her about it. If she can’t or she won’t, then she can tell me.” Her voice was a little too hard and rude for the half-Klingon’s taste and she raised a brow at Casela. She knew, the next time those two met, she’d be in for a sparing session that would make Mad Man look like a bubble bath. The screen went blank.

A few days later, Casela received the encrypted response. Once she had a free moment, office locked up tight again, she accepted the message, entered the encryption key and began to read.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

The file was a cobbled together mess of notes that seemed to be taken from several places. Public records, adoption files, Fleet reports and even personal logs.

From the Fleet records of the initial response to Betazed during the Dominion war… “Several evacuees taken to Earth about the transports.” The next was an excerpt from the USS Comfort. “Betazed female, approximately eleven years old. Black eyes despite being half human according to chromosomal testing. Family bloodline not in records.”

The Chief Medical Officer’s personal voice log. “Her name is Juliet. It’s all we can get from her right now. She was standing over her dead parents when Marines found her. She apparently was stunned after shooting at them. Crack shot, I hear.” A small trickle of laughter is heard. “She had to be stunned. One of Marines was killed. We haven’t told her. Both the Counselor and I think it best for her recovery. She’s withdrawn and not even the Camilla, the counselor and a Betazed herself, can reach the girl. She thinks something more than shock is keeping her from Juliet’s mind. She did it feels like the young child is screaming for someone or something. It’s blocking anything and everyone trying to get into her mind. She’s sleeping and staying in medical right now. Seems she refuses to leave and the hysterics when we remove her are violent enough to let her remain. Perhaps I’ll see if she likes medicine.” The voice recording cuts off.

Two more written entries speak of her eventually calming down enough to reside with the Counselor till they reach Earth. But Camilla never manages to reach her telepathically during the trip. There are a couple more entries of nightmares plaguing Juliet. Camilla writes that it’s probably from no one answering her mental cries.

A note is attached to the file that more will come. By short bursts every 6 hours is safer than a large file all at once. “Never know what words or phrases will tip them off.”


Casela read the report, she didn’t need to read it a second or a third time. She knew T’Jal would send her more when the timing was right. Casela sat back in her chair and closed her eyes.

She’d been traveling all night, just behind the Jem’hadar patrol, staying out of sight and down wind. She couldn’t get around them, she had no choice but to wait the patrol out. It was dark, the temp dropping to the coldest it would go in the night, the darkest hours just before dawn, when the previous day’s heat from the sun was leeched from the planet surface. LALA! The cry had torn at her. She knew her Uncle and Aunt were moving them. She picked that much up from the desperate cry for help for comfort. And then silence as her aunt and uncle quieted her cousin and sheilded her thoughts and their own. Casela had almost been caught then. She wasn’t the icy agent back then that she was now. Juliet needed her and she’d moved, ready to run blindly towards her cousin’s home, and at the last minute had dropped to the ground before the sentry from the patrol spotted her.

She had made it to her Uncle’s home the next day, but there was no evidence of where they had gone. Only Jem’hadar and Betazoid tracks in the dirt. Casela wasn’t the tracker her father was, not yet, and she couldn’t tell which tracks belonged to who and where they went. She only knew that the patrol had split up. She followed both for a little ways, one disappeared, probably a transporter. The other kept going. She would have followed it to her detriment if her father had not arrived and taken her back.

The news came of the plans to over throw the Dominion. Casela had remained awake when others had slipped into unconsciousness. Her mother had been in a coma for several weeks, but her father had woken the same day they heard it. The desperate terrified cry of Juliet. The anguish and despair, the grief and inability to accept what had happened. She tried, her mother tried, her father tried, to reach her. But they were unable to make her hear them, the chaos had consumed her. Her father had sent out telepathic pleas for anyone to find her, but by the time the news had come, Juliet was gone, and no one was sure where to, and there was the funeral for her Uncle and Aunt.

Casela opened her eyes and stared at nothing in front of her. She blinked several times, tears would not help Juliet now or then, and they certainly would not bring Aunt Olivia and Uncle Jo’nar back. ‘I am so sorry, Sorellina,’ she thought. She hadn’t been strong enough, skilled enough, fast enough to save her, to find her and bring her home. And then intervening years, she hadn’t managed it either.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

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