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Posted Jan. 14, 2021, 5:30 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) (Calé Reilly)

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Side sim: Counsellor check in

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) in Side sim: Counsellor check in

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Side sim: Counsellor check in
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Casela was aware of the almost predatory way the doctor observed her. Others probably found it disturbing and unsettling to say the least. For Casela, it was reassuring.
She lived in a world where no one was to be trusted and everyone had hidden motives. Whatever his motives might be, at least his nature showed itself in his body language. Whether that nature was good or bad was yet to be determined, but the obvious appraisal didn’t bother her. She tipped her head to the side, considering. “That is probably true. But at the heart of that oath is simply the idea to cause no harm, and on this ship, that is a very grey area.”

He paused to give her a small smile. “I always perfered another old earth text to be my guiding code. “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.”

“Another wise Earth saying. Though it can be dangerously deceptive depending on which side of the statement you land on.”

His expression formed into one of mild concern then. “Forgive me Counsellor, but if I appear rude but the bruises on your arms…are those new?”

Dr Knox

Casela didn’t even have to look down. She knew what he was talking about. She’d noticed she’d gotten bruises in the last weeks during training, something that never happened, unless she got hit really hard. “About a week or two old. I don’t usually bruise that easily.” They should have been healed by then. She didn’t usually address bruises herself because they healed on their own alright, normally. “Why do you ask?” She honestly had put very little thought to it, at first. Then when they were slow to heal she’d considered sickbay but didn’t want to be the subject of another one of Fey’s unannounced experiments. She should have gone to McHarrie, but who had time. This appointment was the longest she’d gone sitting in 3 weeks.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Theodore listened to her and turned slightly in the chair to observe her again carefully from head to toe. ”Given the nature of your answer, the bruises alongside the dark circles under your eyes, and the pale complexion would be enough to make me think you would do well to have yourself checked out. Do you feel well?” his tone was a mix of concern and interest.

Dr Knox

Casela sat back down and was a little surprised at his assessment, but if she was being honest he was right. She started to sip her coffee and stopped and put it down. “I’m downing coffee like water, and I can’t stand the stuff. Finally found this one, Pepperment Mocha, that I can stand, and you would think between the amount of caffinne and sugar in it, and the amount I’m drinking, I’d be wide awake all the time. But by the end of the day I’m out before I can sit down.” Which was very odd since she usually couldn’t sleep with anyone around. And after her encounter with Sandman and then Hampton’s orb, she wasn’t feeling well really. She stiffled a yawn, “See what I mean. But no I guess I don’t feel well, or at least not myself.”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

“Hmmm.” he responded. Internally Theodore felt a bubble of interest. He reached into the pocket of the lab coat and produced a tricorder. “With your permission Counsellor, it won’t take more than a minute and will save you a trip to sick bay.” he said showing her the closed device and waiting for her response.

Dr Knox

Casela got up and moved around her desk to the chair in the more open area. “By all means doctor, you are the expert. I keep a very demanding schedule and thought it was simply fatigue, but if you can explain it…” Casela did keep a demanding schedule. 8 hours of alpha shift, three off and then straight to RTF training 6 days a week, and additional training with Fenrir if needed after. Not to mention making time for ‘personal’ time. She went constantly, but that had never been a problem before. She always was on the move and going. She probably should have been more concerned. Scans would show her lower ribs and sternum had been coated in metal causing anemia that had been previously undiagnosed and so was untreated, and possibly other complications.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Well that was interesting…his face expression did not change. He simply continued to scan, his fingers moving across the device as he got an in-depth scan of the area, the potential reasons for such a repair flashing through his mind. He closes the recorder and looked up at Casela.

“I am very sorry to say counsellor that I lied to you ” he said, sounding genuinely agrieved at such a fact. “I will not be able to save you that trip to sick bay after all. I’m afraid that a repair to your ribs is causing some…” he paused on the word, moistened his lips and continued “…complications. I can do something to remedy this but it will require you to accompany me to sick bay.” he watched her and added with a charming smile. “And of course declare me fit for duty so I may practice medicine onboard.”

Dr Knox

A very dangerous look crossed her face, and lucky for Knox it wasn’t directed at him. Another one of Fey’s experiments? Another one she didn’t even know she was a part of? The look on crossed her eyes though, her face remaining passive. She got up walking over to her console. “I see no reason to not clear you, Doctor.” She typed in the information clearing him for duty, she’d write the report later. “I assume you want me to accompany you now?” She raised a brow, the question rhetorical in nature. She stepped out of her office, told Davis to move around her appointments, that she’d be unavailable for awhile. Her staff was used to this, she was needed else where on the ship, but after what had happened the last time she went to sickbay, and with Knox escorting her it was a good assumption, Davis was concerned. He sent a message to Ziecast giving him a head’s up. Ziecast was the one on staff that handled Synthi-er’s file.

“My thanks.” Theo responded to her clearance of him and quietly turned to follow her.

Casela stepped into the turbolift and waited for, she hoped, the good doctor, to join her.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Stepping beside her, his hands clasped behind his back as if they were going for a leisurely stroll. Calmly he said “So, would you care to regale me with the story as to how you happened to have your ribs smealted as it were?”

Dr Knox

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