Cobb's Ready Room - Raauhl is summoned

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Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in Cobb’s Ready Room - Raauhl is summoned
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Bloody rollercoaster! It was a somewhat stereotypical but still, to Cobb’s mind, eminently fitting description of life in the ARU. Some days were all about the climb, the perpetual accretion of nausea as one dedicated all of their strength to ignoring the plunge at their side. Others balanced at the summit, a momentary respite where achievement and anxiety became convivial bedfellows, each positioning themselves on the scales of existence in roughly equivalent measure. And then there were the days that brought the plummet - that recurring sensation of absolute terror as reality gave way to the void.

In that moment, as he sipped at his coffee, Zachariah Cobb had no notion of which day was about to break upon him. With an exhale he drained his mug then slammed his commbadge with an open palm.

=^= Lt Cmdr Raauhl, please report to my ready room =^= he intoned flatly, not yet ready to select the appropriate emotion for whichever day lay ahead.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

=^=On my way=^= Came the quick, stern response from the ships executive officer. Raauhl wasn’t on duty but was again wandering the corridor making conversation and trying to get the general vibe of the crews moral, it was his job to e the link between department heads and the captain but often how the crew felt got lost between the noise of weekly reports, he found walking the ship and creating a conversation with the crew resulted in a far greater understanding in how the crew felt both good and the bad it made him a better XO as a result.

It didn’t take long for Raauhl to reach the ready room and so he entered, the door chime announcing his presence. “You wanted to see me Captain.” The XO and Captain had a decent enough relationship that he felt comfortable walking in on the Captain. Besides, it wasn’t often ti happened and Raauhl wanted to get straight to the point.

  • Lt Cmdr Raauhl, XO

“Aye,” the captain nodded, before pointing to a pot of coffee and half-empty bottle of whiskey on the end of his desk for Raauhl to take refreshment from one or both. Sipping at his own drink, he observed the Trill in silence for a few moments, before emitting a grunt and then finally beginning to talk.

Raauhl opted for neither, coffee never settled well in his stomach, too bitter even with extra helpings of sugar and whiskey, well it was too damn early for that kind of drinking. Instead he waited, eager but not too much so he looked like a kid in a candy shop chances are he was about to get some bad news of another mission and more crew to motivate.

“It’s been a hell of a year. Somehow it’s managed to pass by in the blink of an eye while simultaneously dragging on for at least a decade,” he snorted, placing his empty mug onto the table and steepling fingers under his chin.
“But fast or slow, the ARU has caught every second of the crew’s actions here. As have I.”

A speech? Thought Raauhl, cobb was never the motivation type he often left that to him. Perhaps this was some sort of thing he was trying or perhaps he was drunk again.

Rising to his feet, the captain slipped something into his pocket and then strolled to the observation window, directing the remainder of his monologue to the infinite space outside.
“It’s fair to say that our missions have, so far, not gone entirely to plan. We lost several crewmembers against Andromeda’s Tomb. Even more against the Hampton-thing. As a captain it can feel a struggle at times to catch even a glimmer of success amongst the chaos. But it’s there. I know it. In here,” he pounded a fist against his chest.
“On the balance of things, in the end I reckon that we did okay. Better than okay. We did pretty damned brilliant, all things considered. And I’m not so bashful as I might have been to shun every drop of credit for the outcome. But I could not have done any of it without a good crew at my side. And most importantly, a good First Officer.”

OK, Raauhl considered calling for medical thier Captain was beggening to act weird and for a moment Raauhl thought he saw a smile in which he hoped it was a trick of the light. Perhaps the Hampton thing wasn’t other, maybe it was now a cobb thing too. God help us if it was he thought.

Turning back to the other man, the threat of a smile began to pull at the corners of Cobb’s lips, although he maintained his composure at the last. Although it was with a definite eagerness that he reached into his pocket and retrieved a small box, opening it with a flourish and holding it out for Ryder to view.

Inside, sitting on a red, velvet cushion, lay a single, solid gold pip.

“It’s been a long time coming, eh, lad?” Cobb chuckled.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Raauhl simply started at the pip, he hadn’t been expected to make promotion not this quarter or maybe this year, the ARU was a particularly competitive organisation and he was fine about that. He dare not touch it incase it wasn’t real and Casela was about to jump out at any moment laughing. But she didn’t and Cobb looked… Almost happy, proud? He wasn’t sure but he finally took the pip and replaced the Hollow one with the new full gold one.

“I’ll take thay whiskey now” He said laughing as he poured himself a glass. “Thankyou sir, I don’t know what to say, thankyou?” He poured one for cobb too.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Cobb remained silent as he watched his First Officer attach the new pip to his collar. Then stepping forward, the captain reached out a hand and gently straightened the Trill’s collar, as he had once imagined himself doing for his own son. Finally clearing his throat, his posture grew more dignified and official as he announced,
“Ryder Raauhl, for your exemplary performance as First Officer of this vessel, for your courage and determination leading two very difficult away missions, for your open and approachable nature towards all ranks of crew, for your unwavering support and assistance to the Leviathan and also to me as her captain, I hereby bestow upon you the rank of Commander, with all the rights and privileges it entails. Congratulations, Commander Raauhl.”

Moving back to the desk, Cobb was happy to pour the Commander a drink, as well as refill his own glass, before raising a toast. “To your continued survival, Commander. May you lead our away teams for a good many years to come.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Raauhl picked up the drink, he’d be lying if he didn’t admit that he felt an overwhelming sense of pride, “Under your Command, I hope sir” He raised his glass ad downed the contents. Day drinking wasn’t always encouraged but this occasion was one of those times it was.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

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