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Cobb watched on, silently, apathetically, as the thing that resembled Hampton delivered his tirade. Had a more stable individual been the subject of those words and insults then the wounds they inflicted would have cut deep. But so adept at self-flagellation had Zachariah become that not even the sharpest of tongues could match the power of his own sunken opinion of self.

Only at the mention of the away team had a brief flicker of reaction danced across the captain’s face. And as soon as Hampton had exited the room, the old man’s facade dropped as he slammed at his commbadge with a fist.
=^= Commander Raauhl. Report in! =^=

Please let them be okay. This was an end they could never have deserved.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb
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    Rauuhl’s voice came back to him:
    =^=We are currently making our way to the bridge, our transport had been intercepted and we found ourselves in what I can only describe as a satanic ritualistic decorated room. We’ve just had an encounter with Mr. Hampton who seemingly attacked Lt Synthi-er on a physiological level, she seems stable and we’re going to continue for now=^=

After several more minutes Casela’s voice would come across the comm sounding slightly strained to the captain who had spent so much time in conversation with her.
=^=Synthi-er to Cobb. What’s are time at?=^=
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

On the bridge McReady was coordinating the monitoring of the away team. They hadn’t heard since Synthi-er asked for a time update and then:

=/\=Mr. Raauhl, Miss Synthi-er; this is Durheim. We were trapped by Mr. Hampton in his office; but we have escaped and are none the worse for wear. What is your status?=/\=
Durheim, Engineering

And then dead silence. Then alarms started going off at the same time. Cmdr Raauhl’s life signs were failing and Synthi-er’s brain activity was becoming erratic and dangerous her life signs faltering as well. “Captain!” McReady sent the readings to Cobb’s console on his chair, no time for talk they had to get them out of there.
=^=Transporter room 1 this is CIC get Raauhl and Synthi-er out of there, emergency beam out to sickbay!=^=

A tense moment and =^=No good CIC, shields are up and we can’t get past them.=^=

=^=Mr Durheim, their life signs are failing. Anything you and Lt Surda can do, now would be the time. We read them in the cargo bay.=^=

At the tactical station, Cobb focussed on the various readouts in an attempt to still the nausea of panic threatening to swell within him. They were trapped. And they were dying. And there was not a damned thing that Zachariah Cobb could do to help them!!!

Or…perhaps that was not entirely true. The ship was still the Leviathan and he, Zachariah Cobb, was still its captain. Quickly he returned to his chair and activated his left-hand panel before punching in his command codes and transmitting an order to the other Leviathan.
=^=Raise the EMH at Commander Raauhl’s location. =^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

In many stories, people often wonder what would happen in such an event as was unfolding at present, if the levels of panic, worry and negative emotions across both ships could take on a physical form. Apparently the answer was the form of a dark haired teenage girl, dressed in black leggings, an oversized grey jumper and socks who appeared as if from nowhere at Cobb’s side as he attempted to get help to those few that Gen had learned to trust and to hold close.

To say the girl was angry would have been true but fall short of the mark. The energy coming from her was downright malevolent. She turned neon yellow glowing eyes onto Cobb and for once the innocence and warmth she held for the captain was gone, replaced instead with an icy glare.

“They are going to die.” The panels on the bridge hummed slightly as if they were vibrating.

“You sent them there and they are going to die.” The vibration intensified.

“Fix it. NOW!” Across the bridge the auxiliary engineering console exploded in an array of sparks.


There was a sigh from behind Gen. It was Hampton, but this Hampton did not have the evil gleam in his eye or the grin on his face. His eyes had a new look, guilt. He simply shook his head. “I’m afraid the damage done by my evil counterpart cannot be fixed by Cobb.” He shrugged his shoulders with a frown. “I have a bit of temporal power left, but not close to the amount I’d to stop him.”

LT. Hampton

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