Deposit room 3-A, sector 25 (All join who want to! Don't have to play your character)

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Posted by Mar. Captain Erve Manhattan (RTF Commander) in Deposit room 3-A, sector 25 (All join who want to! Don’t have to play your character)

Posted by Mar. Captain Erve Manhattan (RTF Commander) in Deposit room 3-A, sector 25 (All join who want to! Don’t have to play your character)

Posted by Davidic (Grand Poobah of The All Consuming One) in Deposit room 3-A, sector 25 (All join who want to! Don’t have to play your character)
The room was your standard Starfleet affair, nothing exceptional except for a flicker towards the back of the room. It was faint and if you weren’t looking for it you wouldn’t know, but something was off. The room looked smaller than it should and tapping on just the right location would let the flicker die away and reveal what the room was truly. A sanctum, a cathedral, a place of worship protected by Starfleet law and dedicated to The All Consuming One. Inside you will find Davidic, a man from the holy house devoting his life to the worship and praise of the entity known as Dave. You will find him in simple robes, a fabric shimmering and ever changing its appearance in honor of their patron Dave. He will be reading a passage from The Book of Abell, Chapter 4, Verse 33. “And so The All Consuming One hath laid before him a selection of those desiring to experience the love that only Dave can bring. One was a rich man with wealth beyond the stars. One was a strong woman with cunning and wit. One was a man who possessed great intellect. Each calling out to Dave to be brought into his loving embrace. Dave heard their pleas and made a form of a Klingon who smiled and said, ‘all are welcome in my embrace, come my children.” Closing the book the man in the robes said “Do we know what this means for us my children?”

Davidic, Grand Poobah of The All Consuming One

A pretty young NE, maybe it was some 22 years old young-ish man, stood among the adepts and with the greeting sign of the cult he showed his forehead. A big, big and wide scar cut his entire face, from the hairs starting point, running down to the jaw line. He seemed pretty much someone who already experienced many troubles, but indeed he was one of the few survivors of the Abell Deck when the breach occurred. Beside the huge trauma he remember that day, he considered himself one of the few lucky to have seen the Dave from real, real close.

The man by the yet unknown name walked down what could be walked of the depot measure. Each step was heavy, the soft light lit up his facial features as he, a half-breeded klingon, grunted and smiled toward the Grand Poobah “I, I know what it means, oh Grand Poobah Davidic! I almost… joined him.” he giggled hard, with enthusiasm, as he then turned back to the rest of the cult members. We rather do not know what made this man believe of a greater good joining the Dave; probably the PTSD experience and the hallucinations of that moment lead to believe he was the savior of the ship. Wheter it was the traumatic event to provoke such belief, it was certain that his thrilled voice wanted to tell the story of his encounter with excitement and happiness “I am Va’lak son of Ruk.” Ruk said to the many there “I was with him I tell you! And it was magnificent…” he opened the arms wide as he kept going on “I was with him, when he slashed me the face… I felt it in my face and well if it was good… But he told me, I heard, I was not ready. But he saw potential in me and spared my life. I remember so greatly his figure, his touch. Oh Grand Poobah, many have joined him already, many brothers and sisters. I was just this little to be freed by this miserable corpse and be one. Being one is freedom, brothers and sisters! I saw it with my eyes, their eternal chillness!” he have returned to face the Davidic “Those who did not deserve his love, died miserably with their bodies useless to Dave’s plan; poor men and women. But there’s always hope, isn’t it, Master? ” His believer eyes had open wide too, and with a smooth and fast movement he crouched in front of the Poobah, almost like waiting for a blessing while waiting for a response by the supreme Davidic.

NE Va’lak, son of Ruk the marked one - Dave Cult Adept


Outside in the main corridor stood a horde of ‘gentlemen’ if the term could be used for such a roughly refined bunch. The Tonys had come to visit their friend Dave. “Yo, Dave! Youse lookin’ ah-ful grumpy there. Whatcha’ beef?” The Tonys conferred that Dave simply looked more angry than ususal.

Dave for his part was resigned to these daily visit of ‘The Horde.’ It did not matter how much he raged and growled and howled and pounded his cell these guys just seemed to sympathize with him, and then came again the next day. It had been going on for so long that Dave had started looking forward to the visits. He had even thought that it was them on the other side of his eastern wall. But not, it was just someone who wanted to shout his name, in piercingly hurtful tones and then feed him living flesh. Not that he was opposed to fresh food but the noise really did make him twitchy.

Accolate Jarnuthia stuck her head out of the chapel. “Who are you?”

“Whose us? We’s the Horde of Tonys. Yeah, we got Fat Tony, Little Tony, Slick Tony, Big Tony, Tony the Sneak, Skinny Tony, Fast Tony, Clean Tony, Slow Tony, Tony the Brain, Blue Tony, and Bossman Tony. Who ya lookin’ for, and whaddya want, eh?” Bossman Tony asked, not too nicely. At her appearance and the shrillness of her voice, the Tonys noticed Dave’s agitated movements and the hatred filled glare at the girl.

Horde? “OH OH! DAVIDIC! They are here to hurt our All Consuming One! HURRY we must protect him!” And the crazy girl was running in circles trying to push the Horde away from Dave. “I will die at the hands of your nemesis my Master!” The word sounded more like she was talking sweetly to her lover. The girl had obviously fallen for the cults mind-numbing rhetoric and was ‘in love’ with Dave. “I shall protect you and then I shall give myself to your embrace to become your bride!” she yelled at Dave through the containment wall.

The Horde of Tony’s all looked at her like she was crazy. Fat Tony was the first to speak up. “Nemesis, eh? I don’t know what youse thinkin, but me an’ Dave go way back, capisce?” he said to the girl. Then looked at Dave, Skinny Dave spoke to Dave, “We take of dis here girl for youse, Dave? I can see why she’s makin’ you irate.” Clean Tony spoke up, having peaked in the door that Jarnuthia had come out of. “Eh boys! Lookie here, there’s a whole gaggle of ‘em!”
- The Tonys

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