Skeletons in the Family Closet (Tag Juliet)

Posted Jan. 15, 2021, 4:52 p.m. by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) (Jennifer Ward)

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“Juliet’s adoption didn’t go thru again, today. Her dark eyes and cold temper once more set the couple’s teeth on edge. That’s seven couples in four years. It’s almost like the child doesn’t want* to be adopted. At 15 it’s my guess she’ll remain here till she’s 18. The Head Master and I agree that she will no longer be up for adoption. We’ll start moving her around various jobs in the orphanage to see where her skills lead us.

On a personal note, I fear for Juliet. If she can’t find her feet, I fear she’ll be lost in the dark forever.”

The were also notes telling of her interest in the Fleet officers who visited the upper school. Juliet expressed interest in security. Would also show her acceptance into the academy with higher scores than she’d shown aptitude for in school.

But once in the academy, the stress of security training left her in trouble enough times to initiate academic probation. She changed to science and graduated. Her top spot taken from her for disciplinary reasons.

It goes on to say she filled in for security enough on her first ship that she was being reconsidered for the duties. Psych files showed PTSD signs that the Counselor at both the Academy and her first so thought she was learning to hide. Only the cameras in the cadets’ rooms and classrooms showed the telltale signs with chronic nightmares, manic study shifts, and short temper outbursts. All of which she managed to suppress and hide when it came to evaluations. Constant recommended counseling sessions were intended to try and catch it officially so she could be officially diagnosed and treated.

“There’s one more file. But I warn you, she’s been in trouble as well as dragged thru hell. Brace yourself. I’ll send it in the morning.” The final message voiced with warning and regret at the fact Cas would have to endure it.


Casela’s heart ached as she read, but what was done was done and she couldn’t do anything about it. Juliet had done well for herself, she’d found a place it seemed on her first posting. But how had the orphanage missed their requests for information. They, her parents and herself, had reached out to every orphanage they could find looking for her. How had they not gotten the information and brought her home? She put that out of her mind and decided it was time to confront Juliet. Settle this before it damaged the ship and crew. She erased the records of the files and shut down her console and then un-securing her office she left and headed up to Juliet’s quarters and stood outside the door for several long minutes.

In her own quarters, Juliet paced. Her battle knife, oddly an ever present companion, spun between her fingers and danced from one hand to the other as she paced the confines of her room. “She’s dead, then she not dead. Then she’s not dead but time is missing. Why did they bring you back? Who were you to go after? Me? Wa this all a set up to find me?” She threw the knife at the wall target where it stuck in just millimeters from the center. Stalking over to yank it out, she tossed the towel at the couch letting her damp tresses tumble around her shoulders. She shivered at the cold wetness on her skin as she resumed her pacing, the knife once more twining in her fingers.

“No, that makes no sense. I wasn’t on the radar then. Was still a science misfit. Still a trouble maker. So why?” Who would the old Casela have head access to that was needed so desperately they’d create someone to look and act like her? Her mind danced furiously around this and that. Even releasing their get together just a couple nights ago.

Tears had been shed. Long lost friendships renewed. Family once more found again. “And it was all a lie.” Once more the acid dripping words fell from her lips like venom as she silently vowed to get to the bottom of it.

(Now more untrusting than before)

Ah the rage and distrust, she could cut it with her knife, that was always at her side, to Ryder’s chagrin. She sighed, waiting outside the door wasn’t going to make this go away. Casela needed to know if she was after her or someone else on the ship. That was all there was to it. She hated what Juliet went through, if that was all true. There was no way Juliet didn’t know she was there and so she rang the chime and when the door opened. “I think it’s time we cleared the air.”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS (Wondering how far Juliet’s deception will hold)

Juliet was so caught up in her head, and pacing, that she hadn’t heard or felt Cas’ arrival. When the chime rang and snapped her back to herself, she growled. “Enter!” Thre word coming out a bit more of a snap than she meant it to. She moved to the desk and set the knife down, aware that it probably wasn’t a good thing to have in her hand.

She stood there, about ten feet from her supposed cousin, wearing loose fitted blue plaid pajamas bottoms, cinched at the waist, and a black tank top. She was barefoot and jet hair unruly from being tousled out of the towel. “I think it is, too. Who are you and why are you here? In one record you’re dead, in the next you’re fine but there’s missing time.”

She hadn’t even bothered to wait for Cas to step into the room so the door would close before firing off her questions. She was braced for a fight. But if Cas scanned her surface thoughts, they warred with themselves. Caught between a scared child wanting it all to be a lie, and an adult enraged at having been deceived.


Casela stepped in, the NEs walking by hearing the loudly flung questions, and seeing the hot-headed counselor and RTF regent was the target, they paused. Everyone knew there was more to Casela than they saw. That was true of everyone on board. But somehow, despite her previous reputation, the crew was endeared of her. The crew looked and seeing she was unperturbed, continued on their way, but with an ear out for any sound of a fight. Those that lived there knew it was Juliet’s quarters and wondered about the uncanny similarities of the two.

Cas was in her regular, teal blue medical uniform. Her hair in a very tight fishbone braid. As the door closed she allowed her arms to fall to her sides as she leaned back casually against the bulk head. Resisting the urge to cross her arms for self comfort. She studied the she nor Juliet were girls anymore. She took note of the knife on the desk unconcerned. If Juliet remembered even half of what her father and uncle taught them, she didn’t need the knife and Casela didn’t need the one in her boot.

“Those are there for the same reason you changed your name and had your eyes surgically altered.” If she was here for Casela she already knew too much, but the confusion flowing in waves from Juliet almost convinced Casela that the coincidence of them being stationed here was real. But Casela was infinitely aware to be careful because she wanted her cousin back desperately. “I am Casela Synthi-er, currently detached to the USS Leviathan as ship’s counselor from Section 31. I was thought to be dead in an explosion that killed my whole team in 2384. I wasn’t dead, I was captured. During the following year I was tortured and 6 months later I got myself out and spent months recuperating.” She eyed Juliet coming to some conclusion. “Computer display medical record Synthi-er, Casela. USS Centurion. Stardate 2385. Authorization Sigma 958827 Valkyrie alpha. Confirm voice recognition and biometric pattern.” The computer trilled and then on Juliet’s screen appeared the visual record of her arrival on Centurion. Bruised and battered, but more startling was the sickening state of her body from the endless cuts, from shoulder to knee, that weren’t healed and obviously infected. The scenes were gruesome. Each worse than the last. The doctor’s logs spoke of the difficulty of clearing the infections and trying to close the wounds. Her anger and inability to willingly cooperate. A Vulcan was eventually brought in along with another Betazoid to try and calm her with no effect. There were gigabytes of information. “You’re welcome to check the authenticity. My death was left on record to protect my parents.”
Lt Synthi-er CNS

Juliet was shocked. Part of her wanted to rail at what she saw. Seeing Cas’ broken body and shattered mind reminded her of her own past. Had she looked that way? Had she seemed feral? Was that why she was never adopted… never wanted… never sought?

She stepped sideways a couple paces and scrolled thru a bit of the reports. After a moment, she spoke up. “You said your death was kept in place to protect your parents. From what?” She looked at Cas. “And are they still in danger?” She still wasn’t sure she believed it. But she had to know.


Casela missed her parents. She got sporadic updates on them. Last she had heard her father was very sick and the doctors didn’t know if they could help him. Fey had offered to find out, but Casela hadn’t wanted to risk it. So she waited. “From the man who had me. I blew the compound on my way out, but explosives have never been my strong suite, and,” she waves towards the screen, “as you can see I wasn’t exactly sane. Later reports never indicated if he died or escaped, so it was deemed best to continue to report me as dead, so no one would come looking. As for if they are still in danger, considering my job, and the fact that there are several seeder individuals who would like me dead, I would have to say firmly, yes they are.” She wouldn’t apologize for it, she did what she could to keep them safe. She’d know in a few weeks if Mad Man was still alive or not and then she could move forward.

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