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Lazol got the message and said =/\= Understood =/\= as he went back to studying the archway. The words of Cooper ringing in his ears, “Cooper I do think you have this, and I’m annoyed to say this but I believe you’re right.” He said studying the figure of the dragon in pain. “My question is what does the Dragon represent? Is it literal? Allegorical?” Lazol said studying the readings he was getting that didn’t make any sense. He closed the tricorder with a slam as Doctor Fey entered the room and Lazol was taken aback for a moment, “Do....” He started before saying, “Part of the job Lazol, part of the job” before continuing, “Doctor we have parts of the away team on the arch here, can you identify what killed them and if it was the arch itself? I don’t want to have to push Cooper into the thing to find out if I don’t have to” Lazol said in a tone that didn’t rather say if he was joking or not.

Looking at the upper corner he clicked his tongue in the side of his mouth a few times before tapping his badge, =/\=Engineering. Send someone down here immediately and have them bring scans of that thing you’re working on =/\=

Lazol, CSO

At the appearance of Dr Kastil, Copper leaped behind Lazol and practically used the Ferengi as a shield, his mechanical hand taking protective hold of his remaining, flesh and blood, arm.
“Ah, yeah Doc,” he echoed the CSO’s request. “There are bits of the away team all over the arch. And I do mean all over.” He shuddered.

At the DaiMon’s request to engineering, however, Copper simply had to butt in.
“Better yet, just bring the thing itself here,” he yelled in an attempt to have his own voice heard over the commbadge, before shrugging and adding to Lazol, “Might be interesting to see what would happen if we treat it as just another piece of the puzzle?”

  • NE Copper

The Doctor pulled out a tricorder and began scanning the bodies, “I’m a doctor, not a forensic scientist. If I don’t find something notable I have a more practical means of testing your theory Daimon.” With that, she shot a glance over her pointed shoulder at NEnsign Copper. “If you will, Mister Cooper, prepare for me a reflective surface just in case I need to resort to plan B. If nothing else, it will at least entertain us for a few moments.” The doctor returned to her scans to see what she could find.

  • The doctor is probably up to something nefarious.

the body parts had thin layers of temporal energy over them. As the wall was completed it became apparent the energy beam was coming a from blue sphere that was propped up upon a pillar. Several stick men could be seen dancing around the orb as it fired.

Storyteller S

“A reflective surface. Right,” Copper muttered to himself as he scoured the room for anything approaching the Doctor’s description. When nothing could be found, he quietly exited the bay, in truth welcoming a brief respite from the current situation. Dismembered crewmates, creepy doctors and conniving scientists was not the company he’d been expecting to keep on this Thursday afternoon. Momentarily, he considered contacting Clark and offering a swap, assured that his friend would give anything to get out of cleaning plasma ducts for the remainder of his shift. But that damned sense of duty quickly set in and, with apathetic resignation, he replicated a large mirror and trestle frame and returned with them to the cargo bay, before setting them up in one corner for the Doctor’s future use.

  • NE Copper

Lazol had indeed picked up on the temporal energy emanating from the thin veneer of crew members adhered to the stones. “Perhaps then I am mistaken in calling on your specialties?” Lazol said curtly to the doctor. He didn’t have time for snark, he needed a medical opinion on what state the biological material was in and while he could parse the raw data, a doctor would have a better understanding of the nature of the injuries. He let the quip about practical testing go by as he said, “Doctor I’m seeing a residual temporal signature on the remaining elements of the crew. Are you able to get a clear reading on what’s left of the cellular structure? I’m curious if the cells all exhibit the same temporal signature or if what we are seeing is as a result of the crew being subjected to a temporal cascade, ripping them apart through time itself and leaving them, well, adhered to the stone.”

Lazol, CSO

At his makeshift table, Copper held his tongue and continued silently with his work. But had the CSO been able to glimpse his expression then he would have found it a portrait of stunned surprise! Who could ever have expected a Ferengi to speak so eloquently on matters other than money? And from a position of advanced knowledge on the subject, at that! Clearly, there was more to this Lazol than met the eye. Copper was unsure, in that moment, whether to be impressed…or downright terrified!

  • NE Copper

A sound drifted in from the corridor beyond - that of approaching footsteps. A moment or two later and the cargo bay doors parted to reveal a half-Klingon, a Tellarite and, between them, a floating grav-sled laden with a rather curious object - looking not entirely unlike the orb depicted on the artifact.

“We have brought the anomaly as requested,” the half-Klingon roared. “Where would you like it?”

Then quickly, to Hampton, she fired off another message.
=^= I suspect we are about to do something very clever or very stupid. Either way, it was nice knowing you, Mr Hampton =^=

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

“The body parts have thin layers of temporal energy over them, but this hardly tells us more than they were involved with some form of temporal manipulation. This same thing could have generated from someone standing too close to a temporal engine or in a room saturated with temporal energy.” The doctor points at the sphere on the pillar, “That sphere has the same energy readings, so it is likely the source of the energy we’re picking up. As for all your other suggestions, they are as good as anything I could come up with, without testing and witnesses of course.”

  • Doctor Fey Kastil

The fracture on the orb’s surface grew larger, and then a sound that the crew would have sworn was a yell could be heard. Suddenly, a burst of light went up, and a projectile flew out of the orb’s fracture, smashing the containment field and slamming into a bulk head. The object quickly got to his feet, and the crew would recognize William Hampton, except he was glowing blue, and his eyes were narrowed. His hands curled into fists. He glared at Nakuto and Bog. “I’m afraid I’ll have to put a stay on my own execution.” He snarled, holding up his fist, Nakuto and Bog suddenly could not breath. The orb was still mostly intact except for a hole the size of a fist in the sphere, it was still glowing blue, but the energy was leaking out of it slowly. The containment field would need to be reestablished if the crew wanted to preserve its energy.

William Hampton

At the partial explosion of the orb, Nakuto had dropped to her knees, muscular arms instinctively shielding her head. But once the dust had cleared and a familiar voice emanated around the room, she lifted her head…and gasped. It was as if an unseen hand had suddenly wrapped itself around her throat, restricting all possibility of breath. A glance towards Bog told her that the Tellarite had been similarly inflicted.

Still on her knees, the half-Klingon crawled over to the orb and began to enter commands on her tricorder in an attempt to stabilise the containment field, even as the space around her grew dark from the lack of oxygen into her system…

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

Across from Nakuto and cowering behind his makeshift table, Copper watched, aghast, as the form of William Hampton was spat out of the orb. With a squeak, the man hurried over to Lazol, using the Ferengi as a human shield as he ducked behind the CSO’s back.
“Sir, what do we do now?” he whispered anxiously, his eyes darting from Hampton to the orb and then back.

  • NE Copper

The glowing chief engineer simply glared at the occupants in the room. “Anyone care to explain to me why the hell you all are attempting to kill me?” He asked.

William Hampton

Doctor Fey lifted her tricorder to scan Hampton in this new form of his. “I like the new look Mr. Hampton, very ominous. Please don’t kill me, I shall try to resist my urge to study you.” The Doctor studied the information the Tricorder is able to pick up to try to understand what had happened to the former Chief Engineer.

  • Doctor Fey Kastil

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IC: Still on her knees, her skin now turning a worrying shade of blue, Nakuto raised her right arm and pointed desperately at the archaeological structure, hoping that Hampton would see and make the connection between it and the orb.

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

The doctor had always been a kind soul to Hampton, and he felt no anger towards her. He noticed the Klingon nearly out of breath and opened his fist, releasing his mental grip on her throat. “Use words Nakuto.” He said in a stern voice, he was still glowing blue. Kastil’s tricorder would indicate he was bathed in the same energy that had permeated the bodies on the wall structure. Other than that, he was still biologically the same.

William Hampton

Released from Hampton’s grasp, Nakuto sucked in several lungfuls of air and then climbed to her feet, moving to take up a position a few feet away from, and yet directly facing, the engineering chief.
“You want words?!” she roared, her posture aggressively confident, hands balled into tight fists by her sides. “I will give you words. Hab SoSlI’ Quch! PetaQ!”
(Roughly translated as: Your mother has a smooth forehead! Asshole!)

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

From behind Lazol came something of a shriek and then, seconds later, Copper scurried into view, placing himself between Hampton and Nakuto.
“Ah, what Miss Nakuto means to say, Sir,” he attempted to placate the engineering chief, “is that we asked her and Mr Bog to bring the orb here because…well…we were curious what might happen if we plugged it into the sculpture?”
He watched Hampton through squinched eyes, hoping for an appraisal of their potential approach. Or the reverse, as the case very well might be…

  • NE Copper

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‘OH’ Hampton thought to himself. Maybe they weren’t going to kill him after all. He simply stared at Copper. “I have no idea what that will do ensign.” He said, shrugging his shoulders. “I know just as much about this whole thing as you all do, maybe less.” Hampton had lied to him, it enraged William, he had been lied to by himself of all people. He truly was alone.

William Hampton

Well it wasn’t a no…

With a shrug, Copper took hold of one side of the orb’s containment module and nodded for Nakuto to take the other. Then slowly, the pair lifted it and moved it into place below the sculpture, aligning it so that it would appear to be the source of the lightning striking the dragon. Then they scurried backwards, placing as much distance as possible between themselves and the archway…

  • NE Copper

At the last moment, Nakuto punched commands into a wall terminal and produced a temporary forcefield between the room’s occupants and the relic / orb sculpture.
“Merely a precaution,” she commented, her anxious gaze travelling the full circle of the room before returning to the orb.

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

When the orb was placed on the pillar, nothing happened. It simply sat there, the light from it pulsing slightly. Hampton looked to Nakuto. “What’s the plan now?” He asked. A check on the chronometer would show the ship had 15 minutes until they would find themselves under attack.

Lt. Hampton/ Storyteller S

Nakuto’s frown shifted from the orb to the relic and then back.
“Hmm, well that was a complete waste of our time, it seems,” she growled, before turning to Hampton and adding with a shrug, “Honestly, I have no idea. There appears to be very little information available to draw any worthwhile conclusions from.”

One final study of the images on the relic and she attempted to voice some further suggestions aloud, “Perhaps this thing will only reveal its true usefulness once the attack has commenced? Perhaps it will transform into a weapon of some kind? Or something akin to the mythological trojan horse? Perhaps it will serve as the conduit for the attack?”

“DaiMon Lazol,” she called over to the science chief. According to rumours this man was something of an authority on anomalies and the half-Klingon was desperate for any external input. “Do you have any opinions to share?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

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