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Juliet frowned back slightly. “I have had my intake, Sir. But it was not the Chief who did it. I was told the person who helped, Ensign Watkins, I believe. Was that not all right? I was under the impression it was planned that way.” She stiffened slightly as she wondered if she had been pawned off for being a ‘problem’ or had simply fallen for being taken advantage of.

“Aye, that was fine,” Cobb replied, slowly. Far be it for him to tell the CNS how to run her department. But surely even she knew that this situation between the pair of them could not be avoided for ever?
“And how did it go? Everything okay?”
He attempted to pass of the question as mere conversation, but deep in his gut he was sinking.

As he spoke of secrets, she pushed her last thought aside. “I don’t like secrets, either, Captain. And I assure you, I will not keep them. Perhaps there are some that have no need to know. But I will not keep my skills from those over me, or from my team. Such things are sometimes the difference between life and death. Someone fallen or separated needs to know that just because they can’t be seen or their cries can’t be heard, doesn’t mean there aren’t people listening. As to other secrets, I can think of none that aren’t in my record that are pertinent to my duties on this ship.”

He nodded, hoping that the woman had not taken offense from his statement. He had not been intending to suggest deliberate deception on her part. Had he?

She knew better than to claim she didn’t have any secrets. Everyone had them. She was betting even the charming man across from her had a few that little to no one knew about. But she also knew that what her secrets entailed, harmed no one for being kept locked down and tempered back in the darkness of her mind. After all.. surely her background was not the darkest on the ship. Not if rumors and statements were to be any indication.


“You’ll do okay,” Zachariah commented, as much for his own reassurance as hers. “Lt Surda is an excellent chief and runs a watertight department.”

He retreated into silence, the atmosphere between them so heavy that it almost assumed physical form. Casual conversation had never been his forte, but in that moment, it felt wholly required.

“So,” he attempted, his awkwardness not entirely concealed, “What do you like to do for fun, Miss Anders? Any favourite hobbies you’d care to share?”

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Juliet smiled, though it wasn’t quite a full commitment. “That’s good to know, about the Lieutenant, Sir. Thank you.”

But when he asked about hobbies, even the half attempted joviality seemed to wilt a bit. “I don’t have any, to speak of, Sir. Never found the time, to be honest. I prefer to work and keep my mind and body sharp and ready. I can’t see being on a holodeck program about some beach when things go sideways, to be a good way to spend time.” In truth, she’d always kept busy to keep her mind occupied. There wasn’t a reason to take up carving, or needlework, or a fascination with holo programs about fake people in fake places. To her, if she wasn’t doing something to improve her security skills, or working on maintaining her physical readiness, it was a waste of time. But saying it out loud sometimes set an edge on people’s nerves. She wondered if the Captain would be the same way and look at her as one of the myriad of ‘anomalies’ on the ship because she wasn’t chasing phantom men in a thirty by thirty room of projections.


Zachariah nodded. “Far be it for me to question such devotion to one’s duties, Miss Anders,” he replied, “especially on a ship like the Leviathan, where potentially lethal entanglements seem to lurk around every corner. But burnout is a real and, at times, incredibly dangerous thing. Now don’t worry, I’m not about to start recommending massages and meditation,” Cobb chuckled, “but if you want my honest advice then, find some way to unwind at the end of a difficult shift, eh? Even if the method may not always be approved by Starfleet,” he raised his glass of very real alcohol, before draining it to the very last drop.

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