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IC: John’s quarters were a fairly generic mid-ship quarters with no actual window. On one wall there was a virtual window - a console display that showed the a feed from camera mounted on the corresponding hull.

At a first glance the quarters looked sparse. There were a couple of photographs dotted around. There were several of John with Riera Akaba who had served on the Viking with them. There was also an older photo showing John as a young teenager on the bridge of the Viking at the ship’s naming ceremony. He was stood infront of his father and uncle who were identical twins. At the time the picture was taken both James and Marcus would have been about the same age as John actually is now and there could be now doubt that John was related to them.

There was note on the console on the coffee table telling Luna and Kara to make themselves at home.


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Luna did not like this. ” Maby we should waght outside t-this feals like a trap” Luna said. She was even tender then befor. Kara Maby we should just take this to the capten when if by the time we know what the message is its to late for the ship to defend its self” Luna said her voice barely a wisper. Only section 31 could have Luna so jumpy and anxious. She felt as if her hart might stop beating.
Ensign Luna

Kara’s brow furrowed into a heavy frown. On the surface, Luna’s panic seemed irrational. This was John McHarrie, their former colleague and current friend. It was almost an insult to suggest that he could be luring them into a trap.
But Nakuto had felt it too. That familiar sensation of physical terror a leaden, glacial shroud, restricting her limbs, constricting her chest, filling her mouth with the cloying muslin of earthen, rotting decay until she could not breathe, could not speak, could not scream.

How had it found her? For months the half-Klingon had sought sanctuary from the shadows in the starkly-lit laboratories of the Leviathan. Obsessive focus on her research almost wholly successful at holding the nightmares at bay. But with each disparate memory that punched to the surface, each former colleague reunited with their captain once again, came the lighting of another beacon. Until now, they blazed with more ferocity than the Leviathan could ever muster. And with this wave of luminosity her security was shattered. There would be no more shelter here from the lurching horrors of her past.

“It is okay, Luna,” her reassurance was stated for the benefit of them both. But still, as Kara stepped into the room, her hand fell to the d’k tahg in her belt. “Perhaps you should watch the corridor and I will examine the room. That way at least one of us can make an escape if…”
She laughed and shook her head. The shadow of the Viking never failed to reveal her for the coward that she was, deep inside.

In truth, she had expected more personal trinkets in the quarters of John McHarrie. The photographs of Reira were touching, Kara blinking away her own tears as she recalled the young scientist. But other than that the space was almost entirely functional. She exchanged glances with Luna, her own expression one of confusion and a growing sense of dread.

Taking a seat at the table, Nakuto studied the note on the console. It felt almost premeditated, as if he had been expecting them for some time. But how? The message had been intercepted immediately by the security team. They had allowed him no advanced warning. Had they?
“What do you make of all this, Luna?” she called to her colleague once again. “I am beginning to suspect that you might be correct but…is there anything else you want me to examine while we seemingly await our fate?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

Luna had followed Kara into the room. She struggled to stay calm as she looked around and cataloged all possible escape roughts. ” I feel like we should leave and request he meat us in an open an public area. This has to be some kind of trap” Luna Said.
Ensign Luna

It wasn’t long before John arrived at his quarters. He did not seem his usual cheery self, but it was obvious he was trying to put on the facade of being himself.

“Luna,” he said, “It is good to see you. I was pleased to hear that yourself and Cerenity were leaving the Viking, That ship was not a good place for children to be.”

Luna glared at him ” stay the hell away from my child” she growled. She was already on edge with the strange meaning and a message from section 31. The mention of Cerenity had only agitated the ensign.

John was not surprised that Luna had not made herself comfortable. She was a security officer in someone else’s private space and it was unusual to be permitted entry to such space when the crew member was not there. He had, however expected Kara to have helped herself to at least a drink from the replicator, but guessed she was also suspicious of him.

“Sorry for the delay,” he said, “For someone with my record some meetings cannot simply be walked out of without arising irrational suspicion.”

He removed his black uniform tunic and casually tossed it through the sleeping cabin door onto his bed.

“Drink?” he offered.


” like secret orders and meetings in your quarters don’t already do that. You know about the message don’t you” Luna said coldly. She was not in the mood for games. Not to mention suspicious of everything sumthing about this felt like a trap.
Ensign Luna

“You were the ones that wanted to meet me,” John said, “Given that it was the two of you, I guessed it was about the rumours I’m hearing about the Viking. As such a less formal space would be appropriate and comfortable.”

He took a tricorder out of a drawer and tossed it towards Luna casually in a manner that she would easily catch it

“Scan away if you like,” he invited, “At least here there’s no autolog being recorded.”


Kara remained silent as Luna voiced her own reservations towards both the situation and McHarrie himself. Then finally stepping forward, she offered the Welshman a shrug.
“Forgive us for our hesitation, Commander,” she began, “old habits die hard, I believe is the appropriate phrase? The three of us, more than any other on this ship, have reason to be suspicious of every situation. It becomes the default position with alarming ease, as I suspect you might agree?”

Glancing towards the replicator and then around the room, the half-Klingon had been hoping to spot another bottle of Romulan ale but instead reached into her pocket and drew out a quarter bottle of bloodwine.
“I find the replicated version to have an unappealing aftertaste,” she offered by way of explanation, before uncorking the bottle and taking a drink, then offering it out to the others.

But they had not gathered here to drink and reminisce on their shared time on the Viking, as appealing as such an event might be. Producing the PaDD from her toolbelt, the half-Klingon activated the screen and turned it towards McHarrie, while maintaining her grip on the device itself.
“We have intercepted an incoming message. Encrypted. Its intended recipient appears to be your Uncle.”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

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