Holiday time, a planet for the guardians - Catia VI

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Posted by Ensign Luna (Security Officer /RTF) in Holiday time, a planet for the guardians - Catia VI

Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in Holiday time, a planet for the guardians - Catia VI

Posted by Ensign Luna (Security Officer /RTF) in Holiday time, a planet for the guardians - Catia VI
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Surda was waiting behind the bar, wearing a swimsuit designed to maximize her skin exposure, but of course, abiding by off duty clothing regulations. She didn’t get this amount of sunlight every day, and she planned to take full advantage of it. She placed a wrapped bottle on the counter and smiled. “I hear that gifts are encouraged. I’d have to encourage you not to share this with anyone.” It was a bottle of tihaar a very popular Orion beverage; one made all the more popular by its rarity. Tihaar was illegal to sell, buy, or trade, so receiving it as a gift was the only legal way to obtain it. Unless you happened to work as a spy and purchased 9 cases in the name of “good relations” then immediately had no idea what to do with it all. Which of course, Surda would never do. She only had 2 cases she didn’t know what to do with, the other 7 having gone to the Federation’s diplomatic branch.
-Surda, CoS

Cobb raised an eyebrow, impressed both with the Orion herself and also with the offered drink.
“I have a feeling the acquisition of such a prized gift would be quite the tale to be told,” he grinned as he studied the bottle. “But we have a saying where I come from. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. And with that, I shall let this fine beverage do the talking for itself.”
He raised the bottle towards her and then drank of it deeply, eyes closed as he savoured both the feel and the flavour of it.
“Ahhh,” he finally came up for air. “Miss Surda, that hit the spot and no mistake. Thank you.”

Glancing over towards the Christmas tree, Zachariah had been intending to visually locate the Security Chief’s own gift and point it out for her. But the sight of Jessie Polizzi being dragged across the sands by two pissed off looking security guards caught him short.
“Ah, just give me a moment…” he muttered, hurrying over towards the tree. A second later and he had returned, his hand reaching out for the tihaar before taking himself, and it, back to the tree again…

Casela knew that Cobb was disappointed that she wasn’t staying. That he felt slightly trapped in having to make an appearance, but that’s why he was a captain and she was not. That’s why she was the hot-headed loner, with no respect for rank or position, and why she had neither. She stepped off the shuttle and into the bay while the next group of crew boarded the shuttles for their much needed vacation. She made her way to the bridge to start her first shift. McReady had been assigned to stay this shift at the helm. Casela was a fair pilot and was able to take his place. She slid into the seat and grinned as McReady ran for the turbolift. Casela wasn’t a command officer, and she wasn’t technically enough of a bridge officer to take command if need be. Something she’d been contemplating during her long hours of bridge duty to be available to advise the command staff. She went through her checks for the station and then, pulled out a PaDD to cover her paper work and made idle chit chat with the officers on duty. After this shift she would report to sickbay to take the place of the nurse on duty. Things in her life had changed drastically since they had returned from Delotha, and though a party seemed wonderful, Casela felt the need to be here, on this ship, that if things went south, it would be a long time before seeing again.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Lazol had been invited to the party and had hoped to attend, if anything to show his talents as a gracious guest but alas his scientific duties truly did have the better of him. He was standing with the crew overseeing the last of the anomalies being transfered when he tapped his badge and said, “Lazol to Lieutenant Synthi-er, I hate to interrupt your vacation but I do need you to assume your new duties with me. If you would be so kind to join me when I return to the science labs in 30 minutes I would appreciate it.” He sounded demanding but not rude, it was a change for the Ferengi, and perhaps it was the holiday spirit finally getting to him. Lazol had a few ideas he needed to work out with her, ahem, experience.

Lazol, CSO

=^=I can be there in an hour. I have a duty shift that I must finish first.=^= She’d promised to take this nursing shift for NL Saunders. Though she knew Lazol had requested her and Fenrir for RTF duties when he worked with anomalies she still had this to finish first. So an hour later she appeared in the science labs, Fenrir with her, and scanned her RTF access badge. Lazol had put her on the duty shift so the doors opened, recognizing her bio signature and her access card. She stepped carefully down the center corridor and then pressed the chime to his office. Once the door opened she stepped in, Fenrir following and finding a place to sit out of the way. “What can I help you with DaiMon?” As per their agreement it, anything work related would be kept strictly professional and slightly irritated. As far as anyone was concerned this addition to her duties was an annoyance and a waste of her talents. In reality she was curious to know what he was up to.
Lt Synthi-er, RTF

Cold artic winds broke through the top layers of skin ripping small shredding cuts across the bridge of her nose and cheeks. Faster and faster the snow covered ground passed beneath Jessie as her speed increased, narrowing the gap between her and prey. Letting go of one handle of the mechanical beast, she raised the bat’leth high above her head and swung with every ounce of strength of Klingon warrior blood ancestors had leant her DNA. Momentum of weight, speed and force combined  with three too many bottle of blood wine threw the quarter Klingon woman ass over handle bars as she fly through the wintery wonderlands like a snow owl taken to flight. With a finally “umph”, the warrior came to rest with shoulders and head half buried in a mound of icy cold powder. Moments later, just as her eyes lost drunken focus, heavy dark boots stopped next to her closing eyes. Jessie felt the tug of her legs being drug across the snow just as she lost consciousness. 

Hot sun beat down reflecting off the sand was only slightly cooled by the breeze of the oceans water that set the backdrop for the tropical Christmas scene selected by the Levi’s captain. From behind the brightly lit tree, three figures emerged. Two of the figures were dressed entirely in black from head to toe, faces shielded by helmets. Both were tall and appeared as though they spent a great deal of time lifting weights in a gym. Slung over their shoulders were long phaser rifles that matched the utility belts darned with more equipment. Wedged between the darkened figures, Crewman Jessie Polizzi had an arm draped crossed each of their shoulders. Her footprints left a long trail in the sand behind her from where her feet had been dragged along. Stopping in front of the tree, the two looked and each other, nodded and dropped the Crewman unceremoniously. Jessie hit the ground with another “umph” and opened one eye. 

“Guess this belongs to you, Captain? Charges won’t be filed. This time. Make sure it doesn’t happen again,” one of the figures said as they handed Jessie’s Bat’leth to him. Without another word the two left the way they had entered. 

“I…well…” Cobb stammered, taking hold of the bat’leth as if it were a live rattlesnake. “My apologies for…” he glanced down at the quarter-Klingon, “…well, I suspect to be spared the details would be a blessing. So…my apologies. For all of it.”

Jessie just managed to open both her eyes and prop her large frame up on one elbow. Long dark cane rows hung in multiple directions, some had come undone. Taking one look at the scantly clothed female Orion, Jessie gave a low appreciative growl and fell straight back into the bottom of the Christmas tree and stacks of presents. Mouth wide open, the quarter Klingon snored loudly. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Crewman Jessie Polizzi, Science

Cobb allowed himself a moment to enjoy a much-needed gulp of the tihaar. Then tentatively, he reached out a foot and jabbed it into Polizzi’s side.
“Am I to take you for my Christmas turkey, Crewman Polizzi?” he muttered down at the snoring figure.

After the shuttle landed Luna and cerenity Joined the party. Cerenity flew ahead and headed right for the bar where the captain and Surda. ” Hi this place is beautiful” Cerenity said happly. She was wherein a smile dark purple dress. Luna was close behind her she was in a simple dark blue dress. ” Hi capten, Lutanat” Luna said she looked around. Every fiber of her was telling her to fly get into the air. She was a bit preoccupied fighting that instinct.
Ensign Luna

Moving quickly away from the still sleeping quarter-Klingon, Cobb returned to the bar, allowing a wide grin to spread across his face at the sight of Luna and Cerenity. It was good to see the pair of them venturing away from the ship and to somewhere more enjoyable.

“Hello Cerenity,” he lowered to his knees to match the young girl’s height. “I am glad you like it here. This beach is a safe place,” he glanced over at Luna. “You can have fun here. Both of you.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

” hanging out on the ground is not exactly fun” Luna said with a smile. Cerenity smiled at the captain and hugged him. ” really” she asked her eyes lighting up. Half of her wanting to take off but was more interested in something else. ” mommy you should fly for them show them all the co stuff you can do” she looked back at the captain. ” you all should realy see it mommy is awesome she do baril rules and crazy bites and loops and stuff its awesome. She won’t teach me how to do it though she says I’m to little.” Cerenity said excitedly.

” i would rather not and you are to little and have yet to totally grasp the basics of flying” Luna said.
Ensign Luna

Zachariah glanced from Cerenity to Luna and then back to the girl. “I am sure your mommy just doesn’t want to see you get hurt, little Miss,” he replied, “although the sand here might allow for an easier landing. Or perhaps even the water. Can you swim, Cerenity?”

” Yah I can sim can you” cerenity asked totally dropping the early conversion. Luna spoke up ” she has not problem taking off or landing she lacks focus when flying its important to watch everything that is going on around you. Its also important to keep a level head and not panic when things go wrong. ” Luna said.

” falling out of the sky is scary” cerenity said

Then, rising once more to his feet, he moved closer to Luna, ensuring that Cerenity remained also at his side.
“You know, the crew have been fully briefed on your abilities, Miss Luna. There will be no alarm taken at the sight of you stretching your wings a little. Or your daughters.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

” True but I prefer to not attract attention” she said with a smile. She did not like fealing like she was a freak. People staring at her was not her idea of fun ether. Cerenity giggled ” people only stare because its cool and they wish they could fly” cerenity said.
Ensign Luna

At this, Cobb roared with laughter. “How right you are, Miss Cerenity. Being able to fly is very ‘cool’ indeed.”
But a nod to Luna let the woman know that he understood the desire to sink into the shadows. For to stand out was often to raise ones head above the parapet, into the continuous rain of fire formed by public judgement and opinion.

“Well, since I am not cool enough to join you for a flight,” he turned back to the child, a wide grin illuminating his features, “What say, instead, that you join me for a swim? There is an enclosed bay off to the left there, where the water is not too terribly deep. And I have been told it is home to many colourful fishes. All just waiting for new names,” he winked at the girl.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

” its not that your not cool. You just weren’t born with wings like mommy and i” cerenity said giggling. Her little hand reached up to the the captains. ” Fish lets go” she said then looked at her mom.
” please can i mom” cerenity said excitedly.

Luna smiled relaxing. Cobb strongly reminding her of Loki. Oh she missed him. ” If you are shure she will be safe i would prefer to stay on dry land but ill keep and eye out for you two from the beach” Luna said with a smile.
Ensign Luna

“I shall guard her with the same care I would offer to any bottle in my collection,” Cobb teased Luna, before adding more seriously, “Luna please, go and grab yourself a drink and try to relax. Miss Cerenity here has some very important fish naming to do. Isn’t that right?” he looked down at the child.

Turning towards the bay, the young girl’s hand still clasped in his own, Zachariah began to lead them both in a leisurely stroll towards the water’s edge.
“There are many things I miss being on a starship,” he mused both to the child and to the wider world at large. “But more than anything else, Cerenity, I miss the sea!”

The temperature of the water was perfect, like slipping into a warm, luxurious bath; its clarity like glass, crystal to the very bottom, so that only when it broke in feathered waves against the toes, could you be completely sure of its existence at all. With a grin, Zachariah discarded his shirt and then waded until the water reached almost to his waist, before turning back to the shore and beckoning for Cerenity to join him.

“Can you swim yourself here, lass?” he called out, “Or do you need assistance?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

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