Luna and cerenity check in medical

Posted Jan. 17, 2021, 3:09 p.m. by Ensign Luna (Security Officer /RTF) (Christina Crafford)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) in Luna and cerenity check in medical

Posted by Ensign Luna (Security Officer /RTF) in Luna and cerenity check in medical

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) in Luna and cerenity check in medical
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Luna walked down the hallwways of the leviathan. They had only been onboard off about fifteen minutes or so long enough for Luna to find her quarter’s and gather a startled and upset cerenity to head to the med by to start there check in. They had used the transporter to get onboard. The abrupt Chang in location was unsettling for the child. So she was not exactly her usual happy self at the moment.

The eventually found the medical bay. Luna wanted patently for one of the nurses to check her in. Cerenity had finly calmed down and fell asleep. ” well that lucky” Luna thought. She opened her wings and curled them around herself and cerenity. Effectively hiding the child from sight and keeping the light off her hopfuly that would give her a few moments of pice.
Ensign Luna

A pair of quietly padding feet approached as a man in a starfleet medical uniform appeared. He glanced at Luna a moment then gave a pleasant smile.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Knox. Can I assist you today?”

Dr Knox

” hi I’m Ensign Luna my daughter and I are new and we are here for a boarding physical” Luna said. She opened her wings briefly to show the sleeping child.
Ensign Luna

Theodore gave a smile as the sleeping child was revealed, the sort of one that conveyed the message ‘aww’ which seemed to be the most appropriate one to give around small infant members of any species. He gestured for her to follow him. “Of course, please if you’d care to follow me I can take care of that for you right now.” He led the way to a bio bed.

Luna nodded ands flowed. She heated sickbay but kept following.

“So who shall we start with?” He asked as he considered the woman.
” it maby be easer to star with Cerenity since she is asleep and will be still for a while. She is quite the handful when she is awake” Luna said with a smile. She watched the stranger when walked studying him. She was not shure of this man it would take her ti.e to worm up to hi. That was for sure.
Ensign Luna

Theo nodded. “That sounds like a plan.” He said and patted the biobed. “why don’t you have a seat and hold her and we can scan?“ he asked with a smile and produced a tricorder.

Dr Knox

Luna stared at the bio bed for a moment reluctant to set down. She opend her curled wings before for folding them against her back. Then took a seat. The way Luna was holding Cerenity was something to take note of. The ensign was careful not to touch the. Girlds wings. Cerenity muttered Something in her sleep opening her eyes breafly before setting back to sleep. Luna watched Knox carefully as if she were studying him.
Ensign Luna


Theo smiled again and gave Luna some space to get settled before he brought the tricorder up. “ So, just a quick scan, it won’t hurt or disturb her. While it works can you update me on her medical records, anything new we should be aware of or anything you have concerns about?”

Dr Knox

Luna watched the scan for a moment. ” she broke her wing some time ago it should be on file. Her waght has been a constant problem problem and is an ongoing fight fast metabolism onto of the fact that flying takes nearly half the energy of walking. Other then that I can’t think of anything she is a usually happy crazy smart 3 year old.” Luna said calmly.
Theo smiled and continued scanning.

The scan would show that cerenity did waght several pounds less then a normal human of that age should even after acounting for her hollow bones. The child’s heart rate and breathing were a bit faster then most children but was well with in her normal range. There was some evidence of where she had broken her wing its treatment was well documented.
Ensign Luna

Fascinating Theodore thought. The young one was defiantly medically interesting, he made a note of the scans in both her medical file and a decrypted file for perusal later and then turned to Luna.

“She looks great, save for the weight which you indicated. Tell me what options have to tried to help combat this?”

Dr Knox

” i gave tried high carb diet and frequent meals and snacks. As well as some daily vitamins” she said. She looked at cerenity then back at the Doctor consurn on her face. ” I am trying she dose eat i Prevost provides have said that its a fast metabolism and she will hopefully outgrow it” Luna said it was clear she did not believe that.
Ensign Luna

Theo looked ponderous for a moment. “Perhaps we can schedule a follow up in say a couple if weeks or so and monitor the progress, from there we can set up a plan?” he asked and turned the tricorder to luna herself.

” that sounds like a plan thank you” Luna said.

“Now, how about we get your physical eval squared away too?”

Dr Knox

Luna nodded. The scan would show Luna’s hart rate realy hight as well as several other signs of stress. Though she showed no outward signs of her fear of. Other then that Luna was healthy.
Ensign Luna

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