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Casela followed her in. She was Dr Knox would need a report from her and it would be incredibly irresponsible of Casela to leave Luna alone, one until the doctor arrived to treat her injuries, and two when Luna was so incredibly nervous. She would see her settled and then she would finish her duties for the night before going to see Ryder.

She smiled at the NE nurse, “Hello Savine. Is Dr. Knox available?”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

The ensign seeing as there really was not a doctor in sight turned to leave. Posing only when she was the consuler weighting for her. ” they are busy at the moment. And this is miner after all” she said with a time that sigeested she wanted to leVe sickbay after all the scratches on her arms were one self influenced Nd two not really that deep. Her hart started racing at the thought of what the CMO might do if he released she hurt herself. True she was trying to keep herself caught up in the memories as she spoke about them but now she was on the burger of getting caught in them again. There was a slight tremble to the ensign. ” really consuler im fine” she said
Ensign Luna

Nurse Savine smiled gently. “We aren’t busy at all Ensign. Come on over here to this biobed and I’ll get Dr. Knox.”

Casela followed as well and once NE Savine walked away Casela shook her head. “Injuries like these are normal when dealing with Trauma. But you and I would be very remise in allowing it to be ignored and not seeing the doctor. Take a deep breath ensign. Dr. Knox is very good at what he does and he won’t hurt you. We’ll be staying.” And then Casela got very serious, “We deal with these injuries appropriately or I’ll have to remove you from duty until this is all worked out and you have established better coping skills. I don’t mean to be harsh Ensign, but that’s the reality. I would think you would prefer to just have them cared for and be able to go back to work. If you don’t want these self-inflicted injuries to become a flag in your file then they need to be cared for properly.” Casela shrugged slightly, “Your choice.”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Luna followed quietly. The thought if being taken off duty nearly brought Luna to tears. ” no don’t take me off duty.” She dropped her head and looked at her feet. She did not really want anyone to know what she was feeling at the moment. “what about this situation was normal .” She wondered to herself. Normal people did not hurt themselves. Normal people were not afraid of doctors nore did they almost get pulled from active duty in the first month or so of being on a new ship. ” I… he’s not going to take me off active duty for this is he” she asked quietly.
Ensign Luna


“That will entirely depend.” a gentle voice said from behind both as the NE returned bringing the tall dark haired form of Theo in her wake. He did not have his apron on this time, instead a lab coat billowed slightly behind him as he walked. He stopped at the side if the biobed a concerned expression on his face as he continued. “On wether or not he feels that some time off duty is needed for recovery or not. However I am not in the habit of punishing those who seek medical assistance with threats to their careers.”

He looked over Luna, his gaze lingering in the injuries as he make a few mental notes then gave a measuring smile and added, somewhat stereotypically. “What seems to be the problem”

Dr Knox

Luna’s eyes went wide at the sight of him. ” why is he dresses like that thats not usual medical uniform.” She thought panicked. ” I-I scratched myself I did not want to come with Lt ordered me” Luna whimpered. She tenched pulling her wings in tight she semed rigid as if she expected him to hurt her.” he can’t hurt me im stronger Nx faster theres not reason to be afraid” she thought struggling to calm down. She shrank way from him unwilling to let him close but she was not exactly running ether.
Ensign Luna

Theodore smirked internally as outwardly the expression of concern and the thoughts of concern coming from him never faltered. He carefully took a step back so as to give Luna some room but also not to be too far to potentially breach any sort of privacy by having them have to yell to hear one another. Looking at the NE who had fetched him he nodded his head, dismissing her and reducing the number of people present.

Turning to give Casela a look the Doctor said to Luna. “That is unfortunate, I would be happy to help you with those injuries. Let me know when you feel ready to do so.” he said and looked at Casela again.

“We were having a therapy session, and as it sometimes happens, Luna had a psychosomatic reaction to the stress of the memories. I assured her it was perfectly natural to react in such a way, but we needed to have the injuries checked.” She thought it would be better for Luna to tell Knox her fear and reasons behind doctors, but she didn’t want to do it for her. She needed to own the fear and reaction and take charge of it. She nodded at Luna and waved her hand in such a way that Luna understood that Casela wanted her to let Knox know. He couldn’t help her if she didn’t speak up.

Luna looked away from both of them. ” I- I im a lab rat may parent handed me over to section 31 when I was little. They did some kind of twisted experiment growing wings is painful. I’m the only one to live through it. After that every thing just gets worse” Luna reluctantly said giving the short not well detailed or thought out version” she said quietly. Shd did not want the CMO to know but she could not exactly hide it ether.

“Good afternoon Counsellor, it is a pleasure to see you again. I trust you are well?”

Dr Knox

I am well, thank you, Dr. Knox. How are you settling in? Is the transition going smoothly?” She knew some of the staff was greatfull for the new CMO and others missed Kastil.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Ensign Luna

Theo smiled at Casela. “It is going well thank you for asking, we have had a few transition and teething issues but as to be expected. There always is to such change after all.” He turned back to Luna and tilted his head slightly. Ironic that section 31 doctors should have resulted in her current frightened state when he himself had been such a doctor. She didn’t need to know that however and it was unlikely she could find it out. The counsellor, she may know however…he took a small breath and said “Ensign, I assure you…” mild amusement flashed momentarily in his eyes but was replaced with a kind reassuring look “…no one is a lab rat in this sickbay. If however it would make you feel more comfortable we could relocate to my office or somewhere else you would feel more comfortable?”

Dr Knox

Luna confused to look away anywhere but at him. This was scary and embarrassing. She wanted to cry but did not she did attest hVe that much control. ” that doesn’t change the fact that i am a lab rat, I’ll never get away from it” she said quietly. She reluctantly looked at Dr. Knox. ” I don’t know how that would help but its worth a try” she said.
Ensign Luna

Theo nodded. “Perhaps but you can choose to draw a line under it. You will not be a lab rat here and you need to relearn what medical treatment is like.” He said reassuringly and then looked thoughtful “If you close your eyes and think of the place that makes you feel the most calm, your happy place. Where would that be?”

Dr Knox

Casela stood by, Luna was very agitated and she wouldn’t leave her. She didn’t want to intrude on anything that was private between her and her doctor. Then again Casela was her doctor as well, but that didn’t mean she had the right to infringe on Luna’s privacy. She nodded to Knox with a half smile. He had a good grasp of psychology. Then again, most agents of S31 did. It was part of the training, though not all were as skilled as Casela and she not as skilled as others. Unfortunately, Luna would probably have a total mental break down if she knew how many S31 agents were on this ship, much less in sickbay with her. What was done to her was awful, and would require deeper investigation. It did not go towards the sections goals to torture and maime a young child, so it needed to be looked into.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Luna blinked my happy place. ” im only happy when I’m flying.” She said. A stranger looked crossed her face as she ruffled her fethers at the thought.
Ensign Luna

The Doctor considered this. “Well then perhaps we could have you lie back or sit back and you could tell us what the sensation feels like. Describe your happy place for us Ensign?”

He didn’t move from his position, body language completely relaxed and open as he waited for her to respond.

Dr Knox

Luna did not move. She was filed back from her thoughts. Her wings folding in tighter again. She stared at Knox did he really expect her to lay down. No she shook her head she wS not about to do sumthing that crazy. ” why what is the point of this” she asked.
Ensign Luna

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