Side sim: Sickbay - CMOs office

Posted Jan. 17, 2021, 3:25 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) (Calé Reilly)

Theodore watched the girl that now sat on the floor in the corner of his office and started glowing lamp light eyes at him. She held her left arm close to her chest and her right hand wrapped around her left ankle. She hadn’t said anything but even from his location, standing in the doorway, he could tell that both were probably broken and the arm was sitting at a funny angle. The strange thing was not that the girl hissed loudly when he tried to approach, or really that on insisting she let him help her she had managed to throw some of his books around the room without moving. No those thing he could accept. The interesting thing was both the dark bruising around other neck and throat and also the fact that she had landed in his office by way of the ceiling.

He looked up at the very solid looking bulkhead as the computer filled his request to identify the girl he was now not sure was human. His eyes slid to the slightly smoking burnt looking tricorder he had tried to use on her.

=^= Identification complete.=^= the computer chimed happily. =^= Anomoly, Darwin level green. Known as Gen. File classified please contact Lieutenant Synthi-er immediately. =^=

Theodore smoked slightly and leaned against the closed door. “Well, well, well…so you are an anomaly. Facinating. And as there are no alarms blaring I assume you are permitted to walk freely amongst the crew.” he took a step forward and the girl shrunk back into the corner. “What ever shall we do with you.” he asked.

Gen watched the dark haired man, her vision slightly foggy. The pain from her ankle and arm was almost blinding. Hot tears crossed her cheeks as she tried to make herself as small as possible. She was confused and unsure of how she had gotten here…where was Fenrir, or Casela. She tried reaching out with her mind but the pain flared and she felt nausea welling up inside her so stopped.

She had been on deck 1…somewhere. Then it was like a nightmare had taken over she had seen the shadows, the darkness and them she was falling, falling through it…only to land…here.

The man was smirking at her, coming closer. Half heartedly she tried to push him away but only succeeded in knocking over something on his desk. The room was in disarray, as if a wind had ripped through it tossing the mans possessions around but he didn’t seem to mind. If anything he looked almost pleased with her reaction.

“Please…” she whispered through a sob. “Dont hurt me…”

“Hurt you?” the man asked with another smile. His voice growing fainter as the fog in her vision spread and all she could think and hear was static.

“Oh no, no no no.” Theodore continued watching as the girl seemed to pass out. “That wouldn’t do at all. Not with something as beautiful a specimen as you my dear.” he kneeled before her and pushing back her head clicked his fingers in front of her, receiving no response. Carefully he checked her pulse and the smile widened. “Hurt you… No, I don’t think so.” he said to no one then sighed as he considered the reputation and role he had on the ship. The girl was too high profile if she counsellor had named access privileges to her he would have to do this another way. He was thankful that the office door had been closed, this keeping this event contained for now.

Standing he left the girls slummped form in the corner and retreated to his post at the door. Fixing a tone of concern and mild shock in mind he cleared his throat and pressed his badge. =^= Knox to Lieutenant Synthi-e. I have a young girl in my office that the computer identified as Gen. She is injured and will not allow me to attend her, if you would be so kind as to assist me?=^=

Knox and Gen

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