Fostering Friendships

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OOC: I’ll leave the rules at the top of the thread in case anyone else wants to join. As provided by Surda/Leonora:

“Our first game has three parts. Number one, it is a teamwork game. Everyone has been placed with a partner, which you will find on that board.” Ant the wave of her hand, a board materialized. “However each partner team is also a part of either the red team or the blue team. You will have a small light that symbolizes which.” A pile of light-up pins appeared below the board. “Number two, it is a shooting game. There are no live rounds, and no weapons other than the guns I hand out are allowed. You can keep them on you, but don’t use them.” And now for her favorite part. “Number three, there is a point system. You do not have to last the longest to win. Lasting till the end gives you 200 points. Each successful shot is 30 points. Using an illicit weapon loses you 100 points, losing your partner loses you 50. Shooting someone on the same team as you loses you 60 points. There are bonuses, but I won’t tell you what they are. I will say some people are worth more points than others.”
The board was as follows: (As decided by a wheel)

  • Casela Synthi-er and Saler (Security NE)

  • Quinn Kindle and Juliet Anders (Neither are officially here, but I’m godfathering them in. They can take it up if they want.)

  • Surda and Zachariah Cobb

  • Irida Kovacenkov and Kit Larding (Also a security NE)

  • Luna and Jonathan Kirel (RTF NE)

-The Board of Doom™

Irida froze and a shiver of apprehension when down her spine. The cold touch of the muzzle of a ‘gun’ and the soft insidious whisper of her captain startling and scary. Who would have thought Cobb was so good at stealth? She cursed softly in Russian. Wasn’t Synthi-er always berating her for not paying attention to her WHOLE surroundings. She started to turn, forgetting what Casela had taught her, and instead of spinning out of the line of fire, she spun into it and got hit most spectacularly by her captain. Irida was a good sport and overly dramatic. She grabbed her side under her arm where she would have been shot. She gasped in fake agony, eyes going wide. “Be……by…by my…captain.....uhhhhhh.” and she collapsed to the floor ‘dead.’
Agent Kovacenkov, RTF

The captain chuckled in quiet appreciation of Irida’s spectacular death throes, before turning to Surda and commenting “Why, for a moment there I thought the lass had been bitten by a pants spider! I guess these weapons truly pack a powerful punch, eh!”

As Luna watched the fight unfold she caught sight of the captain hiting onto of the other players. She went down so dramatically Luna could not help but giggle. She signaled to her partner and the pair took a few shots at the captain befor hiding back behind cover and looking for a new spot to move to that would give them a better shot.
Ensign luna

And thanks to the distraction that Kovacenkov’s amusing theatrics provided, Zachariah came very close to finding out just how powerful they were, as a shot whistled past his ear and the smell of singed hair invaded his nostrils.
Snapping immediately back to full attention, the man raised his own weapon and peered for the perpetrator into the gloom…

Kit squeaked quietly as she was hit by a rogue shot aimed for the captain and collapsed to the ground next to Irida. “This is fun.” She was a bit embarrassed that she had been hit by friendly fire, but she would live. Surda had been sneaking around to shoot Kit, but had ducked and allowed Kirel to hit her instead. He’d never been particularly good at aiming.
-Surda, CoS

“Why, they’re dropping like flies,” Cobb whispered, before moving off into the shadows once again. Quickly enough, considering the amount of attention being drawn by his current location? On that, only time would tell…

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Luna and her partner were back to cover by the time the captain started to retreat. She giggled deciding the hunt was on. She silently signaled to her partner as they moved quietly from cover to cover stalking the captain. She always mad sheure to looke around as she moved she was not going to get then down easily. Well not before she got the capten and SOC that was. When she had and opening she fired a few times at both the captain and Surda. Her partner copping her then they moved again.
Ensign Luna

Surda wheeled around quickly, firing off a few return shots. She didn’t hit anyone, but it was close enough anyone aiming at them had to duck for cover.
-Surda, CoS

Casela and Saler were moving around the room silently slipping from shadow to shadow, trying to block the glow of their badges as best they could. Every once in awhile, Casela or Saler would shoot of a couple wild shots into the air to discourage anyone from taking higher ground. Eventually they made their way to Surda and Cobb. Casela slipped quietly up next to them, “I am never letting Irida live that down. You took her out with style, Captain. I may start my own gossip rumor about it.”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Surda grinned. “Make sure to note she was taken out before a mostly untrained Ensign. Kit can barely shoot, much less hit.” Kit Larding was a recent transfer from engineering, and she was still getting used to the idea of having someone else at the end of the barrel.
-Surda, CoS

Luna ducked back into cover. Her partner following. She repositioned then fired at the captain, Surdra and Cas. Her partner following sute until she told him to get back behind cover.
Ensign Luna

“Looks like we’ve backed ourselves into a showdown here,” Cobb murmured as his retreat was halted by the sensation of a wall at his back. His head turning quickly left and then right, he had barely time to register a possible escape route when a shot whistled past his ear, singeing several whiskers of his left sideburn in its path. His own weapon drawn, he peered into the murky gloom, the rapidly fading ghost of the offending laser beam hinting at a possible location for the shooter before it was swallowed by the dark. The captain unleashed a handful of shots in that direction, as much for cover as for an attempt to gain a hit, and then keeping as low to the floor as his aching knee could manage, he darted off to the right to scurry behind a half-wall.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

It was a good thing Luna was behind cover again when the captain fired at her. She thought for a moment then grinned at her partner. ” cover me im going to give them trouble from above” Luna said. Before opening her wings and taking off hight above the feald. It was a risk bit work it. Shee fired at several random people befor she spotted the Captain. ” you mine” she thought befor tucking her wings and diving among for just behind him. When she landed she amber her wepon at him. ” Hands up captain” she said. She still kept and eye out for his partner.
Ensign Luna

Zachariah turned to face his attacker.
“Luna,” he called out, slightly surprised to find the security officer had gained the advantage on him. “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!” he laughed as he raised his hands into the air, the weapon still activated in his lap.

” i enjoys the hunt capten” she said shooting at him twice aming for his torso.

Casela had been biding her time. Luna and her partner we’re aiming for Surda and Cobb and she slipped away in the confusion of ducking for cover and return fire. Saler was still waiting in hiding. She and Saler fired into the air and around seemingly at random, but the pattern was like that on purpose, giving Surda and Cobb cover while allowing no one to realize it was the same two people firing. Casela pointed to the side and up. She nodded “Wait, Luna will go up, I bet 100 latinum on it.” Saler nodded and climbed taking a silent position in the rafters. And soon enough she did. Saler waited, calm and relaxed for his opening. And then Luna landed aiming for Cobb. Saler covered Casela from his higher position. Casela rose quietly not making a sound or stirring the air, not even casting a shadow. Her own weapon touching Luna in the back between her wings and fired at the same time as Saler took the same shot.

At the feal of the weapons on her back Luna leped into the are to the right. Casela hit here in the shoulders she jumped and moved sideways. Saler hit her left hand.

Interrupting the proceedings a message came through =^= Knox to Lieutenant Synthi-e. I have a young girl in my office that the computer identified as Gen. She is injured and will not allow me to attend her, if you would be so kind as to assist me?=^=


Casela sighed, “Computer freeze program.” before the shot could be called good or bad. She’d been having fun. The program froze and Casela removed her badge and gave it with her weapon to Surda. Giving a cocky two fingered salute, “Duty calls,” she slipped out of the holodeck. Saler still well concealed in the rafters.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Cobb waited for the game to reactivate then glanced at the scoreboard to see who had survived.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

When the lights came up Luna landed behind the capten. ” they got my shoulder and hand so am I out?” She asked not totally shure of the rules of the game.
Ensign Luna

“If you’re out then your pack will deactivate. Like this,” Cobb lifted his own dead pack and weapon. “IF you still have charge then you’re clear to continue fighting.”
And with that he slipped away to locate Surda. There was a chance his partner had not seen him slip up and take a fatal shot. He had to let her know that she was now on her own. As far as firepower was concerned, at any rate. He might still be able to pass her a useful tip or two on his way out of the arena.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

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