En Route to Lab 3 -Off Leave

Posted Jan. 18, 2021, 8:14 a.m. by Ensign Misana Kahl (Scientist (Archeologist/Anthropologist)) (Elin Harker)

Posted by Ensign Juliet Anders (Security Officer /RTF) in En Route to Lab 3 -Off Leave

Posted by Ensign Juliet Anders (Security Officer /RTF) in En Route to Lab 3 -Off Leave

Posted by Ensign Juliet Anders (Security Officer /RTF) in En Route to Lab 3 -Off Leave
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The dark skinned Caitian looked around as her legs strode forwards, one after the other almost apprehensively, as if the Caitian herself somehow feared the laboratory ahead.
She had been gone on leave for quite some time, spending a few weeks aboard a civilian ship orbiting a highly civilised planet of warp capability. Misana was a little worried about returning to duty aboard the Leviathan, but she was eager to get back to work.
Her intermittent tremor had subsided into a small momentary shake of the hand, an easy to manage feat that didn’t disturb her much. However, her psychosomatic pain remained, though it appeared less frequently than before. It was safe to say that the leave had bettered her, she felt less guilt on the matter of the civilian’s death, and was able to live her life normally.

She turned to the door of her laboratory, hoping that someone had been taking care of her animals, she had thought of downsizing her collection a little… Perhaps giving the low maintenance ones to Crewman Jessie?
Taking a deep breath and looking down upon her four legged friend, she smiled softly. Misana didn’t quite need the dog anymore, at least not for support purposes, but they had become really close companions over the years and she wasn’t about to let go. Her hand hovered over the lock for a while, before she decided it was time to return to work. With one swift movement of the hand, the door opened and she was greeted to the regular smell of her laboratory, home at last!

~ Ensign Misana Kahl, Archaeology and Anthropology

As the door opened, a small gasp could be heard. “Gracious. You scared me.” The woman, dark hair and crystal eyed, was holding one of the small critter and putting it back in a clean cage. “I didn’t expect anyone.” She latched the cage and brushed her hands on her slacks before coming over to Misana. “I’m Juliet. The Ensign who comes on second shift said I could help any time I wanted. Hope that was all right.” She had no idea who had walked in, but she had guessed her presence would have been a surprise to them.


Misana jumped for a second, she too didn’t expect anyone, much less someone she hadn’t met before. She smiled softly and nodded,
“Yes, that’s fine. I’m Misana Kahl, the only archeologist and anthropologist on this ship! And this is my lab”

She waved for the canine to make its way to the dog bed and sat down by her desk, turning her display on she pondered over some work that had been left for her.

“So, you’re the one who’s been feeding my animals? If so, thank you”

~ Misana Kahl, Archeologist and Anthropologist {Science Division}

“I saw them on a routine patrol check one evening and heard their regular keeper was gone.” Juliet inclined her head to indicate the doctor. “So I come in when I can and feed or pet them. I’m glad you didn’t mind.” The had been a moment when her walls seemed to settle down just a bit. But then the doors opened again and she straightened up, all business and hard exterior once more.

Many times her Italian/human father and had brought flowers to her half Klingon mother. To which Jessie had observed was meant as an apologue  that resulted in slightly less angry and grumpy wife. Sometimes her mother would take flowers to neighbours after a traumatic event or illness. Having researched Caitian similar traditions had hit a blank wall. The young crewman knew little about the Archaeologist, other than she seemed to have a fondness for the creatures she keep in the cages. With no good solid information, Jessie settled on a small bouquet of pink lilies she had “acquired” from one of the botany labs and a bottle of replicated chocolate milk.  Carrying one item in each hand, she entered the lab after the doors slowly opened. 

Stopping short as she entered, the tall quarter Klingon hadn’t excepted either officer to be in the lab. Jessie had planned just to leave the items on Misana’s desk as a welcome back gift. Crooked, jagged teeth flashed into a warm smile behind the Klingon’s sun kissed skin. Her jet black cane rows hung loosely yo the middle of her back and swung side to side as she approached the pair. “Welcome back Ensign Kahl. How are you Counsellor Synthi-er?”

Crewman Jessie Polizzi, science

It had happened enough in the last couple days that Juliet was growing used to it. “I’m Ensign Anders. Juliet. One of the new security officers. But it’s ok. I get that I look like her. Happens a lot.” Turning back to Misana, she inclined her head respectfully.

Jessie turned her head sideways until her check nearly touched her shoulder, starring blankly at the councillor. Finally, crooked and slightly yellowed teeth slipped apart into a full grin. Nodding her head approvingly she let out a belly laugh. Of course! It was some game her and the XO were playing to spice up the old love life. That XO was a smooth fellow, she had to give him that. He definitely knew how to keep the ladies keen. Jessie made a mental note to add to her personal log she had been keeping on tips from the XO. One day she hoped to be as proficient as a mate as the XO. With a long, exaggerated, Jessie replied. “it’s nice to meet you Juliet.”

“Forgive me. I should go. Pleasure meeting you.” She took a couple steps towards the door and the newcomer still standing there. “I’ll let you two back to your day.”

She was beating a hasty retreat, and she knew it. But it was habit and she wasn’t about to change it now.

((Cas’ evil twin))

“Yes. You don’t want to keep Romeo waiting,” Jessie called out to her as the doors were closing behind the counsellor. Still laughing, Jessie turned back to Kahl and extended out the flowers and chocolate milk.

Crewman Polizzi, Science

Had the remark not been made, Juliet would have all but run from the place. But something about how it was said made her pause. “Romeo, who?” She turned and glanced at Polizzi. “I arrived less than two days ago. And if any man on this ship is claiming I belong to them, they are gravely mistaken.”

At this point, the likeness to Cas would likely break down. There was a flame in her crystalline eyes and a set to her jaw that let the woman know there truely was no man who could claim her and Jessie had misspoken.

(doubt anyone could handle her lol)

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Misana had been silent throughout their interaction, noticing her confusion grow she shook her head… maybe she had been gone for too long. She smiled at Jessie and dipped her head in thanks, carefully taking the items and setting the flowers in a vase she had on her desk, which had remained empty for quite a few months. The Caitian then took the vase and filled it with a bit of water, being careful to add a bit of plant food to the mix to keep the flowers alive longer.
“Thank you Jessie, these are lovely!”
She turned to Juliet for a second and flashed her a sort of warm and apologetic smile, turning back to Jessie she looked eager to catch up on everything she missed. Her leave had left her wishing for work, and much calmer and happier than usual.
“So, what have I missed crewman?”

~ Ensign Misana Kahl, Archaeology and Anthropology

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