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Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in Package Deliveries

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Package Deliveries

Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in Package Deliveries
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She hugged the bear while she listened. She might be 14 but still a child. She reached out and touched his arm, grabbed it, the action swift and sure and reminding him of something Cas would do. She looked at him with eyes that saw far too much. She saw, many things. This man was sad and she wanted to give him the strength to find peace like he was helping her. “If you write to him, he will answer.”

Zachariah frowned, mock-ignorance a barely adequate cover for deep, unyielding shame. “Write to who?” he offered redundant reply, before adding in a whisper, “In truth I would not know what to say to him. I know naught of him or his current life. Nor do I have any right to inquire.”
But somehow, the seed had been planted in that frozen, barren ground. The watering of it would, however, have to wait for another time.

Getting to his feet, Cobb held out a hand to the girl. “I hear Jokoth is rustling up some kind of feast for us back at camp. And I don’t know about you, but I am starving,” he chuckled. “What say we go eat, huh?”

  • Santa Cobb

Alyssa watched him, he knew who, but she could tell him, before his birthday, otherwise it was too late. But the the ‘truths’ kept dividing after that date, it might be okay or not, she couldn’t tell. And then she’d have to tell him about how she ‘saw’ things and she was afraid to do so. She’d never told anyone, not even Ms. Karra. “Jokoth loves cooking. Whatever he makes will be amazing. Are you going to take Neltus, Vedi, Mercona, and Julin with you? They are going to have a wonderful home with Mr. Tabris.” But they had to leave tomorrow or they would never make it to Mr. Tabris before he disappeared.

“I don’t know what our plans are upon leaving here,” Cobb replied honestly. “It would be no problem for us to offer Neltus, Vedi, Mercona and Julin a ride. But this mission is all Casela’s doing.” He leaned down and whispered in mock-confidentiality, “I’m just here for the food.”

Alyssa actually giggled at Cobb, his easy and silly manner brining a smile to the child’s face, despite her sadness and aching heart. “You’ll like what ever Jokoth makes. And I’m sure you’ll take them to their new home. She,” Alyssa waves her hand in the direction Casela had gone, “would never let any of us go without her.”

Hugging the bear to herself she and took his hand standing up and leading the way back slowly. “Can you talk to her? Can you make her want me?” she whispered softly to the not real, but real enough, Santa.

At this, Cobb halted their walk and, getting down on his knees, turned the young girl to face him.
“Do not ever think that Casela doesn’t want you,” he insisted. “You mean a great deal to her. More than she can possibly express. But Casela has been chosen for a very important job. A very dangerous job. It is because of this job that you are all kept safe. But it is also because of this job that she has had to sacrifice those very things that she wants more than anything else in the world.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Alyssa shook her head, hugging the bear tightly. “That’s not fair. Why does she have to give everything up if her job is so dangerous?” She was young, and the world mostly black and white, even in the harsh reality she had lived. And those that she saw as the good guys, as heroes shouldn’t be punished. She ran off back into the house, past Karra and the others, to her room.

Karra shook her head staring after the girl. She walked over and handed ‘Santa’ a mug. “Zanya said you would enjoy this.” It was kind of like coffee but was mixed with just the right amount of spice and Glenfiddich ‘Rare Collection’ 50 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. She looked back at the door and then down the path Zanya had taken. “Those two, I fear, will never find their way. Zanya pulled her out of that crumbling mine herself. I couldn’t get her to let go of Alyssa for hours, not even to clean her up and let her eat. In a way, I don’t think either of them have ever let go.” Karra sighs shaking her head. “Come Santa, Jokoth has made a wonderful dish for us, and then we will have the fireworks.”

For dinner, Jokoth and scoured his new cook book for something easy to make, that they could get the ingredients and that was a skill level he could make. He decided on Jumbo Romulan Mollusk with Viinerine for dinner, and then Osol Twist for desert. Everyone in the village enjoyed it, being quite the melting pot of cultures, and there was none left. Even the children ate it happily telling Jokoth how good he did, even the little ones who were picky eaters.

Zanya/Casela missed the whole meal. Alyssa, despite her early frustrations, but a plate away for her. Zanya reappeared half an hour before dark. She slipped into the house quietly and made her way to Alyssa’s room, where they talked until it got dark. They reappeared outside with everyone else. Karra had Vetad bring out a comfortable chair for Santa to sit in. Casela walked over to Cobb and sat/leaned against the wall next to his chair, quiet and subdued. Once everyone was settled she pulled a small device out of her pocket and pointed, so Cobb would know where to look. To the north east, the show would be set off from the old ruins of the governor’s home. She pressed the button and soon the whoosh, whine and whistle of fireworks lighting and taking off could be heard, and then a brief silence and the first boom could be heard and the sky lit up.

The display went on for quite awhile, delighting everyone. Then in the silence there was a subtle shifting of the people. Mentors found apprentices, neighbors were huddled in group hugs, no orphan was left without someone to hold onto, and there was a noticeable shift in the gaiety and fun of just moments before. Casela pressed the second button on the device and put it away. Despite their tension earlier, Casela pulled Alyssa next to her, wrapping the girl in a hug.

The sky began to light up again, but this time the fireworks were not just beautiful displays of light, but photos. People who had been lost over the years to the governor’s treachery, to old age, sickness, injuries, and the families of the orphans. Whether they were born on Delotha or a far away planet, their pictures were there, in the sky, looking down on them with smiles and love, for every person lost to these people. Casela kissed the top of Alyssa’s head, hugging her just a bit tighter as her parent’s picture appeared and then held the girl while she cried. Around the yard, the same was happening as each picture lit up the sky. Gone but never forgotten.

That night Santa’s shuttle, with Santa and Zanya inside disappeared, and once out of sight the hologram dissolved. The shuttle settled and using the transporter they reappeared, out of their holiday finery at the back door of the orphanage. Casela led the way in. “Karra keeps very comfortable beds for visitors.” She waved at 3 bedrooms around a small dinning area. Casela sat down at the table with a drink, leaning back in the chair, feet propped on the chair next to her.
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