Side sim: Counsellor check in - Sickbay

Posted Jan. 19, 2021, 8:20 p.m. by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) (Jennifer Ward)

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Casela stood in the lift, her posture mimicking his, by habit, not by purpose. “I train hard Doctor. A perusal of my file will show you…not much despite it’s length. After a particularly nasty anomaly encounter I realized, after being severely injured, my reactions times had slowed. Long story short, I increased the intensity of my person training program and got nailed. Then I went to RTF training, instead of sickbay, not realizing how hurt I had gotten, and got nailed again. Several times actually. The ribs on my left side were already weak from previous injuries, so that didn’t help.” She shrugged, philosophical about it. A little injury, or big, compared to loosing one’s life was a minor payment. And learning to fight while hurt was a hard lesson to learn. And after Mad Man, most injuries seemed minor in comparison.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

“Oh indeed.” Theo said empathically, nodding along as she spoke. Internally Theodore considered her words, circling back to process each point she had made and making a mental note to check her file throughly. “I can relate to an extent, section training was not pleasant as you are aware.” He said quietly then cleared his throat.

Casela didn’t say she was section, so that meant either Knox was as well and like recognized like, or he at least had dealings with them and had been told about her ahead of time. Either option made her very wary. But as far as medical treatment went, abducting her on the operating table wasn’t section’s style. That was too complicated and messy. Too many records leading up to the event, too much clean up. She’d never had reason not to trust the medical professionals she’d seen. She didn’t have a reason to not trust another operative either, in general. That didn’t mean she would, but she could. However she didn’t mention his comment or react outwardly to it. Just another delve into the files she would have to do.

“However, I should have been more clear, I meant how did this particular thing happen as treatment…” his expression brightened even as he spoke and took on a faraway look as if daydreaming. “Doctor Kastil…of course…elegant almost but unlikely she could have foreseen such a reaction from you physiology. Hmmm.”

Dr Knox

“Yes, Dr. Kastil. She’s brilliant. I’ve been the subject of many experimental procedures, Dr Knox. And I don’t object to them on principle. What I do object to is not being informed of such and the risks in an outright and forward manner. What she told me was: We can do a calcium revitalization which will replenish the organic calcium in the bones to strengthen them once again, but this will require you to not do anything to damage your ribs for up to two years for the new calcium to settle in. We have a carbon fiber reinforcement which will protect the more vulnerable part of your ribs, but may potentially break the rib in a different location when they do. There is also an option to do a metal reinforcement, but it will add about seven kilograms to your weight that you will have to get used to, but the bonding is very reliable thanks to my chemistry advancements. Given the a nature of our work, I thought it prudent that I take an option that would allow me to return to my work as quickly and as healed as possible. What she failed to tell me was it was experimental and that it had only had four successful attempts to date. She told me this as I fell under the general anesthesia, and failed not read in my file that I don’t react well to general anesthesia to begin with.” Casela ended with that. She knew Fey was brilliant and respected her work, but after that incident she couldn’t bring herself to go to sickbay and it was churning her stomach to be doing it now. But now that Knox had found something wrong, there was no way out of going.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Theo nodded. “She is indeed brilliant. I have followed her work with great interest over the years.” He said ponderously. So she didn’t react well to anesthesia, good to know. He looked at Casela again “I shall endeavour to make this trip to sickbay as painless and quick as possible for you Counsellor.”

As they neared sickbay he gestured her in ahead of him in the same sort of old earth gesture of one holding a door open for someone else. Then he indicated a biobed.

Dr Knox

“She is brilliant, and I respect her for it. Her practice of bedside manner just clashes with my expectations, to put it in so simplistic and crude words.” Casela an odd sensation going down her spine at the old fashioned gesture, but never one to balk, usually, she stepped through the doors and over to the biobed and taking a seat. “I am familiar with doctors and their practices. I’ve even been to a few folk doctors in my time. As long as you are up front with me, traditional or experimental treatments, I’ll be okay.” And, she thought to herself, no restraints and she would do her best for being put under if it became necessary.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

The doctor smiled. “I shall endeavour to be ‘up front’ with you as much as it is possible to be certainly.” he said reassuringly. “Please make yourself comfortable, I shall be only a moment calibrating the scanners.” he excused himself to do just that fiddling with the over head scanner and then with his tricorder. Purposely focused on his task giving her free reign to move around or watch him if she so desired. Once he was finished Theo looked up again and said “Ok, let’s have a look at you then shall we. If you wouldn’t mind laying back with your hands by your sides for me?”

Dr Knox

Casela sat on the biobed, staying relaxed. Despite his… predatory and overly eager eye gleams, Casela liked Knox’s personality for the moment. She waited patiently while he did what he needed to do. She took note of the restraints newly added to the biobeds and her senses went on high alert. She had a momentary flash of fight or flight. Despite her instinctual reaction she laid back, hands by her sides. However Knox would be in for several surprises if he should go anywhere near those restraints.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Theo gave her a reassuring pat on the shoulder as he began waving the recorder close to her ribs. Then as if reading her mind added “Fear not counsellor. Those are for troublesome individuals in the event the power goes out not for patients such as yourself.” he gave her another smile and became absorbed with his readouts.

Casela wouldn’t give him problems. She’d hold still through surgery without a nerve block to avoid being restrained. Her panic response to being restrained was unreasonable and was a problem when dealing with a ship with a full sickbay and all the latest technology, not so much a problem when self restraint was the only way to get treated in less than ideal conditions. So she’d cultivated that control. She watched him, without appearing to do so. As long as he didn’t touch her hair he’d keep his hand.

His eyebrows gave a slight twitch of interest as he scanned. “If you would be so kind counsellor. Nice deep breath for me please. In....and out”

Dr Knox

She breathed in deep and let it out, her mind racing. OMG she knew him, how did she know him? Where did she know him. Every single sense went on alert, but long training kept her heart rate stable and her breathing following his directions. She replayed the words over and over again. Every doctor she’d ever met said it…it was the WAY he said it. There was a vague memory, the words, but it was hazzy and hard to bring to the surface. Lights, lots of people, murmuring, moving, shuffling. Pain, a lot of pain....”Dr. Thomas Kidd.” He was there, after Mad Man. Too many, too many of them were on Leviathan. Something was going on and she’d missed it. She had too, there were to many to be a coincidence.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

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