Consulting deck Gen and Cerenity meet

Posted Jan. 19, 2021, 7:54 p.m. by Civilian Cerenity (Luna's daughter) (Christina Crafford)

Cerenity had been escorted to the consulting deck by one of Luna’s co-workeres. A yung woman by the name of Ne Williams. She stoped at the front desk. ” Luna asked me to drop Cerenity off i gess she is sapose to be meeting a friend her . Luna got tied up in some work and I offer to drop her off.” The woman said.

” im sapose to be meeting Gen” cerenity said with a smile. Zhe was excited to meet another child. Luner her mother’s was with her with out permission but Ne Williams did not know that. When Luna did find out there would be trouble but for now the animal punched somewhere out of the way and cerenity had decided she would cross that brige when she got there. For now there was Gen to meet and she was so excited.

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