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He didn’t move from his position, body language completely relaxed and open as he waited for her to respond.

Dr Knox

Luna did not move. She was filed back from her thoughts. Her wings folding in tighter again. She stared at Knox did he really expect her to lay down. No she shook her head she wS not about to do sumthing that crazy. ” why what is the point of this” she asked.
Ensign Luna

Casela sighed, “He’s offering if it would help you relax. If not then don’t do it. But the point of this is to make sure you don’t panic while he heals your wounds. He is trying to move at your pace and in a way that gives you choices. You have to have them taken care of.” Casela wasn’t going to coddle her. “If you don’t want to lie back then don’t. We both understand that may not be comfortable for you. But let’s get on with it. Roll up your sleeves.” Luna had responded to her brusque no-nonsense before, so Casela went with that.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Luna looked at Cas. She did not move fkr a long time it was as of there was a war going on in her head. Evey fiber of her wanted to run. She took several deep breaths. Then held her right am out for Knox. She shut her eyes tight trying to disappear to not think about what was going to happen.
Ensign Luna

Theo gently took hold of Luna’s wrist and turned the arm over so as to get a visual check. He released it quickly however and then scanned the wounds using the hand held part of the tricorder so to not get too many bulky instruments in the way.

“I’d normally ask how this happened but I can guess as much. “ he said his mouth set in a firm line as he glanced once at the counsellor.

Ooc: scan results show?

Dr Knox

Luna tensed as if to pull her hand away but kept still. ” the scan would show that the qonds were not deep and definitely caused by her nails. There was nothing more then some bacteria the wounds. She could have easily treated this herself and typically would have. The other arme had the same wounds.
Ensign Luna.

Theo raised his eyebrows and put away the tricorder. “Superficial and most definitely self inflicted.” he told them both in the manner doctors tend to do when announcing a diagnosis. “If you’ll excuse me a moment I will get something to clean and seal the wounds.” he nodded to Casela and walked towards an equipment tray.

” Consuler… where did you get those scars?” Luna asked.

She wouldn’t let it go, like a blood hound. She held out her forearm where there was a very pale, thin, but long line curving around. “This one, from a knife fight.”

A few minutes later he was back with a small spray like instrument and a dermal regenerator. He held both for Luna to see. “If you will permit me Ensign I will clean the wounds…” he gave the device in his right hand a small shake “…then seal with this” he shook the left and then waited.

Dr Knox

“Just relax, Luna. He doesn’t even have to actually touch you to do this. If you prefer Dr Knox can use them on me first. But I’m sure you are familiar with the devices.”

Luna nodded. ” have you ever been swimming docter. Flying its a lost like swimming but there’s no waght from the water. It totally freeing.” Luna said with a smile. She thought for a moment. ” one of the few time that walk and rules don’t matter just the sound of the wind and the pur rush of joy” Luna said finly answering his question. It was not a surprise that she was at home in the say. She wand more bird then human at times. Instinct ran far deeper in her then it did with Cerenity.
Ensign luna

Theo began to work on the wounds. “Is that so?” he asked conversationally as he deftly switched one instrument for another and began to seal the wounds. “How often do you have the opportunity to fly freely on ship assignment?” he gave Casela a look as he finished with the wounds and stepped back.

” on the Viking never her theres the holodeck from time to time” Luna said.

“Good as new.”
Dr Knox

” Thank you doctor. You know I was living during my boring eval didn’t you” she said. She looked to the consuler now that the threat of being poked and proved was passed she was a bit calmer. ” Perhaps you and I should fine a chance to speak outside of sickbay. I don’t want to be afraid of you forever” she said quietly. There was clear embarrassment in her tone. She was not thrilled that he had sean her in such a horrible state of mind.
Ensign Luna

Casela smiled slightly and nodded. It was good effort on Luna’s part and a step in the right direction.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

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