MPT-"Six Hours From Evil"- the other Leviathan Shuttlebay

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Casela fell to the ground, screaming silently, the pain excruciating, blood could be seen from her nose and ears. Her heart and breath stuttered dangerously as body began to falter without her brain to regulate it’s functions.

With his right hand, Hampton aimed his phaser and fired at Raauhl before he could get his bearings. The blast went through his abdomen, and was set for kill, although he wasn’t dead, the XO was in serious condition and needed medical attention immediately. Hampton holstered the amplifier and grabbed the emp grenade, waiting for the Fenrir to attack. He made his way toward the control panel across the room. The transporter was the easiest way to get on the shuttle now. The ringing remained in Casela’s mind, as it felt as though a bell were being rang in her head every second. Raauhl had a cavity on his abdomen that was bleeding internally.

Mr. Hampton

Raauhl felt the odd sensation of being shot, an odd warmth bled through his body before a staggering pain, he’d been shot before of course in multiple lifetimes but this one felt different. He hadn’t felt the fall to the ground, the phaser burning the flesh but blood still smeared where he laid, kill. The phaser was on kill. His vision what was already blinded turned to grey, it hollowing to a pinpoint until there was nothing. Raauhl laid face down on the floor, blood pooling, the smell of burned flesh and synthetic cotton surrounded him, not dead but critical.

In stark contrast to the grim scene; Durheim’s bright tone squawked out of Ryder and Casela’s combadges. =/\=Mr. Raauhl, Miss Synthi-er; this is Durheim. We were trapped by Mr. Hampton in his office; but we have escaped and are none the worse for wear. What is your status?=/\=

From the Leviathan-Prime came an order, backed up by the requisite command codes to hopefully access this Leviathan’s systems.
=^=Raise the EMH at Commander Raauhl’s location. =^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

With the amplifier holstered and just the painful disorienting ringing of the bell she opened her eyes. Her vision blurry, but no longer black. She scanned the room, seeing Raauhl…and a dangerous rage began to boil inside her. She attempts to roll, but is too disoriented to move much, but feels something hard and annoying against her hip…her rail gun. She’d never used it, but Manhattan insisted they carry it. She pulls the gun and steadying her right hand with her left she aims, firing, to take out of the control panel. But with her vision so blurry it could hit, miss, or hit Hampton. Her vision goes black, again, more blood and more pain. She vaguely hears the comm, but can’t make sense of it. Hampton wanted to be miserable fine, he could have a painful death. He shot Raauhl and he was making her break her promise to Gen (to always come back). She reaches out and lays siege to his mind making him hallucinate and see all those horrible things in his life. The pain in her own head, debilitating, but at the moment she is beyond that. You want me to suffer? You want me to die? I shall go willingly, but I will take you with me. Hampton lived in anger and fear and paranoia. Much like a Jem’hidar warrior. Those emotions and memories would not effect him. Instead she forced him to see those memories that are happy, pleasant, full of deserving pride, and amplifies them, confusing him, and in that confusion she inserts thoughts of self doubt or self recrimination, of the need to offer an act of ultimate forgiveness, to wipe his soul clean. For each moment of pleasant though she encourages his mind and body to feel it like hot knives gouging his brain and body. She feeds him her own pain. And that pain along with the mental strain against the device makes her own body falter and fail, but she’s too enraged to let go.

Outside the shuttle bay the other Fenrir is waiting for a chance when Surda and Durheim appear.
Lt Synthi-er, RTF and pissed off

Hampton strode over to the control panel and began to access the transporter padd. He kept his eyes alert on the fenrir units, but they did not seem to be aggressive at the moment. A soft chuckle escaped his lips. It had been so easy. He paused for a brief moment to observe his work. Killing the XO was nothing new, he had done it before, but this time, this time it was personal, more fun, more invigorating. Then he heard the shot. A single blast from the rail gun. The bullet struck him in the thigh. He groaned loudly in pain and nearly collapsed to the floor, his hands clutched the control panel while the rest of his body sagged to the ground. ‘Hold on’. He thought to himself, he knew if he let go of the panel. He would fall to the floor, and by the time he got up, Surda and Durheim would be upon him, and his chance to escape would pass. Then the barrage hit, all of the emotions he felt, mixing together. He felt pain, sorrow, and worst of all happiness. True authentic joy, a sensation he could honestly say he had never in his life truly felt. For a fleeting moment, he felt shame. He had been petty, cruel, depriving people of happiness just because he had never found it himself. For a second, he contemplated letting go of the panel, allowing himself to be caught, and to possibly do the right thing for once in his miserable life…

NO. The word echoed in his mind, he shook his head, the counselor, she was trying to manipulate his thoughts, and normally, had she not been through the day she had, it would definitely have worked, but not after this day.
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IC: When she felt it was safe to do so, her mind released Hampton, reaching out, feeling for the only one in the room that mattered to her. It was flickering and fading, and if her own body, the life fading from it, could have managed it, a scream of denial would have escaped her lips. With more finesse and delicacy than she knew she was capable of she connected her mind to his. Ryder, you have to fight, you have to hang on. Listen to me, don’t let go. I know it hurts, it’s torture, the pain, but it just means you’re still alive. Her mind and body too weak to really put any force behind her words. You told me we were worth it, then fight for us, Ryder. I love you, I’m not letting go, I’m right here. She whispered into his mind, anything to keep him focused on her. In her muddled mind, confused as her own body’s functions faded, nonsense things interspersed with the intimate things she whispered to him. Do you remember....? and she whispered to him, only things between them: secrets, confidences, moments, dreams, and plans. Do not let Hampton win. You swore you’d be on this ship long after him. Fight damn you! She goaded him, she pleaded, and at times not even sure she wasn’t whispering to nothing at all in the void of death. Physically she could not reach him, her body too far gone from the damage to her brain, and only getting worse the longer she tried to reach him.

Fenrir turned to see the other two officer, his visual sensors quickly scanning them and determining them as friendly, kicking his audio patterns, “Lt Cmdr Raauhl, life signs critical” He then bounded into the room, stopping at the downed officer’s side. When Fenrir was assembled for this mission, his medical protocols had not been installed, it was meant to be a recon mission nothing more. He let out an almost whimpering grown, “Life sign hasq ceased, date, time and location logged.”

  • A flatlining Lt Cmdr Raauhl, XO
  • Fenrir K-9 unit.

She felt him falter and weaken, NO! I love you. You can’t let go, just a little longer. Vaguely she heard Fenrir and she felt her own resolve falter, he wasn’t dead, he couldn’t be. Someone has tampered with Fenrir again, his scanners are wrong. You’re still here. Hold on, stay with me, Ryder. We’re both dying, we have to fight. This is not time for your beauty sleep, old man. You are worth it, we are worth it, I’m not giving up yet, and neither are you. She kept whispering, the pain and disorientation making her thoughts almost slurred, but she wouldn’t let go. She talked to him, reminding him of that fateful sparring session to breaking into his quarters every night. She threatened, pulling on that hotheadedness he secretly liked so much, You are the only thing in my life worth fighting for, if you let go, then so do I. You said we fight together, that’s how these things work. Or are you admitting I’m the better fighter? And she appealed to his higher sense of purpose, If not for me then for Raauhl. There is no one to take him, only you, isn’t that a Trill’s most important calling, the life of the symbiote. Fight for him if not for us. For all her skill, talent, psychic power, she couldn’t make him live. She could kill with a thought, but she couldn’t give life. The sorrow and grief, overwhelming, Please don’t go. And then the last of her own strength was gone and this time she looked on death with regret.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

For a moment, there was silence in the room. Then, cackling, an evil cackling completely filled it. The sound emanated from Hampton. His laughter was loud, and triumphant. grasping the control panel tighter, he pulled himself up. “I WIN COUNSELOR!” He declared between laughs. He pressed one last button, and in a second, blue light engulfed him.

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IC: As Durheim rounded the final corner to the shuttlebay, he wondered what he might find. Mr Durheim, their life signs are failing. The words didn’t quite echo in his head.... but they certainly lingered. His eyes landed on the Fenrir unit outside of the doors; and his heart raised in his small chest. This might work…

=/\=Shuttle bay doors; open!=/\= Jonathan barked, before turning his attention to the mechanical K-9. “Follow me, Please!” As he crossed the threshold, he quickly took in the view; and the obviously poor status of the officers lying on the floor - the pool of blood surrounding Mr. Raauhl was impossible to miss. To Durheim’s infrared overlay, it was a rapidly-cooling stain surrounding the Trill officer. And he was no expert, but he was sure that Trill weren’t supposed to run that cold…

Pointing at the mournful Fenrir unit standing over Raauhl, he gave a command that he hoped would work. He didn’t know the unit’s current loadout; but it was a safe assumption that whatever medical abilities it did possess, they were insufficient to the task. But Containment was hardwired.... And step one of containment was stasis. Or so he hoped.
“Fenrir! Immediately place Mr Raauhl under maximum containment; per ARU standards!”

Durheim, Engineering

Fenrir’s mechanical chirp acknowledged the order, though the officer was not his handler he was still programed to obey recognised Starfleet personnel. “Containment Protocols in process” Came the next mechanical voice as a small tool rose up from his front right shoulder before a small pulsing began and a portable containment shield surrounded both Fenrir and Raauhl, the field was set to containment but Fenrir’s AI had also set it up for life pro-longment despite knowing Raauhl Lifesigns were already gone, both the host and the symbiote.

  • Fenrir

Inside the Shuttle. Hampton staggered to the pilot’s seat, bleeding heavily from his leg. All systems were on standby, just as he left them. “Computer raise shields.” Hampton ordered, making sure nobody else decided to beam in after him. “Engage program Hampton 2” An alarm sounded in the shuttlebay, notifying the away team that shuttle bay doors were opening. The shuttle slowly rose off the ground, preparing to leave the ship. In a few moments, the doors had opened, and the shuttle flew out into the abyss of space. Fortunately for the away team, Hampton had not deactivated the containment field, which stopped everyone from being sucked out with the shuttle.

As he flew from the ship. Hampton checked the shuttle’s chronometer, 90 seconds.


OOC: To set the mood:

Death wasn’t what Raauhl expected, he opened his eyes and all around him was blinding light and a haze which hindered his view. From beyond the veil he could make out a voice, a woman’s voice but the words were unintelligible from thier tones they were sad and desperate. The fog began to close and the voice seemed ever distant, some say you should go to the light but in his case Raauhl couldn’t escape it.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Durheim took in the shuttlebay (and the departing shuttle) with a small sigh; feeling somewhat defeated. Though truthfully, he wasn’t completely sure what he would have done had he gotten there earlier - presumably that was Mr. Hampton aboard the shuttle. He looked at the hull axe in his hand; and thought of the phaser under his coveralls. Barring anything.... unexpected from Mr. Hampton, he could have made an attempt to subdue or murder the newly-malicious Chief Engineer. Success was an entirely different mater. But that was a (currently) hypothetical situation, and there were more pressing matters bleeding out on the deck before him.

Mr. Raahul was.... stabilized’ for now; and the lack of pulse suggested that a deteriorating condition didn’t matter too much; though perhaps the symbiont still lived. A glance at the mangled torso put that at low odds, though. Turning to Ms. Synthi-er, she still read above room temperature; and the erratic breathing and twitching suggested life; if somewhat tenuous - there was no telling what exactly had happened here. A quick but delicate examination revealed a bleeding nose; but no brain serum visible; eyes were bloodshot and unresponsive. Pulse and breathing were both erratic; but reasonably stable. No obvious physical damage; maybe a psychic attack? Curious… As much as he wanted to stay and figure out the puzzle; now was not the time. Ms Synthi-er appeared stable enough for now, but she needed to be examined and treated by someone more qualified.

=/\=Durheim to Bridge; two to sickbay, please. High priority. Please stand by for Ms. Surda and I.=/\=

-Crewman Durheim, Engineering.

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