Consulting deck Gen and Cerenity meet

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Cerenity had been escorted to the consulting deck by one of Luna’s co-workeres. A yung woman by the name of Ne Williams. She stoped at the front desk. ” Luna asked me to drop Cerenity off i gess she is sapose to be meeting a friend her . Luna got tied up in some work and I offer to drop her off.” The woman said.

” im sapose to be meeting Gen” cerenity said with a smile. Zhe was excited to meet another child. Luner her mother’s was with her with out permission but Ne Williams did not know that. When Luna did find out there would be trouble but for now the animal punched somewhere out of the way and cerenity had decided she would cross that brige when she got there. For now there was Gen to meet and she was so excited.

Casela stepped out of her office at the sound of Cerenity’s voice. “Cerenity, how are you?” She eyed the bird. “I really don’t want you to get in trouble so, let’s take Lunar home, and then you can come back. Gen won’t be here for a few minutes. And if we take Lunar home, I can show you your lab that is now all set up for you.” Cerenity was obviously sneaky and had no respect for anyone or anything but her wants.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Cerenity looked at Lunar then at cas. ” But he doesn’t like to be left alone and he wanted to come” she said. She had a strange feeling that Casela would not believe her. But she was telling the truth. The only person how could get lunar to do sumthing he did not want to do was her mom. ” also I don’t know if I can get him to go back he only listens to mommy especially when its something he doesn’t want to do.” Cerenity said honestly. Cas would pick up a strang since of desperation from the bird. The animal wanted to be with his people all the time. ” Lunar do you want some feald mice” cerenity asked.

The bird turned his head sideways interested in a meal. ” you have to come home with miss Casela and I” she said. The bird stared at cerenity for a moment as if thinking before taking off he landed carefully on Casela’s shoulder. ” mis Casela how did you get him to do that” cerenity said completely confused. As the two headed back to luna’s qurters.

Casela smiled, “My teacher taught me a long time ago.” Jake would be very pleased that she still remembered.

Once inside the bord pirched on one of his may pirches cerenity quietly used the replicator to get him a mouse. Wail he was eating she huryed Casela put so he could not follow them. ” I’m sorry for braking the rules mis Calsela I just wanted to make him happy” cerenity said.

“It’s okay Cerenity. Sometimes animals can be difficult to communicate with. But I know that Lunar only really listens to your mommy. And you never know what someone might be afraid of, and I wouldn’t want anyone to get scared of Lunar and your mommy not be around to protect him. So know he’s full and at home where he’s safe. Another time, your mommy can bring him down, okay?”

The entered back into the counseling deck and Casela turned down a left hand corridor and almost to the end where she entered a room on the right. The first thing Cerenity would notice is the large picture she had drawn during Luna’s evaluation, hanging on the wall, like she’d promised. The next was a table, just at the right height for her. A microscope, goggles, lab clothes, and shelves up on shelves of equipment. Casela knew Cerenity liked to fly so the shelves were high, the lightest and smallest, safest things on top so she could fly up to get them but not get hurt. Half the room was focused on science the other half, engineering. Everything was equipment safe for her to use and some broken engineering equipment that when repaired would NOT harm her or damage anything around.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Cerenity just stared confident. ” I thought you Said no lab because I broke the rules” she said confused. She still remembered the other night. When she snuck out because she d I didn’t want mommy to think she was a baby. ” the nightmare its the same one iv had since daddy disappears.” She said. She looked at the lab then back at Cas. ” can you help me prove that the shadows are real I think they flowed me here. Then remembered the first gem. Sne flu up to the height shelf pulled it from her pocket and cafuly placed it there to study closer later. For now Gen would be here soon and she did not know if playing with broken trycorders and communicators was Gen’s idea of fun. ” when will Hen be her? She asked as she landed next to I Casela.

“But you have been doing very well since then, and I wanted you to know that it was here for when you had earned it. As for proving the shadows are real, perhaps we should ask DaiMon Lazol. He’s very good at that kind of thing, but I will help where I can.”

If the shadows that light cast around a room could…bubble. That would be almost an apt description of what happened. It wasn’t as if a real bubble appeared more that the shadows cast seemed to flow together then away again, like a small wave, leaving in their wake a girl.

The girl blinked and looked around her seemingly confused to find herself in the space she now occupied. “Somone wanted me?” she asked looking between the two other occupants.

Cerenity screeched and darted behind Casela. ” I know the shadows followed me” she squealed. She had been started by Gen’s appearance. Once she calmed down and looked at the new comer she giggled. ” that was a good one you really scared me, I’m Cerenity and you are? ” she said

Casela smiled and patted Cerenity’s shoulder. “It’s okay, it’s Gen not the shadows. Gen this is Cerenity. She’s new on board. She wanted to meet you.”

There was a slight shimmer of…possession, maybe even jealousy for a moment in the dark haired girls expression. She frowned and looked at the winged girl. “Genesis....but they call me Gen. You can too.” she said and looked around the lab set up again.

Mine she projected quietly to Casela. A nearby beaker shook ever so slightly as if the table under it was vibrating. The girls eyes glowed.


Casela walked over and hugged Gen. Always, baby. I am always yours. She waited to make sure Gen calmed down. Cerenity is very lonely, and had a hard time on her last ship. She was excited to meet you. “Cerenity, Gen has a room like this down another hall, all for her art work. Gen is very good at painting.”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

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