LCARS Notification [Stardate - 98654.4] [To: ALL DEPARTMENT HEADS] Mid Peroid Appraisal Report [IMPORTANT] [From: Cmdr Raauhl, XO USS Leviathan]

Posted Jan. 20, 2021, 1:55 p.m. by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lazol (Chief Science Officer) in LCARS Notification [Stardate - 98654.4] [To: ALL DEPARTMENT HEADS] Mid Peroid Appraisal Report [IMPORTANT] [From: Cmdr Raauhl, XO USS Leviathan]

Posted by Commander Ryder Raauhl (Executive Officer) in LCARS Notification [Stardate - 98654.4] [To: ALL DEPARTMENT HEADS] Mid Peroid Appraisal Report [IMPORTANT] [From: Cmdr Raauhl, XO USS Leviathan]
LCARS Notification [Stardate - 98654.4] [IMPORTANT]

CC: Capt Cobb, Commanding Officer, Leviathan, USS
From: Cmdr Raauhl, Executive Officer, Leviathan, USS

TOPIC: Department Mid Peroid Appraisal Report

Apologies for sending this out so short notice, with everything going on I put the Departmental MPAR’s on hold but the time has come for me to file the report to Starfleet. Remember this just procedure and while the MPARs are certainly not a pat on the back be open to the criticism. The following schedules is outlined for two days time so please organise your time tables within you department appropriately there is no excuse less than your early demise to miss these timing. Each interview will last for approximately thirty minutes. Please see attatched Annex for timings.

I have invited Captain Cobb to attend the meetings.

Send your responses ASAP.

Cmdr Raauhl, XO, Leviathan, USS


Annex A.

Department Representative Timing
Security Lieutenant Junior Grade Surda 1000 hrs
RTF Mar. Captain Erve Manhattan 1045 hrs
Intelligence Lieutenant Icarus Remington 1130 hrs
Medical Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox 1215 hrs
XO’s break Lunch 1245 hrs
Counselling Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er 1330 hrs
Science Mr Lazol 1345 hrs
Engineering Lieutenant William Hampton 1430 hrs

Lazol received the memo and scowled slightly. He read it over and wanted to reply something along the lines of “You can take your protocol and go feed it to Dave. I don’t answer to you.” But before he sent off a message loaded with enough snark to land him on the wrong side of an airlock he took a breath and read up on what exactly a MPAR was and what the XO was expecting. He read through the SOP’s in the computer and said to himself, “On a Ferengi ship, after sucking up to the boss all that was needed for a ‘review’ was being told that you weren’t an absolute pile of toe fungus, or that you were an absolute pile of toe fungus. A good Ferengi ship runs on each department making sure their duties are performed as cheaply as possible, and when something fails passing the blame to your subordinates. This will be a challenge for me.” He thought of how best to write is reply when he simply put “Understood Commander, your office I presume?”

Lazol, CSO

The memo appeared on her screen with many other pieces of communication that she was shifting through that morning. Since it was addressed to all department heads and not specifically to her, and was not marked urgent, she got to it in the order it arrived. She smirked as she read it. “Well, another first, then,” she pondered aloud. Casela had never done one of these. The Section didn’t operate like that. Oh sure they were evaluated, but they didn’t hear about it unless they screwed up, otherwise you just kept going. The CO on the Triton tried to give her one, realized he didn’t have the authority, nor did he know what she was going on his ship, and gave up. She didn’t really have any care one way or the other. Her department worked hard, and did what was best for the individual and then the crew as a whole. They were very good at what they did. And as for herself, she shrugged. Command opinion didn’t matter much to her. If she messed up she knew it, owned it, fixed it if possible, and moved on. They may or may not agree. She had only a vague idea of what would happen during one of these meetings and was curious. A professional appraisal by Ryder. Oh this was going to be spectacularly awkward and comical, to say the least. She could hear Irida’s mouth running already.

To: Cmdr Raauhl, Executive Officer, Leviathan, USS
CC: Capt Cobb, Commanding Officer, Leviathan, USS
From: Lt Synthi-er, Head Counselor, Leviathan, USS

TOPIC: Reply - Department Mid Period Appraisal Report

Acknowledged Commander. I have adjusted my schedule accordingly. I look forward to it.

Lt Synthi-er, Chief Counselor, USS Leviathan

She had to stop herself from saying more, her irreverent attitude almost getting the better of her.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

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