Adopting Thor

Posted Jan. 20, 2021, 7:08 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ilena Keelara Rox (Medical (Assistant Researcher - Abell)) (Jennifer Ward)

Ilena sat on her couch watching the latest videos from the university of Betazed about prenatal surgery to correct defects in the heart of an unborn baby. She was totally engrossed in watching the procedure and taking in all the information that was being provided and watching, despite the sometimes bad angle of the video, the procedure so she could recreate it.

“Voff VOFF” the thundering bark of Thor and a very wet nose then forcing its way under her hand. “VOFF,” again the thundering bark and then sharp teeth very gently tugging at her hand. Ilena finally looked at Thor and shook her head. “Computer, pause playback.” The video paused and she shook her head again. “Thor, I need to watch this for my course. I have to know this.” His emotions, though, were strong and she could feel his disappointment. Unlike most Betazoids, Ilena had chosen to use her empathy to understand Thor so she could train him better, where most Betazoids would shy away from connecting too deeply with such a large animal and his instincts. But Ilena wasn’t so strong an empath that she was worried about it.

She looked down to see a wide range of his toys dropped at her feet. Yellow-orange eyes stared at her as if he understood that his mommy needed him to look after her. “Oh alright. But when we get back you better be quiet.” A lolling tongue and wagging tail were the only answer she got until she stood up and the monster began to bounce around her quarters from her to the door and back in single bounds. “VOFF VOFF” Ilena shook her head with a smile remembering the day she’d adopted the husky.

2394: Ilena and the counselor had decided that a pet would be the best thing for her. It wasn’t that Ilena was socially awkward, without an understanding of how to interact with people, she just got so caught up in her books and research that she didn’t spend time with the people around her. Lt Suckitup had thought that a pet would force her to get out of her own head everyday in the need to take care of an animal. The Hathaway was orbiting a small farming colony. The temperatures were much colder than the tropical heats of Betazed that she was used to, and to her surprise she found she enjoyed it. It was comfortable to be wrapped in warmer clothes with the air so chilly. She was walking down the street towards a house at the very end. The couple who lived there bred Huskies. She’d seen the puppies in the school room the day before and had decided that a Husky was what she wanted for a pet. So now she found herself knocking on the door.

An older woman answered the door. Her skin was sun tanned, but still glowed rather than looking leathery from her time working outside. “Lt Rox?” Ilena nodded. “Come on around back. My Owen and I were so happy when you commed down to say you wanted to adopt one of the puppies. The last few years we’ve been keeping all the dogs in the colony, and needed them as working animals, but this year we are very excited to find them new homes.” Ms. Devers led her around the back of the house to a large fence that when the gate opened was a veritable k-9 paradise. Or so it appeared to Ilena. There were ramps, tunnels, toys, dirt, a small pool, and lots of other dogs to play with. A small enclosure actually held the puppies. There were 7 puppies in total. All were white as their main color and then some had brown, red, grey, and black added to their coats. One was all white with small light red flecks around its coat. Ilena, in true fashion, had spent the night before researching everything she could find on raising a puppy, choosing one, and specifically what she should know about Huskies. She felt well informed to pick a puppy. She soon found out that all the facts had nothing to do with choosing a pet. Fur color, blue eyes, birth order and size had nothing to do with picking the best pet for you. Good thing Thor knew that even when she didn’t.

“Oh! Oh! Look at her!” Thor nudged the female pup next to him who was busy ripping at an old sock. She harrumphed. “Yeah so?”

“HER! She’s going to be MY mom.”

“You don’t know that, go find that bone you buried.”

But Thor, of course his name wasn’t Thor yet, but was unpronounceable by humanoid standards, was enraptured by the two legged woman that walked into the fence. She kept looking at something in her hand and then at all his brothers and sisters, trying to figure something out. “I know what it is, she’s trying to find me, but doesn’t know how.” So, in pure puppy fashion he began running around the yard, trying to impress her with everything he could do. Which wasn’t much more than falling over his giant puppy feet as he ran around. The woman knelt down and made those crazy nonsense sounds all two-leggers made to them when they came in. His mother told them they were supposed to go over and see the person, but Thor didn’t understand why.

Now she was sitting on the ground trying to grab at his rambunctious siblings. She was talking about not wanting the strongest or the runt….he didn’t know what that meant. Then she was up and walking around again, staring at that thing in her hand, and if not for Thor would have tripped over a ball. Quick as his little puppy legs would take him, he had her by the pant leg and was tugging for all he was worth.

“What!” Ilena looked down. The thing was trying to bite her! She jerked away, almost stepping backwards on another toy. Thor barked, coming out more like a yip and as she continued to step back he barked again, this time more serious, deep and reverberating, that stopped her from moving, a little fearful. Thor bounded around behind her, picking up the toy out of her way and then dropping it in front of her. Ilena tilted her head to the side and watched, turning, keeping the aggressive little fur ball in her sight. Seeing him pick up and then move the toy made her curious. She knelt down, doing something no other Betazoid would ever do, and tried to feel what he was feeling. Obsidian black eyes looked into rich amber eyes and Ilena smiled. “Awww, you were trying to warn me weren’t you.” Thor, having finally got her attention, and making her realize how heroic he was, jumped and licked at her nose. Ilena, startled, fell into the dirt, “Oooff.” Thor, having her where he wanted her settled into her lap. He could tell she was overly excitable so he would have to be the calm one. That was fine with him. He looked up at her letting out a content puppy sigh. “Okay so you are my two legged mom now. You need to just accept it and let’s get out of here.” Thor did NOT want one of his siblings changing her mind.

Ilena stared at the puppy in her lap, all white with just a little bit of brownish gold to the tips of his fur and those incredible eyes. She was totally smitten. She started to pet him, and when he flopped totally over on his back, the deal was done. There was no way Ilena was leaving without him.
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