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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) in Side sim: Counsellor check in - Sickbay

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She breathed in deep and let it out, her mind racing. OMG she knew him, how did she know him? Where did she know him. Every single sense went on alert, but long training kept her heart rate stable and her breathing following his directions. She replayed the words over and over again. Every doctor she’d ever met said it…it was the WAY he said it. There was a vague memory, the words, but it was hazzy and hard to bring to the surface. Lights, lots of people, murmuring, moving, shuffling. Pain, a lot of pain....”Dr. Thomas Kidd.” He was there, after Mad Man. Too many, too many of them were on Leviathan. Something was going on and she’d missed it. She had too, there were to many to be a coincidence.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Theo continued to scan. “Still doing alright there Counsellor?” he asked without glancing up at her, the corner of his mouth turning up ever so slightly.

He knew, he knew who she was and that she hadn’t known. Being on this ship just got a lot more complicated. She cracked a smile, “Why would I be anything else. I could go to sleep, you get to do all the work, Dr.” He didn’t respond, but that ever so slight not there grin confirmed it. She just wanted to retire. Was that too much to ask? Apparently.

He turned and began to fiddle with the scanner and the computer panel nearby. “Well the bad news is you are rather in need of treatment. I can give you a hypo for the anemia of course but it will not solve the underlying issue. While the surgical repair is…elegant it is also causing wider health issues which possibly outweigh the good it does being there.”

He brought up a holographic display of Casela’s ribs and lungs. It hovered over the real Casela so they could both see.

“Yes…” he said absently finger outstretched, tracing the repair on the hologram. “Quiet elegant. Genius really…and beautifully executed.“ he trailed off a moment.

“I beg your pardon counsellor, that was rude of me.” Theo said after a moment had passed and shook his head as if to clear it. “As I was saying that is the bad news. The good news is there is treatment options. One of which is the continual hypo spray to counteract the anemia. The second is we fit a subdural action release which will detect the levels in your blood daily and administer the correction itself. Both of these will be life long.”

He looked contemplative. “Or we could correct it surgically by removing the rib entirely and replacing it.”

Dr Knox

“It’s quite alright, Dr Kastil is brilliant.” She fell silent for a moment listening. “First question, how much of that is experimental and what’s the success rate?” She was only half joking. She really liked the idea of getting rid of the metal ribs. “What would you replace it with?” She would need a few days to manage the schedule and cover her appointments, and rearrange RTF training. “Either way, for now, let’s go with the hypo.”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Theo gave her the same half corner of his mouth smile. “None of it is experimental its a common procedure and has a very high success rate. We would replicate a biosynthetic replacement using your previous scans as a template and when it was constructed we would surgically remove the current resident and replace it with this one if you will excuse the poorly formed metaphor.”

Casela just nodded as she listened. She’d heard of the procedure in passing. It wasn’t her area, any of her areas, of expertise.

He tapped on a Padd and brought up some information about such surgeries and offered her it. “It would take a few days to create and then the surgery would be a few hours followed by a period of two days minimum in sick bay for observation and a following five days of daily check ups and off duty recovery then light duties for another five days. Call it 21 days from agreement to recovery barring any complications.”

She read the PaDD and the information. 21 days, almost a month, she’d be out of commission. “I’ll have to have approval for the time off since it’s not an emergency.” She was not looking forward to explaining this to them. That meant the Cobb, Raauhl, and Manhattan. She sighed, why her? She supposed she could ask Knox to inform them.

He gave her a moment to consider and busied himself with the hypo. “If I may?” he asked showing her it.

Dr Knox

She nodded, turning her head to the side. “Of course.”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

“If we only count the time you’ll be off duty or light duties it’s, Three days in sick bay total, five off duty then five on light duty. 13 days. 8 days to construct the replacement.” he said he administered the hypo to her neck and switch the device for a sub dermal regenerator.

“I can also assist with your bruises if you would like.” he added and looked at her.

Dr Knox

“8 days should be more than enough for me to adjust my duty roster.” She nodded at the subdermal regenerator. She was already here, no reason to not let him heal them. While he worked she watched him. She’d recovered exceptionally well, physically anyway after her multiple surgeries on Centurion. She’d never met the doctor who’d done them, until now. So the section had sent their own doctor to her. To make sure she didn’t talk? Or because he was the best? Or maybe both? It didn’t matter, he’d done what no other doctor could do. She’d never had reason not to trust their own doctors, but it still didn’t sit well that they sent him here. She had questions, but were there answers?
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

“I will schedule the surgery and begin construction this afternoon.” he said. “Now, if you would please hold still, this will take ten or fifteen minutes to complete treatment,”

Casela nodded and laid still while Dr Knox did what he needed to do. She honestly didn’t realize how bruised she was till he started healing them. She didn’t like the idea of a permanent device to counter act the anemia, she liked the idea of surgery, again, even less, but physcially she wasn’t well, and something had to be done. When she was done there, she’d have to go talk to Ryder. And then Cobb. Manhattan would have something to say but he would insist she have it done. He was a good officer, and a good commander. He cared about the people assigned to him. So did Cobb of course. He’d either be sympathetic or angry at Fey for the complications. Ryder....she sighed to herself, how did life get so complicated. “I assume these replacements will have marrow and will begin making red blood cells and platelets. Fixing the anemia and excessive bruising. What about complications and side effects?”

“Yes, you are correct. There should be little to no side effects. However communication wise there may be some level of adjustment while your system gets used to the biosynthetic prosthetic and of course the normal complications that result from undergoing surgery and sedation. There is of course the risk of lung collapse if we are not careful.” he smiled “But I am always careful. I will send you information to look at and you will of course be welcome to contact any of the medical staff or myself to discuss further or ask any questions. I like my patients to be well informed before I operate on them.”

He looked back at his work.”well as well in formed as they can be.” he said quietly.

Theo worked on each bruise, meticulously running the device over each area and pausing to examine the area before moving on. Twice he reapplied the beambefore he was satisfied with an area. After a few minutes of this and Without looking at her he said quietly “Latnium for your thoughts counsellor.”

Dr Knox

“Latinum, Doctor? Are you related to Lazol by chance?” It was said in good humor. “Everyone thought I was dead. No one was looking for me.” Or so she’d been told, it was why she was in Mad Man’s hands for so long. “How did they manage to get you there the same time I arrived?” She’d stowed away on a couple cargo ships before finding the Centurion. She only had vague memories of hiding from the crews.

Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Theo smiled. “A curious expression but the sentiment is the main thing. How did they manage to get me there? Now that is a question.” he said his lips pressed into a thin line as he worked. “I have spent many years working as a Doctor for star fleet. Most of them with the Research and development branch.” he looked at her a moment then back to his work. “And as such I have often found myself to be placed…in the correct place at the correct time as it were.”

Section had people every where. R&D would be no different. “It always seems to work that way. We are either in the right place at the right time, or just barely too late. I have found, anyway.” Casela fought the urge to sigh in relief as the bruises were healed. Habit, long horrible habit to work through the pain.

He pushed back slightly to admire his handiwork. “You think you remember me from somewhere else counsellor?” he asked casually as he reapplied the beam to another area and continued doing to in one or two others.

Dr Knox

She was here, why not? She shifted slightly to her side lifting the hem of her shirt about 2 inches. A nasty bruise, mostly due to size, it was deep and barely showing discoloration, from a misplaced Kidney shot. Compliments of Uhjaw. “Might as well check this one. Felt like a pulled muscle but it’s probably bruised.” The myriad scars easily showing to the doctor’s pursual. “Recognize your work?” she asked, it was him, she had no doubt. He may have a different name now, but this was Dr. Thomas Kidd. His vocal mannerisms gave him away. But she remembered him, egging her to breathe, to remember how to do so without pain. “You were on Centurion with me.”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Without reaction Theo began to probe the area of the new bruise. “Hmmm.” was his only response for a moment. He looked up at her and for once the charm and gentle nature was gone, replaced with a very guarded, calculating expression. He turned his attention to the bruising and reactivated his device. “I always have disliked playing patch work on a patients injuries. It often leads to shoddy or rushed work which as you are aware, leads to scaring. ” Internally Theodore considered the situation and the woman. Well there goes an alias we can use… he mused. A trivial matter really, Theo soothed, he had not gone under the guise of Doctor Thomas Kidd for years. Theodore Knox was who he was at birth and now, even if he hadn’t been for some time in between those two fixed points of reality. He made a metal stock take of sickbay. Busy people, enough distance and cover noise and a perfectly plausible reason to be conversing. He looked at her again.

Casela watched him look around. Carefully, so he was aware of what she was doing, she reached for an object clipped to her pocket and showed him. A small signal jammer. And their voices were low enough no one would over hear. She clipped the device back in her pocket.

“A wise precaution,” he murmured.

“I assure you I am here under my own volition, now if you would be so kind to show me anywhere else you are injured?” He asked

Dr Knox
She nodded accepting his assertion for the moment. “If you should see your colleague again, tell him thank you from me. As far other bruises, I have no idea for sure.” She flexed each muscle experimentally testing for stiffness, for a few moments. Then pointed over her left shoulder along the trap. “Maybe there.” While the Dr checked, “Will I need to come in between now and my surgery for the anemia?”
Lt Synthi-er CNS

“If you could sit up for me please.” he said again, mask back in place. Turning his attention to the injury he shook his head. “Not if you would rather not, I can provide you a hypo with a set dosage to take each day in the interim.“ he stood behind her to access the shoulder better.

“You are talented at controlling your reactions counsellor. I commend you on that. I assume you reacted without detection when the penny dropped for you as it were? That is an interesting skill.”

Dr Knox

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