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Posted Jan. 22, 2021, 6:16 p.m. by Commander Ryder Raauhl (Executive Officer) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Civilian Cerenity (Luna’s daughter) in Trill lessons XO’s office

Posted by Commander Ryder Raauhl (Executive Officer) in Trill lessons XO’s office

Posted by Civilian Cerenity (Luna’s daughter) in Trill lessons XO’s office
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Luna walked down the hall was with Cerenity right behind her. Luna had scheduled this lesson with the camander about a month or so ago. She she would drop Cerenity off the report for her shift. After rhee. Xo’s lesson the child had a dance lesson with the COS. Hopefully the child would sleep well tonight.

Cerenity skipped along happily. She was excited for some lessons but also excited that she would be 4 years on a few weeks. That was a year closer to being able to go to school with other kids. Not that that would happen with this posting and it was not like kindergarten would be any help to her she was already way ahead if most children her age.

” here we are you better be have yourself” Luna said calmly before knocking in the door. Cerenity giggled and nodded her understanding.
Ensign Luna


Expecting his guests Raauhl ordered the door to open and made his way over to the threshold, Engine Lunan, Mjss cerenity I’m glad you decided to take my offer.” He waved them in, “Please come in and take a seat” Raauhl was looking forward to teaching the young girl.

  • Cmde Raauhl, XO

Luna smiled “Thankyou for teaching her I or LT Surda will come git her when your done. Now I need to go on a patrol to make sure the ship is safe.” Luna said with a smile. She looked at Cerenity ” behave yourself no disappearing acts” Luna warned. Cerenity walked into the office and took a seat. She looked around the room then back at Raauhl.

” Mommy said you were going to teach me about the trill” she said. She turned her head sideways. ” im getting you are Tilll do all trill Have spots there cool” cerenity said excitedly.

Raauhl waved Luna goodbye before giving Cerenity his full attention, “Yes I am hoping to teach you not just about Trill but about other cultures, and maybe even anything else you would like to know. You’re more advanced for your age group and that I think warrants some extra curricular lessons, and yes we Trill have spot.” He pointed the ones visible on his head and neck out.

” yah its no fun being smart other kids don’t understand me and adults still treat me like a baby” she said making a face.

“Would you like a drink and before we start do you have any questions?”

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

” the computer said that trill put slugs in there stomachs is that true. Why do you do that do you have a stomach slug” cerenity asked. She said excitedly though she kinda wondered why the trill did that if they actually did that. ” can I have some orange juice please. Also what Language do trill speak can you teach it to me?” She said excitedlyed. At this point she could not contane herself she opened and flapped her wings giggling with excitement.

He chuckled moving over to the replicator and ordering two glasses of orange juice, “If the computer referred to my Symbiote as a slug I think its over due a maintenance cycle” Walking back over he placed a glass infront of Cerenity and acting unconcerned by her wings. “Some Trill do have the honour of becoming host to a symbiote, a slug if you will which resides in a sack around our stomach. It’s a symbotic relationship, as a host we protect the otherwise delicate symbiote and in return I, we, it cures our illnesses and allows us to retain memories of other hosts.”

” No they just look like slugs. Why did you decide to have a Symbiote put in your stomach. ” Serenity said with grin. Then thought for a moment and she took a sip of orange juice. ” dose that mean your Symbiote has lived for a long time. Have you ever sean any other human like Mommy and i” she said.

Sitting down he leaned back in his chair opposite cerenity “We do have our own ancient language which we speak when preforming sacred rituals of which id of course teach you if you’d like, it won’t be easy.”

  • Cmdr Raauhl

Cerenity giggled again. ” hard quantum macics is hard it doesn’t make any sense what are sacred Rituals i want to learn about them” she said her mind not totally keeping on track.

“Well there is certainly scope for e to teach you them, or at least why we do them.” he paused thinking how best to explain what a ritual was. “As for what a ritual is well it is sometimes a religious or solemn ceremony conducted by an individual or group or individuals for a spiritual or high reason, some rituals are about getting in touch with their deities or for example in the Trills case a particular Ritual is the joining ceremony.” He hoped he wasn’t confusing her.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Cerenity turned her head sideways “what do you mean by Spiritual” clearly not shure. ” it it like a set of rules or something. What exactly is the joining Ceremony it has to do with your stomach slugs doesn’t it. Or is it so.w kind of mating ritual. Did you know that eagles mate for life. Once they chose there mate they stay with them until they....die. human and other people are like that to. I miss daddy, mommy said he’s dead” cerenity said her voice taking on a said tone as she spoke. She shocked her head. And smiled again. Anyway the joining ritual what exactly is it” she asked circling back to the previous topics after considering and thinking about it herself.

“Spiritual is what we would describe something that affects our soul in a material or physical way. In some species and human beliefs its also what they refer to some religious believes, though we Trill are religious our soul and spirit is quiet literally our symbiote. Every time a symbiote is transferred though the host physically dies their memories and thoughts remain in the next host and while Trill don’t admit it, there has been a rare occasion where non-Trill have been joined. Though with some side effects.” He paused taking a sip of his dirnk.

“So Cerenity what do you know about your own way history, I know it’s not exactly conventional but let’s start there and maybe we can discuss what you may want for your future.”

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

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