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Gen crying wrenched at Casela. But it didn’t do Gen any good for her to be distracted by it. “It’s okay Gen. You’re in sickbay. Dr. Knox is going to help you.” She reached down to take her hand off her ankle, “Let me, okay.” She held the leg steady and stretched it out keeping the ankle still.

The girl sobbed again but seemed to calm slightly. She allowed Casela to help her and flinched as the movement did cause some pain.

It’s alright, I know it hurts, but we’re going to take care of it. About that time the door opened and Raauhl walked in. See, he’s here too, it’s okay. She knew how much Gen liked Ryder and knew his presence would reassure her.

“Counsellor, Doctor what’s the medical emergency” He asked , concern plastered his face as he looked for Gen, “I didn’t think Gen could get hurt” He added seeing the young girl his face softened as his mind went back to the conversation he had with Casela about adopting Gen and the difficulties it would face.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Casela looked at Raauhl as he came in, her expression reflecting his own. “I didn’t either, but apparently she fell through the ceiling. When Dr. Knox tried to help her,” she waved at the room at large and the disarray the doctor’s office was in, “and then begged him not to hurt her. It sounds like a panic response, but I don’t know what caused it, unless the pain of her injuries triggered it.” She looked at Knox and then back at Ryder, “The doctor wants to move her to the desk, get her off the floor.” She was on Gen’s left and shook her head and looked back at Knox, “Her left arm looks really bad, I don’t think we can put any pressure on this side.” What a way to start parenting.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

“It will hurt certainly but it would be better than her remaining on the floor” Theo said calmly. Internallynhenwas itching to get a working recorder over this girl. He took a small breath to calm his excite, ent and ensure nothing leaked out of his normal mental discipline.

Raauhl moved slowly to Gen, and knelt down. “Hey, that looks like it doesn’t feel to good.” He pointed with his arms resting on his knees as he was kneeling. “I know it may seem scary trying to move and letting our friend here look at it but he can help you.” He held out his hand, “Come on, I’ll stay with you the whole time and whatever the doctor needs to do he can do it to me first to show you its ok. Does that sounds ok?”

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

No, it bloody well did not sound ok Theodore grummbled internally as outwardly he gave a mod of encouragement at the mans words. Interesting dynamic at play but he definitely did not wish to examine the XO, not when the greater prize was the girl. Appearances we’re so draining. He crouched slightly at the trio’s side.

“If I may suggest two of us stabilise that side and one the mother and we move her quickly. It will hurt but we can deal with that when there is more room to assess the extent of the damage”

Gen meanwhile frowned at Ryder her bottom lip trembling. Despite her teenage appearance she still did act very much like the 10/11 year old she had been when the phantom disappeared. She looked at both Casela and Raauhl then peeked over the kneeling XO at the doctor and frowned. After a moment however she swallowed and nodded.

Gen and Knox

Casela looked around; there wasn’t a lot of room to move and it was crowded in the corner now with a very hurt child and three grown adults. She spotted Fenrir. “Cmdr if you can support her from behind, lift from her waste. Doctor, if you don’t mind stepping back.” She kneeled at Gen’s feet and keeping her ankle still as best she could she lifted her legs from the knees. “Fenrir, assist.” They’d practiced this in RTF training many many times. Fenrir laid down under her raised legs, “Gen, just relax against the Cmdr okay.” And then as they lifted her Fenrir stood up, letting Gen sit on his back, then extending the length of his legs he came even with the top of the desk, from there it was easy to let Gen lay back on the desk. Casela held her leg above the swelling of her ankle and carefully set both her legs on the desk. With her weight gone Fenrir was free to take up his spot by the door again. Casela leaned against the wall, staying out of the way of Gen’s left side, but still in her line of sight. She took her free hand. She did not want Gen to start throwing things around the room with her mind again.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Theo stepped back and watched the proceedings with interest. When the girl was deposited onto his now empty desk he stepped forward and did a quick visual inspection before reaching for a hypo.

He had it up and against the girls neck before anyone could have stopped him. It hissed long and loudly causing the girl to flinch away at first then visibly relax. Her eyes glazing over slightly.

“There we go…easy now.” he said soothingly removing the device and dropping it into his labcoat pocket. He removed another tricorder in it’s place and opening it began examining first the ankle then the leg. He frowned at the readings.
“Dear me…” he muttered. “ Transverse fracture of the tibia and a posterior dislocation of the ankle” he clicked his tongue and continued scanning. “I will need to surgically repair this quickly though there seems to be minimal damage to the nerves and blood flow is good.” he looked up and gave Gen a reassuring smile. Reaching out a hand he gently probed the injury manually. “Hmmm”

Moving to her arm he continued to look grim. “That one is a clean break. I can repair that easily enough.”

Gen held Casela’s hand and started at Knox as he worked. She didn’t know him and glanced back to both the counsellor and XO as if trying to convey that message. Each time she reached out with her mind the nausea was there and she recoiled from it.

When the Doctor removed the hand held part of the scanner for a more in-depth scan of her head her eyes widened and her whole body went rigid. Her grip on casela tightened.

Theo almost purred out loud this girl seemed human but the brain wave patterns were something else entirely. Evidence of confusion and unjust to her throat and neck long since healed made him think she had been choked somehow sometime but that didn’t explain the apparent bruising that still existed.

He clicked his tongue sympathetically. “Dear me. That was certainly some fall young lady. Do you think you can tell me what happened?” he asked as he closed the tricorder over and gently began to examine her head with his fingertips.

Gen swallowed, her thought felt foggy and her tongue was heavy, almost like it was too big for her mouth. She seemed confused. “I was on deck one…then I…i fell…” her heart beat was lessening thanks to the medication Knox had given her.

“My arm hurt then there wasn’t a floor again..lthe bubbles moved on their own....then they were there and I heard my…my leg…snap…” tears welled again.

“Shhh there there now.” Theo said gently as he rested then ack of his hand on the girls forehead a moment before turning to look at both officers. “She is in shock the medicine I have given her should help some. However I will need to repair the damage to the ankle and leg immediately. She has some bruised ribs and a concussion. Her temperature is climbing but I assume that is a result of the shock and stress…unless either of you would like to correct my knowledge, limited as it is, of her physiology?”

Knox and Gen

Raauhl shook his head a number of thoughts going through his mind, he directed them towards Casela something they had both been working on. Do you think its possible Gen is becoming more material? More… like us? The question hung in his mind, maybe the effects of whatever she went though were revising and soon she’d be a normal human girl again? Her injuries seemed to back up his theory. “Nothing from me Doc” He looked to gen and to Casela who was holding the young girl, They had yet to tell her of their plans of adopting her and wondered when they would. Was no a bad time?

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Casela had to work very hard at it, her telepathic touch not gentle, but she was getting better. It’s a valid question, but only time will tell. That or her ‘powers’ are no longer under her control. If she could tell us more. Maybe Fenrir’s systems picked something up? “When Gen first arrived, Dr. Kastil did a whole battery of tests. All the results came back as human, with no explanation of her anomalous changes. As far as the medical record was concerned, she’s human, just like she always has been. Minus the change in eye color and bruising,” she made a small motion towards her neck, “her tests were consistent with a five hear difference since her last check up on the Phantom.” She glanced back to Ryder, She’s telepathic, you could tell her now. It might distract her, help her focus. Or we can tell her after the doctor is done. Then another thought occurred to her. “Dr. Knox, if you need to operate, and obviously something went wrong for Gen, it might be prudent for myself and Fenrir to be present, just in case. We will stay out of the way.” If Gen’s powers were going haywire that wasn’t good. She turned to the girl. “Gen, why did you fall through the floor? Do you remember what happened to make you do that?”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Theo listened carefully, internally noting down each thing. His eyes fixed on the girls neck and stayed there, calculating. As they spoke to her he looked up. “With respect, I do not think she will be lucid enough to answer you Counsellor.” he said.

The girl did now appear to be lying quietly, she lifted hernuninured hand and waved it gently through the air mildly mesmerised.

“Colours…” she whispered.

Theo smirked slightly, amused. He considered, well there goes the funds the mother is going to be present. But still.. yes he didn’t want the counsellor and the dog thing present but it was a trivial matter really. Externally he nodded. “Of course counsellor.”

Dr Knox and Gen

We’ll wait until she is recovered, at least lucid, but we tell her after this He thought loudly in his mind. Perhaps Gen had already listened to their plan and knew what they wanted to tell her. “I will return to the CIC as soon as she is ready and lucid notify immediately, myself and Lieutenant Synthi-er need to talk to the girl” It seemed far to aggressive to be calling her a ‘girl’ and he wasn’t even sure why. Raauhl wasn’t sure how she’d take the news but knew they had to wait post-op even then there was a risk she’d blow a Gen sized hole in the bulkheads.

“Lieutenant, Doctor” He nodded and smiled to them both before he departed and turned to Gen, “Get well soon Gen. I’ll be back later I promise.” He gave her own reassuring smile, before proceeding to leave. As much as he wanted to stay he also had a duty in the CIC, that and he trusted the people he left her with. He hoped thier news and going forward that he would make a good… father.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

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