Side sim: Sickbay - CMOs office

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Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Side sim: Sickbay - CMOs office

“Colours…” she whispered.

Casela shook her head and gently placed her injured arm back down.

Theo smirked slightly, amused. He considered, well there goes the funds the mother is going to be present. But still.. yes he didn’t want the counsellor and the dog thing present but it was a trivial matter really. Externally he nodded. “Of course counsellor.”

Dr Knox and Gen

“We will stay out of the way, but I don’t want the crew at risk if we can help it. And we don’t know what happened. Caution, I would hope you would agree Dr Knox, is prudent.”

We’ll wait until she is recovered, at least lucid, but we tell her after this He thought loudly in his mind. Perhaps Gen had already listened to their plan and knew what they wanted to tell her. “I will return to the CIC as soon as she is ready and lucid notify immediately, myself and Lieutenant Synthi-er need to talk to the girl” It seemed far to aggressive to be calling her a ‘girl’ and he wasn’t even sure why. Raauhl wasn’t sure how she’d take the news but knew they had to wait post-op even then there was a risk she’d blow a Gen sized hole in the bulkheads.

“Lieutenant, Doctor” He nodded and smiled to them both before he departed and turned to Gen, “Get well soon Gen. I’ll be back later I promise.” He gave her own reassuring smile, before proceeding to leave. As much as he wanted to stay he also had a duty in the CIC, that and he trusted the people he left her with. He hoped thier news and going forward that he would make a good… father.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Casela nodded to Raauhl in agreement of both his words and thoughts. “Fenrir wait outside. I’m sure the doctor wants his medical staff to get in here.” She followed both Fenrir and Raauhl out but stayed near the door ‘listening’ to make sure Gen stayed calm.
Lt Synthi-er CNS

Gen watched both go and seemed to take this in from a far away sort of place. A mild panic built in her at the fact they were leaving but it was gone as quickly as it started. Dulled rainbows bounced off of one another across the room. She could feel the pain still but it was as if they had happened to someone else and not to her. She watched the walls dissolve into bubbles and reform.

Casela tried to soothe Gen telepathically, but wasn’t sure how much Gen would understand. Casela could tell she was in pain, but not on very aware of it.

As the officers left Theo nodded his head respectfully to each one and turned back go the girl. Medical team’s summoned at the press of a button on the wall began to move in with an antigrav stretcher. Theo moved forward and pressed the tips of his fingers to the girls neck again checking her pulse. As he counted he carefully moved his thumb over the bruising on her neck for a split second. Then he stepped back and the medical team moved her and he followed from the room contemplative.

Gen and Theo

Casela followed the team and stepped into the scrub room, taking the time to not only to prep herself as well as Fenrir. She stepped into the room behind the medical staff with Fenrir. She moved them to a far corner and put Fenrir on alert. She ‘listened’ to Gen, removing herself from her attachment. Maybe McHarrie should do this. He was the anomaly physician on board. Her job was to make sure Hen’s abilities didn’t hurt anyone and that was what she was focused on.
Lt Synthi-er CNS

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