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Cerenity found herself back on the Viking soronded by shadow creachers. ” this is not real mommy just tucked me into bed” she said. The shadows laughed as if mocking the child. ” oh this is very much real Child. You will never escape we have claimed your father alread we will get your mother to then you will be all alone.” They said. Cerenity woke up screwing bulting upright in her bed. ” Mommy mommy” she cried.

Luna was woken to the sound of Cerenity’s screams and crys. She quickly when to the child’s room picking her up with out much thought. Cerenity huged her mother and muttered sumthing about the shadows. Luna cratled the child and headed to the lounge this time of night it was usually empty. She walked over to one of the view ports and started to sing. It’s was a song from an old animated TV show on earth ( a show called lost song. Cerenity continued to cry for several moments befor calming down. Luna found a seat and setled there with the child just washing for her to fall asleep again.
Ensign Luna

Durheim was wandering the decks and corridors of the Leviathan; a rather typical event. He felt he did his best thinking while doing something; and in lieu of working, he settled for walking. No ship ever truly slept; and that was doubly true aboard the Leviathan. Containment (and breeches) kept no schedule. All the same; it was quieter during third shift. The pleasant background noise of a ‘living’ ship was curiously interrupted; piquing Durheim’s interest. Was that.... Singing? Off the top of his head, Durheim knew of several anomalies that emitted music (or at least, music-like sounds), but this didn’t sound like any of them. It was distant, and so hard to make out, but it didn’t trigger any warning bells in Durheim’s mind. It sounded..... kinder? Less… contrived, perhaps. Not a lure under false pretenses, but simply music for it’s own sake.

The music was brief, (roughly two minutes, by his chronometer) and ended before he found it’s source - a slightly out of the way lounge on the crew deck. Peering around the doorframe (one could never be too cautious aboard this ship), Durheim spotted the occupant - no, occupants. Stepping inside, he knocked gently on the wall with a metal hand; so as to announce his presence. “Excuse me Ma’am; were you perhaps singing a moment ago?”

As he got a closer look at the two, his head cocked to one side out of curiosity. Sure, there was much of the crew he hadn’t met (and possibly never would; given the Leviathan’s.... turnover), but a winged humanoid (or two!) stood out. “Miss… Luna, I believe? Crewman Durheim; pleased to meet you.”

Crewman Durheim, Engineering

Luna turned abruptly startled. A half asleep Cerenity in her arms. ” yes my daughter had a nightmare. Waght how did you know my name” An over tired and productive Luna said. She opened her wings slightly. Little Cerenity stared in her arms. ” why you stop sing” the child mubled her eyes half open.
Ensign Luna

Durheim wasn’t the best at reading people, but he was fairly confident that he detected caution in Luna’s voice; and maybe a bit of… fear? He was silent for a moment, trying to compose a suitable answer; and noting the half-asleep child. “My apologies if I startled you; I don’t believe we have met, but I have heard mention of a winged human aboard the Leviathan - and I made the assumption that you must be her. I had asked for some more details; so that I would not mistakenly identify you as an anomaly.” Jonathan’s tone was polite and quiet; from observation children could be easy to startle.

” oh right , I gess being the only two winged humans would come with rumors” Luna said. Closing her wings.

As he considered what little he knew about the Ensign, his mind rapidly delved into questions and tangencies; before settling on a seemingly unrelated question. A thoughtful expression came over his face, and he stepped fully inside the lounge. “Do you find that you and your daughter require significantly above-average caloric intake? I would imagine even with a lightened skeletal structure, flight would take an enormous amount of energy!” Even though the thick goggles over his eyes; Durheim’s intense curiosity and straightforwardness was obvious.

-Crewman Durheim, Engineering

His question wail insist struck a nerve. As it was a particular problem for Cerenity. ” yes we do, are mattabolisomas are extremely fast i burn nerely there times the energy of a normal adult female. Cerenity even more so it infant its a huge problem in her case” Luna said calmly.
Ensign Luna

Jonathan’s eyes widened at the admission; and his head cocked to the side in thought. Uncrossing his arms, he waved them about in demonstration; showing off their artificially constructed nature. “I have no wings, of course; but my arms are fueled by my metabolism - by my own design; I didn’t want to be constrained to an external power supply. As a result; I eat far more than my small stature would indicate. Adding the demands of a growing body… I can see how that would be an issue. Much of my diet consists of energy paste; but I am told its flavor leaves much to be desired.” Durheim shrugged. “It doesn’t bother me, but I suspect your daughter wouldn’t care for it.” As if to punctuate his words, he reached into a thigh pocket on his coveralls; drawing forth a unremarkable red squeeze tube; it could easily be mistaken for toothpaste or paint. Removing the cap, he squeezed a healthy dollop directly into his mouth; swallowing and placing the capped tube back into its pocket.

” yah with out knowing what is in it I world never let her try it. My metabolism had to have been just as fast growing up and im fine o maby this is just normal for her” Luna said unsure.

Looking around, his mind finally wandered back to the start of its meandering path. “You were the one singing earlier, correct? Only… there’s at least two or three anomalies that I know of that use music and singing as a lure....”

Crewman Durheim, Engineering

” yes I was singing” Luna said she had never heard of these anomalies. Cerenity stared finly. ” Mommy please sing again.” Cerenity whimpered. Luna shook her head. She was reluctant to sing infront of a stranger but Cerenity would not understand. Luna died and sand the song again. When she had finished the song the child was asleep. ” I was unaware of the anomalies that could sing i don’t know much about them we just transferred onbord” Luna said.
Ensign Luna

Durheim was silent while Luna sang; he was pleased to hear that it matched up with what he had heard earlier; relieving him of his concerns of escaped anomalies. And though he was no patron of the arts (preferring a well-drawn wiring diagram to traditional art), it was quite pleasant to listen to.

“Hmmm; I’ve only been here for a relatively short time, myself. I spend most of my time in the containment decks though, so I have become more familiar with our ‘guests’ than many others. There’s two in particular that I would be concerned about; singing, that is.” Durheim paused, looking off into the distance at nothing; sorting through his memories and thoughts on the anomalies that he has grown to know. “My first thought was of item G-35.5654.A - it appears as a rough marble statue in the form of a humanoid; though it’s species can’t quite be determined. It’s position resembles that of a singer, and it can in fact sing. Those who hear it’s song are compelled to listen, and soon loose all motivation to do anything else; leading to death if there is no intervention. It is dangerous, but nothing suggests that it is able to move under it’s own power.”

“Now… item G-35.4865.N.... that item is somewhat similar, but more insidious. It appears as a non-descript microphone, wired to a speaker. It can also produce a compulsive effect via audio - that’s the ‘G-35’ prefix, you see. Anyways, if one picks up the microphone and uses it - most victims choose to sing, but even talking into it is enough - well, the sound out of the speaker does match the input, just amplified… But research into it shows that those frequencies outside of the typical range of hearing are filled with… well, data, for lack of a better term.” Jonathan paused; glancing at the sleeping Cerenity and considering his word choice before continuing. “In most, but not all beings, that subliminal data is enough to trigger, ah… mania, let’s say. On average, if one listens for say, 60 seconds, they have roughly a 50% probability of becoming violently homicidal within approximately 72 hours. As you can imagine, we try and keep both of those very securely contained. From my understanding, the situations in which those items were recovered were… distinctly unpleasant.”

Jonathan paused in reflection. ‘I hope I haven’t given you cause for concern, Ms. Luna; we do take great care in ensuring the safety of all those aboard the Leviathan. Breeches do happen; unfortunately (memories of a narrow escape from Dave scrolled through his head), but such is the nature of our cargo. We hold those things that can’t be left to their own devices.”

Durheim couldn’t help but grin; he was proud of the work that he did. And as he considered the Leviathan’s stated mission, a thought occurred to him… I wonder if we are in containment, much as our ‘guests’ are…

Durheim, Engineering

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