Counsellor’s Office - Daizi checks in

Posted Jan. 28, 2021, 5:58 p.m. by Ensign Daizi Orin (Scientist) (Ffion Grace)

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Counsellor’s Office - Daizi checks in

Posted by Ensign Daizi Orin (Scientist) in Counsellor’s Office - Daizi checks in

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Counsellor’s Office - Daizi checks in
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Daizi arrived outside the counsellors office in good time for her introductory session. After such a busy start to her posting aboard the Leviathan, she was looking forward to meeting her new counsellor and starting to work through some of her issues that had come to the fore since her arrival.

She had quite often sought out the counsellors at the Academy and also at Starfleet Medical during her brief posting there, and had always found the sessions to be of great benefit, helping to sooth her mind and spirit, and work through her troubles in a safe and calm space.

She hit the door chime and waited to enter, eager for what she was sure would be the first of many beneficial sessions.....

Ensign Daizi Orin - Scientist

En Watkins opened the door to her office. “Welcome! I’m En Watkins and I will be handling your onboarding today. Please come in and have a seat. Watkins’ office was super comfortable, indulgent really, and soft lighting. “Drink or food?” She bustled around getting herself an apple juice and grabbing a PaDD with Daizi’s service record on it.
En Watkins, counselor

“Oh. Errr.” Daizi checked the name plate on the door again.

“Errr Apologies Counselor, I seem to have gotten myself turned around again. I’m meant to report to a Lt Synthi-er for a boarding evaluation?”

Daizi held up her PaDD for the Counselor to see, the appointment did indeed state that she was due to see Lt Synthi-er specifically, with a file attachment marked ‘eyes only’ for the Lieutenant attached to the appointment.

“Errr.....Could you point me in the right direction please? I’d hate to be late for another appointment....”

Ensign Daizi Orin - Scientist

“Oh you aren’t late or in the wrong place, ensign. Lt. Synthi-er is scheduled for surgery tomorrow and she is off duty today.” Watkins took the PaDD and not for the first time on this boat she saw the ‘eyes only’ marking. She didn’t sigh out loud, that would probably make the ensign even more nervous than she already was. She ushered the young woman into the office anyway. She turned and looked at Dean, the counseling administrator and nodded. She turned back into Lt. Synthi-er’s office. “Let me get you something to drink ensign while we wait for Lt. Synthi-er to get here.” She walked over to the replicator and returned with a drink for the young ensign. “Now, while we wait, how are you settling in? Anything we can do to help the process?”

“Errr I’m fine thank you. Thank you for the glass of water.”

Outside Dean sighed. The Lt was right, they needed more than just herself with higher level security clearances. With all her duties so many people had to wait to see someone. Ziecast was the closest. He had a higher level than the rest of the staff, but most of the time it still wasn’t enough. Dean shook his head. It was a good possibility that he’d call the Lt down here and she’d cancel her surgery for the next day. But there was no one else to call in her place. =^=Dead to Synthi-er. We have an officer down here with one of those only you can see it files. I’m really sorry, Lt.=^=

=^=On my way Dean. Don’t worry about it.=^= Longer than normal Casela appeared on the counseling deck. Dean handed her a large cup of coffee as she passed his desk. “Hey keep this up Dean, and I’ll get to avoid going under Dr. Knox’s knife,” she grinned at him. On a ship like Leviathan things like this couldn’t be avoided, they all knew that. But Dean shook his head and put a hand on her arm. “I don’t think so Lt. As of Gamma shift tonight, I don’t care how long they have to wait.” Casela shook her head and walked into her office. She smiled at Watkins. “Thank you Watkins. I’ve got it now.” Watkins left with a smile and a nod. The door closed behind her and Casela, leaning casually against her desk hit a button and the room went into lockdown. “Alright En, we’ve got all the privacy in the world in here. Why don’t you start by telling me your name.” She sat down in a chair across from the ensign and sipped her coffee.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

“Ensign Daizi Dink…errr....Orin” Daizi gave the Counsellor an apologetic look, whilst looking somewhat flustered herself.

“I’m sorry, I’m still getting used to the whole name thing.”

Daizi perched on the edge of her chair, and took a sip from the glass of water the nice ensign had fetched for her.

“I’m not sure why Mr Watkins couldn’t have done my evaluation… he seemed very nice.” Said Daizi, clearly on edge about receiving ‘higher up’ attention.

Ensign Daizi Orin - Scientist

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