SPT-ST Prolog: The Galactic Doughnut - All senior staff summoned

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=^= All senior staff, please report to the CIC. Immediately. =^=

Then with a sigh, he turned to the helm and added, “I am transmitting to you our new co-ordinates. Plot a course and head out. Slowly.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Casela was on her way to the CIC for her daily hours of ‘bridge’ duty anyway. She stepped off the turbolift just moments later and walked over to take her seat. She nodded at the captain. “New orders, Sir?”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Surda stepped in shortly after Casela and absently replaced the current security officer.
-Surda, CoS

“Aye,” Cobb nodded to the Counselor. “Something like that. A seasonal gift from ARU command to us, eh?” he rolled his eyes.

Then, spotting the CoS taking up her position, the captain called out, “Lt Surda. How are our houseguests all doing today? No issues in Containment?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Surda smiled. “Everything’s been quiet today.”
-Surda, CoS

A little behind the arrival of the others, Raauhl entered the room and smiled a greeting to the people who were already gathered. “So, what good news is it today?” The crew operated mostly under thier own departments with the head reporting to the command team every so often but with an unscheduled meeting being called usually meant one thing, trouble.

  • LtCmdr Raauhl

OOC: Okay, I’m going to go ahead with the briefing, but if anyone still wants to join then either insert your arrival above or just pretend that your char has been here all the time.

IC: “Commander, you have no idea.” Zachariah muttered to his First Officer, before getting to his feet to better address the room.

“Crew,” he began, “Firstly, let me apologise for interrupting any holiday activities you might have been enjoying. But the ARU, it seems, considers Christmas to be a load of humbug. So,” he began to punch commands into the nearest terminal, “we are being deployed on a new mission. I…am not entirely sure I can do this justice with words so…I think it better if you all just listen to this.”

An unfamiliar voice began to fill the CIC (OOC: as written by Brian):

=^= Captain’s Log, Stardate 2396120.1, we were celebrating as per recommendation by our Counselor to help the younger ensigns feel more at home when a sensor warning went off revealing an unusual gravimetric distortion pattern within a cubic section. After a mere three seconds, that section was suddenly replaced with strange trees that came from a planet with an ammonia-based atmosphere. Our science team managed to collect a sample and load it into our computer when a section of the warp core was suddenly replaced with a massive section of alien flesh and about ninety gallons of water. Within six hours, more than fifteen sections of the ship had been replaced with seemingly random sections of random environments or creatures. We lost a few security officers to the arrival of giant spiders, in all honesty, I’d rather deal with the Borg at this point. At least they make sense. Once environmental controls were replaced with ferrite, I ordered the crew to abandon ship, the pods were aimed toward a nearby M-Class, this log will have the coordinates logged in. Please send help with caution. =^=

Cobb shut off the playback and the room fell into silence. He allowed it to continue for several moments while his crew absorbed the information then, regarding each in turn, he shrugged and asked, “What the bloody hell do you all make of that then, eh?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Casela wasn’t sure what to make of it or how to contain something like that. Not without more information. Gravimetric readings and then different environments popping up everywhere. There could be a lot of causes for those gravimetric readings. “Escape pods? Do we have the coordinates? We could send a couple shuttles there separately to check for survivors and provide medical and survival aid. That might be smarter than going to the ship first. If the anomaly decides to infect Levi and her shuttles too, we might not be able to make it to the surviving crew before it’s too late.”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

The captain nodded. “Aye, makes sense to at least send in some probes before we dive in there ourselves. Good call, Counselor.”

Moving over to the science station, Cobb placed a hand on the officer’s shoulder. “Send out a shielded class five probe to the Holland’s last known co-ordinates. Let’s see if we can get a measure of what we might be about to walk into.”

Daizi jumped slightly as a hand came down on her shoulder unexpectedly. She glanced up from the hugely immersive data stream on a recently discovered strain of semi-sentient interspatial parasites that had been monopolising her attention, to see the face of her Captain gazing down at her, clearly expecting some sort of action or response.

She hastily, and with a not minor sense of panic, replayed in her mind the background noise of the bridge that she had been trying to filter out in order to concentrate on the interspatial parasites.

“Interesting,” Cobb murmured as Daizi hurried to close the data stream on the parasites. “You’ll have to fill me in on that bit of research another time, Ensign Orin.”

“Errr Aye Captain, Probe launched” she managed, having punched in the coordinates and mission parameters in record time, anxiety at being directly addressed lending speed to her fingers as they danced over the controls. She had been hoping to quietly get through her bridge duty detail with no major incidents or drawing any sort of attention to herself, but clearly, this wasn’t going to be her day.

Ensign Daizi Orin - Junior Science Officer

The young woman’s nerves were palpable and Zachariah silently rebuked himself for making her uncomfortable. But all the same, it was a rite of passage for an ensign to be intimidated by their captain. But he was willing to let her off the hook, for the moment at least.
“Good work, Ensign,” he commented, beginning to make a retreat, “let me know as soon as we get some results.”

Then to the helm, he added, “Continue a cautious approach with the Leviathan. Let’s get a shuttle on standby, just in case. Rig up Alfred to pilot it.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“We should probably have medical and engineering on standby too, incase they need any assistance. We should hope to expect to find the ship in moderate damage and hopefully, only a small team can help. I’d also recommend running the shifts on reduced manning, try and give people as much time off until we get there to continue thier deserved rest bite.” He offered, and proud how quickly people were jumping in to help and not moan, hed been on ships where the staff would cry bloody amry at having their personal time taken from them, but not the Leviathan, they got things done.

  • Lt Cmdr Raauhl, XO

((OOC: Will post probe results as soon as work slows down enough for me to be creative. Thursday at the latest.))

OOC: No worries, we’re still on relaxed posting until the 4th January so there is no rush at all.

IC: “Aye,” Cobb nodded at Raauhl. “I agree. No sense in disrupting everyone’s holiday until we have to. Pull together a minimum personnel roster please, Commander. And for any who do have to get brought in at this stage, make a note that I authorise a double shift rest day once the situation is resolved.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Having already been in the CIC, manning his station, Icarus silently listened to the Holland’s CO and made specific note of the anomalies that appeared throughout the ship. When the communique ended, he began to input the data he gathered into the computer in hopes that the information would correlate into a specific nearby location (planet/solar system) that the environments and creatures were coming from . . . .

Remington (CIO)

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  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

The sensor was the first to arrive and detect the state of the Holland and it was a mess. Less than forty percent of the ship remained and the missing spaces were easy to identify with the unusual readings being picked up. Much of the area is littered with alien masses, creatures, technology, dissipating atmosphere, and other such anomalies that would be found mostly on worlds from the furthest outer reaches of the galaxy. There doesn’t appear to be any consistency of where the origin of these things come from as one set of atmosphere matches the ammonia base that was mentioned in the report that was received, however, there was another section where the atmosphere was nitrogen-based, and another that was helium-based.

The probe started to detect the gravimetric energy that reads similar to a wormhole and began moving toward it, only to lose it three seconds later and find a frozen gerbil statue in a cage on a desk and a few other randomly strewn about items to show this was clearly from a child’s room. Thankfully there was no child present and the probe moved on.

When the Leviathan came into range of the fifth planet of the system, the communications officer was able to detect and pick up the emergency broadcast bouy from the life pods on the planet’s surface. There is some minor interference in the atmosphere that seems to be making the signal extremely weak and inconsistent, scattering the beams to make transportation extremely risky. At this time, the probe detected a ring-shaped object comprised of protein (approximately 10%–12%) and starch (approximately 70–75%), and the minor components are polysaccharides (approximately 2-3%) and lipids (approximately 2%). There is a brief moment where the sensor probe picks up the gravimetric energies and captures an image, then falls silent as the computer loses contact with the probe.

  • This Session’s Storyteller

Sometime while the briefing was ongoing Theo had slid in, slightly late. He still had his black leather apron on over his uniform indicating that whatever he had been doing before being summoned it wasn’t sitting around enjoying a mug of eggnog. He gave anyone who met his gave an apologetic look and moved quietly to a chair.

Dr Knox

“I hope you remembered to wash your hands, Doctor,” the captain commented, one eyebrow raised in silent judgement of the other man’s appearance. For a brief moment he considered a request for further details, but then decided that, in this case, ignorance might prove a deal safer.

Theo smiled slightly but said nothing.

Casela nodded to Dr. Knox and turned back. “Captain would you like me to prepare the shuttles and runabouts for evacuation? Do we know the crew size of the Holland? We’ll need to prep the empty quarters and maybe a cargo bay to hold them all. Bedding, rations, medical help.” Casela was particularly skilled to over see this area, and truth be told, she wasn’t feeling well enough to face another anomaly.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Cobb considered the Counselor’s suggestions before turning to the room and asking for the first officer who could obtain the required details, “Are we reading any lifesigns from the escape pods? Any way to establish visual or verbal contact?”

With a somewhat apologetic expression, he returned to the side of Daizi Orin, aware that probe results were already scrolling across her terminal screen.
“Proteins, starch, polysaccharides and lipids?” he mused aloud as he studied the brief detection results of the curious ring-like object, before turning to Knox and adding, “Now maybe I just didn’t have a large enough breakfast this morning, Doctor, but those components suggest something a little…doughy?”

“I would say you are correct Captain, it does indeed sound like that, breakfast aside.” The doctor agreed.

What he wouldn’t give for a plate full of Kindle’s pastries about now! With a struggle his mind was forced back to the present and, with the sudden irritation of a man craving carbohydrates, he barked,
“I am open to all suggestions here, people? If there are lifesigns down on the planet then is there any way for us to isolate the containment beam and attempt a less dangerous transport through this mess? Or maybe tractor in the escape pods? If not then, as Lt Synthi-er suggests, we might have no other option but to send down a shuttle. As for the Holland…clearly something is initiating these changes. I want it identified and a potential containment approach presenting to me within the hour. Have Manhattan work with Lt’s Hampton and Surda on this. And Commander,” he turned to Raauhl, “if you can think of any way to conduct more intimate investigations without having the away team turn into a flock of pigeons then I would be willing to consider it.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Daizi tentatively half raised her hand, in the manner of a shy school aged child that thinks they know the answer but also is braced for incoming sarcasm from an unliked teacher.

“Ummm… a probe wouldn’t have the manoeuvrability but.... we could rig up remote flight controls for one of the shuttles and then use it’s sensors for a closer look at the Holland? Maybe see how far the field or anomaly causing the effect extends? Without risking our ship? Maybe?”

Ensign Daizi Orin - Scientist

Dr Knox

The captain nodded at Orin, a wide grin spreading across his lips.
“Aye, I like it, Ensign,” he agreed. “Maybe we can activate Alfred (OOC: our holographic pilot, amongst other things) to pilot the shuttle for us? I’m placing you in charge of the reconnaissance effort, Miss Orin. Just let me know what you need.”

Daizi managed to blush red to the roots of her hair and simultaneously break out in a cold sweat, a minor biological miracle caused by the thought of being both singled out by the captain for attention and placed in charge of something important.

The containment issue was, however, still outstanding. He needed an engineer. And a fighter.
=^= Any available engineering or security staff that feel like tackling a puzzle, please present to the CIC =^= the captain announced, at this point wanting all the help he could get his hands on.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

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With in minits Ensign Luna entered the CIC. ” hi whats going on” she asked.
Ensign Luna

Durheim heard the announcement from the captain with interest; he was off-shift currently (as much as that was possible aboard the Leviathan) and had just reached a good stopping point with his personal work. Grinning to himself, he quickly snatched up his ‘go-bag’ and headed towards the CIC.
Shortly after, he stepped into the increasingly crowded room; announcing himself with a cheerful “Hello, Mr. Cobb.” He smiled at his fellow crew members; and his curiosity spiked at the varied specialties on display.

-Durheim; Engineering

Daizi finished inputting a series of commands. She checked and rechecked her work. Everything seemed ok but..... she screwed up her eyes and called out, trying to keep the nerves from causing her voice to waver in pitch like an adolescent school boy getting over excited.

“Shuttle is prepped and Alfred is ready Sir. I have programmed a flight path that will orbit the Holland at what is as far as I can ascertain a safe distance. It will remain on station to provide scanning data and continuously update us on the condition of the Holland until such time as you decide it is safe for the shuttle to approach closer.”

Ensign Daizi Orin - Scientist

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