SPT-ST Prolog: The Galactic Doughnut - All senior staff summoned

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“Our suits usually use magnetic fields to anchor itself to an object, if i’m a betting Trill that thing isn’t metallic or magnetic. you’d be relying on momentum and the use of the suits thrusters. Im not disagreeing with you but any mistake here results in as Captain Cobb right said a cereal bowl of a security chief and i’m more of a bagel guy” he said trying t o keep the conversation light but grounded. “I’d want you both tethered to the shuttle at all times.”

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Surda shrugged. “I think I’d be some sort of… granola?” She nodded at the tether comment. “What’s zero-grav training for if not situations like this?”
-Surda, CoS

Casela really didn’t have much to contribute to containing the donut, her mind going over the logistics of rescuing the crew that had landed on the planet. She gave an involuntary shutter, she hated zero-g training, it made her sick, quite brilliantly, and it was always embarrassing. But…”Actually,” she turned away from the screen she’d been staring at, “Fenrir could do it, or go with you. He has Short Burst Anti-Grav Thrusters that he’s programmed to use to help maneuver in zero-gs. He also has a cargo compartment, for lack of a better description, that can hold something that size,” she pointed at the flimsy box, “until the containment units take over. It would be easy, Lt Surda, to give you control over him if you want to take him.”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS (No more zero-gs for me)

“An excellent idea, Lt. Synthier. Thank you.” Surda turned expectantly to Luna, waiting for her input.

” umm I don’t know to fly a shuttle i would rather be on the space with the Lutanat I don’t like the idea of her doing it alone.” Luna said. She had only piloted a shuttle ones and just well enough to pass the Federation requirements. ” iv had just enough pilot training to know i don’t trust myself to pilot” she added as an after thought. ” I could keep us from crashing though getting close to the um … anomaly is another story” she said quietly. ” sje all honesty they should probably figure out t b e space walking thing out they would come across more instances of neededing to space walk.
Ensign Luna

Surda hummed thoughtfully. “Ensign Anders may be able to pilot. Captain?” She turned to Cobb, checking for his opinion on the plan.
-Surda, CoS

Cobb nodded slowly. He’d been a starfleet officer for more than thirty years at this point, had seen countless battles, faced down untold scores of enemies and been cast down onto countless hazardous planets. And yet never, in all of that time, had he ever heard a plan so fraught with danger, so seemingly destined to hasten the demise of every crewmember involved. And that was why he felt convinced that it would work.

“Aye, I am sure Anders will be capable of piloting the shuttle, Lieutenant. Or Nakuto is a reasonable fallback if you can’t find any takers in your own department.” His eyes moved quickly to the XO.
“But Commander Raauhl is right, you must remain tethered to the shuttle at all times. Conditions being what they are out there, if something goes wrong, then we might not be able to reply on our transporters for a rescue.”

He moved once more to the viewscreen and gazed out at the diabolical doughnut. “Proceed when ready,” he gave the final order over his shoulder. “And may the gods hold us in their favour. For once.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“May the odds ever be in your favour,” Raauhl said adding to Cobbs instructions, any additional luck at this stage was probably welcome. Sometimes he hated being the Xo it meant sitting back and letting others take the risk.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

” Captain, Camander” Luna said taking a step twords them. ” we will be fine, there is no way a donut is going to get the best of us.” She said then turned to follow Surda. ” So let’s get going we need to get the donut from space and rescue the people stranded on the planet. ” she said happly. Happly ? Yes, that was right the was one thing Luna liked more then flying and that was doing her job.
Ensign Luna

“I have every faith in your ability to overcome that dastardly pastry,” Cobb nodded to Luna. Why, the situation might just be hilarious - if one was unaware of the true danger involved.

“The shuttle should have some munitions aboard, correct? If there is not one of suitable size already, I can fabricate one quickly once aboard.” Durheim piped up; knowingly volunteering himself for this dangerous mission. Not only was he invested in the containment unit; wanting to see how it fared in actual use, but he also was simply curious about this strange (which was saying something) anomaly.

Durheim, Engineering

“Aye, I am sure your skills will come in handy once the team is adrift, Mr Durheim,” Zachariah consented to the engineer’s plan. “Particularly in the event of any issue with the containment.”

“If there is flyin’ to be done, look no further ladies and gentlemen, ain’t no one on board this here tub that’s a hotter hand in a shuttle than me and that’s a fact.”

There was a loud clicking noise from the science station as Daizi swung her boots up on the console and leaned back her chair, her usually nervous demeanour replaced by that of someone wholly relaxed and oozing self confidence. She treated the assembled staff to a wink and a roguish grin that seemed to only be missing a half smoked cigar for the full effect.

Ensign Daizi Orin - Scientist and Space Cowgirl

Cobb turned and, for a moment, simply stared open-mouthed at the scientist. Then, with a glance to Raauhl he replied, “She’s all yours, Ensign Orin. Steer her true and ensure you bring every one of this team back home, if you please.”

Surda nodded, looking at the assembled officers. “Alright. Luna, Orin, and Durheim with me. We’ll meet in the shuttlebay in ten minutes. Luna, you’ll need to stop by the armory, we’ll grab a case there. Durheim, you can join us if you don’t need anything else, and Orin, you can go start the pre-flight checks. Captain, Commander.” She nodded to both, then tapped her combadge. =/\=Gersh, send an officer up for bridge duty, I dismissed Kelvin. Get a science replacement too.=/\= She grinned confidently at Cobb. “We’ll be in touch.”
-Surda, CoS

“We will…be waiting,” the captain replied somewhat morosely, before adding quickly, “…to provide any assistance you may require.”

Luna Nodded then turned and headed to the Armory.
Ensign Luna

Just before Surda left Raauhl caught her gaze, “No unnecessary risks and dont be trudging icing back through the decks when you’re done, you’ll go straight into quarantine and be check over by medical before being debriefed” The Trill XO was not taking any risks, usually when things appeared to be sweet and tasty it was a big trap and bigger the temptation the bigger the hunter.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

“Sir, yes sir.” The words may seem sarcastic, but her tone was gentle and honest. “We’ll be alright.”
-Surda, CoS

Casela stood up, “Cpt permission to go with Lt Surda to the shuttle bay? I can transfer control of Fenrir to her there.”

“Permission granted,” Cobb nodded.

Casela raised her wrist com for the AARM to her mouth, “Fenrir report to the shuttle bay. You’re taking a trip.”
Lt Synthi-er, RTF

Casela left the CIC heading straight for the shuttle bay to get Fenrir squared away.

Once the team had left the CIC, a somewhat nervous silence drifted around those that remained, all eyes fixed on the viewscreen and the innocent-looking cake in the centre of the image. But as the silence was broken by the angry growling of an empty stomach, Cobb found himself turning to his First Officer and announcing, “Right, well…I shall order some tea then.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

About 20 minutes later, Casela returned to the CIC, three very large coffee mugs in hand. She handed one to Cobb, one to Raauhl and then took the other with her as she sat down staring at the screen. After a moment she pulled up the crew manifest for the ship and then the atmospheric readings on the planet where they had landed after escaping the ship.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Cobb accepted the mug with gratitude, although disappointment came quickly when he failed to spot any doughnuts, of the non-anomalous kind of course, to accompany the coffee.

“Thanks” Raauhl said smiling and taking the mug and sipped from it the bitter sweet taste that was coffee made him feel some what more awake. “Computer activate the holographic image, centre the anomaly and display surrounding sector including this ship” The computer acknowledged and Raauhl moved to the centre table. The rooms lights dimmed to allow optimal viewing of the holographic display thought he book rooms were still lit enough to work on the consoles.

The holographic display had centred the large doughnut shaped anomaly and the Leviathan was displayed some distance away. “Computer display telemetry and distances from the Leviathan to the Anomaly.” Again it acknowledged and in addition to the Leviathans registry and state showed course, heading, speed and now distance to the anomaly.

=^= CIC to Away team, notify us when you depart we’ll be tracking from here, open comms.=^= he sipped his coffee, “I really like this table.” he smiled at Casela and said to anyone who was listening.

Casela stepped over to the display, sipping her coffee, it never ceased to amaze her. “I would love one of these on Valkyrja. Might need to ask Durheim about it when he gets back.” She grinned. The amount of information and recon she could do from a distance with a table like that. “Too bad we don’t have another one. I’d like to get a look at the planet where the crew evacuated. “Based on the initial interference from the planet’s atmosphere, we should anticipate wounded. Escape pods are just that, for escape. They don’t have a lot of maneuverability and most probably crash landed. We might even need to go searching for some of them.”

OOC: For anyone who hasnt seen this is the layout for the CIC and what Raauhl is talking about - also consider the lights dimming like in ST:Discovery during black alert.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Coffee mug still in hand, Zachariah Strolled to the central console and gazed silently at the holographic display. In truth it was a sight to be marvelled at - a perfectly rounded, frosted doughnut. And yet somehow it had gained, or been baked with, the power to manipulate all matter around it? Into anything it desired? Or was the doughnut itself merely another manifestation, with the strings being pulled by more powerful and, as yet unseen, hands. The captain groaned.

“You ever encountered a Q?” his query directed to Raauhl and Synthi-er both. “I’ve only ever read of them but, this reminds me of the kind of meaningless chaos one of them might create. Unless,” his eyes fixed upon the doughnut once more, “I am missing something about the pastry’s true intentions?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Casela paused, her gaze very far away. “Aye, Captain, I have.” She sipped at her coffee, pacing away and then back again. “The Q don’t use meaningless chaos. It appears so to us, but what they do has a purpose. They see themselves as almost deities, a wise elder, for lack of a better word, and humanity a child they are trying to teach, to fill our potential. If this was related to the Q there would be one here now, antagonizing us into solving the puzzle. And if the donut attacked (forgot the name of the ship) and was put their by Q we wouldn’t be here. Q likes the crew it selects to solve their own problems.”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

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