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Posted Feb. 21, 2021, 1:43 p.m. by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) (Jennifer Ward)

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The half-Klingon paused and then almost immediately retreated. It had not been her intention to wound her opponent so deeply. The voice of her father swelled against the silence of her subconscious. Not every battle must be to the death, my little senshi.

“Casela, forgive me,” Nakuto spoke quickly, lowering herself to a submissive crouch, her own weapon sheathed at her side. “I find it easy to forget that not every moment is a conflict.”

At her retreat, Casela flipped the mek’leth in to rest against her fore arm and stood up from her stance. “I as well. There is nothing to forgive, Kara. It happens. Learning a bladed weapon comes with risk. Think nothing of it. It was good attack. Are you alright? I’m afraid my control is not what it should be with the mek’leth.”

In truth, the counselor’s aggression during training was a thing of legend, although usually the only victim was herself. Or so the rumours told. Although more than once the name of the Leviathan’s first officer had found its way into the tale. But then so had whispers of surgery, of injuries that had almost incapacitated her. Nakuto had no desire to populate a chapter in this tale.

As if sensing her thoughts, but in truth, simply reading her body language, “I have not had such a worthy opponent in quite awhile. I have gotten slow and sloppy. I was in need of the reminder. Don’t worry I don’t usually get this hurt, the stories of my extremes are exaggerated. If I truly got hurt as much as the scuttlebutt claims, I’d be dead many time over.”

“I…are you badly hurt?” she got to her feet and took a tentative step towards the other woman, unsure in that moment whether Casela would match her own retreat, or merely take it as an opportunity to catch Kara off guard.

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

Casela grinned, “‘Tis but a flesh wound. Truly I will be fine. Though I’m sure if the Cmdr finds out I’ll be in for a much worse battle. But lucky for me I don’t have to tell him.” Her laughter rolled easily across the room. “Perhaps I need some time with a training dummy?” She was willing to continue but Kara looked warily. Casela needed to get back to Norda III. Of course if T’Jal saw her make such a sloppy mistake she’d be doing burpees for 3 hours. The thought made her smile. “Honestly, I’m fine.”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

“I am glad to hear it,” the half-Klingon moved to the Counselor’s side and examined the wound. “As both a colleague and an opponent I hold you in the highest regard. And while I was, and still am, honoured to be asked to share my training with you, at the same time I find myself…”
She sighed, turned her back to the other woman and allowed herself to bounce lightly in the reduced gravity. A lightness that was not reflected in the heaviness of her own soul.
“I find myself too…on edge these days. I believe the human expression is that my ‘back is always up’. It is a defense mechanism that I never expected to need.”

Some distance now between the two, Kara once more drew her own weapon and slipped back into her preparation, in an effort to calm her mind. But still the image of her blade slicing deep into Casela’s flesh, refused to dissipate from the unavoidable screen behind her closed eyes.
Unable to bear it any longer, she returned her focus to the room and to her companion.
“If you wish to continue then I am willing,” she nodded to Casela, “although I can offer no assurances on my own level of control. Or,” she shrugged, “we can both direct our weapons towards imaginary foes and fight with abandon.”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

Casela would be remiss in not picking up Kara’s hesitation and anxiety. She kept her blade flipped in, resting against her fore arm. “I find that my grip is not quite right. A bag or imaginary foe might be better than accidently getting you again.” She eyed Kara a moment. Klingons were so senstaive at times, but Kara was not all Klingon, and Casela did not know her extremely well. “However, if you feel the need to take the edge off, unarmed sparing is a favorite past time of mine.” Casela anchored the mek’leth to the sheath on her back.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

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