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Sitting in the main briefing room with Cobb Raahl tapped his comms badge =^=Can all Anomaly consultants report to the main briefing room as soon as possible=^= Leaning forward he picked up a triple choc chic cookie and dunked it in his coffee. Infront of him at the other end of the table was Cobb and between them stretched the oval table filled with a variety of snacks and drinks. It was hard enough to get Cobb onto the CIC but to get him in a briefing Raauhl found snacks and drinks usually got him motivated.

And indeed the snacks were most appreciated by the Leviathan’s captain as, nestled comfortably in his chair, he sipped at an Irish coffee and munched on his second…or was it third?…cookie.

“It nice to finally be going back to somewhere more stable” The Trill of course referring to their orders to return to Star base 237 hidden in the Bardeezi nebula in no mans land between the Ferengi Alliance, Tzenkethi coalition, Breen and Cardassian space it was one of the most well guarded secrets Raauhl knew of in the Federation, there was likely more but this one was one he was a part of. The Nebula itself was similar to the badlands with only one passage of entry in, photon turrets surrounded the inner wall of the nebula along with mines unless you knew how to navigate the storms, mines and turrets there was no way a ship was getting through. Then there was the starbase itself, was twice the size of Sol with its own dry and space docs it was a enormousness feet of engineering

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

“Aye,” Cobb nodded, before leaning forwards and adding, “To tell the truth, Commander, there are a few of these anomalies I shall be glad to see the back of once we’ve offloaded them to the station.”

This would be their first delivery since setting out almost a year ago. So much had happened in that time. So much had changed. Cobb found himself in equal parts anxious and intrigued for the briefing with Admiral Roebuck that was to come. But that was not a subject for today and as the door to the briefing room opened, he pushed it to the back of his mind and turned instead to greet the newcomer.

Ilena hadn’t even been to her quarters yet, expect to drop off Thor. Well she better find her way to the main briefing room.

The blonde haired, black eyed medical researcher appeared in the briefing room. Looking far younger than someone with her experience and clearence levels should she nodded to the two officers. “Cpt., Cmdr., Lt Rox. Abell level medical researcher.” She stood behind a seat at attention. Best not start her first day by breaking protocol.
Lt jg Rox, Abell medical researcher

“Please take a seat the others should be arriving shortly and help yourself to some refreshments,” Raauhl said dunking his cookie and dipping it into his coffee again. He was clearly in a good mood.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Ilena eyes widened slightly. Coffee and cookies? Dunked? Hmmm maybe she did need to get out of the labs more.

“Apologies for the less than traditional welcome to the ship,” Cobb chuckled as he held out a plate of cookies towards Ilena. “We don’t usually throw new arrivals into important briefings. But then considering your specialty, I doubt this will be anything too unsettling.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Ilena took a seat, and she took an offered cookie and a glass of juice. She wasn’t one to over indulge but she knew that it would be very bad manners not to partake of some. “This is a wonderful welcome Captain. I’m eager to get to work. Idleness gives me headaches.”

A few moments after Rox had stepped into the room, the door opened again and a tall and, at that moment somewhat excited, half-Klingon entered.
“Captain, Commander,” she nodded to each in turn, “I have some promising results to show you from my latest round of experiments. I am also eager to learn whether our requests for additional equipment will be granted upon arriving at the station.”

Then turning to the room’s other occupant, Nakuto extended a hand in greeting, accompanied by a wide and, somewhat intimidating, smile.
“Ilena Rox,” she stated as if already confirmed. “John mentioned that your arrival was expected today. His work must be getting quite the amount of attention with the ARU to warrant such an accomplished assistant. I read a few of your previous papers and, while I am more accustomed to those bodies forged from tritanium and nourished by plasma, I will admit that I found your research interesting.”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

Ilena had read the ship’s manifest while she’d waited, and waited, on Maxia, “Kara Nakuto, engineering consultant, previously CO of the USS Viking. Your ability to repurpose and create something from nothing have gained you quite a name in engineering. Dr. Samasedon has used several of your theories and principles to remake the world of prosthetics. You work is well known in the medical field.” It was quite obviously that Ilena wasn’t just ‘blowing smoke’ or trading complements. She was analytical and precise and meant every word. She wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. She passed the plate of cookies the Cpt Cobb had slid towards her to Kara.
Lt Rox

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