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Raauhl cursed silently in his mind at Cobb for handing this off to him, he hated belittling people and he really didn’t want to be in this situation. “Lieutenant, I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise to you however there were several items in your interview that we as the command staff just couldn’t ignore, and nor could the top brass who have agreed with us with the action to be taken.”

He let out a small sigh, “The department has been doing fine under your leadership but frankly, I believe and so does the Captain believe that you’re not currently suitable as chief of security, especially when even now you come dressed incorrectly to a meeting with the command staff, it really doesn’t send the right message.” He looked to Captain Cobb now it was his time to throw the Captain into the mix. Ryder hid his emotions well. “Captain?” After all it was always down to the Captain.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, Evil XO

“Aye,” Cobb got to his feet and began a slow pace towards Surda. “It’s the collar, you see. Too…light. Would you not agree, Commander? Too…undecorated.”

Reaching into his pocket, the captain produced a small box, similar to one that might be used to gift jewelry, except this one bore the dual stamp of the Federation and the ARU on it’s face. With care, he opened the box and displayed its contents to the Orion - a singular, golden pip.

“But I think we can perhaps do something to fix that situation, Lieutenant,” he grinned at the CoS.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Surda let out a breath she hadn’t noticed she was holding, and it turned into a shaky laugh. “By the Goddesses. I-I,” She stuttered for a moment, not knowing what to say. She had been terrified she was being sent away, only to find a promotion. “Thank you.” Surda smiled, almost tearfully. She had become inordinately attached, especially considering her track record.
-Surda, CoS

Their descriptive and cryptic phrases seemed to have had the effect they wanted and in a way, it made it worth while “You deserved it, Lieutenant, you’ve been and exemplary officer and I can’t think of anyone more deserving than a promotion.” he held out his hands, “Congratulations Lieutenant.” it was true that she had surpassed their expectation and her department’s performance had spiked since she took charge.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

“Aye,” Cobb was quick to chime in, “the Commander here speaks the truth. We are both fully aware of the unique and exceptional demands on your department and particularly you, yourself, as the head. But the confidence and efficiency with which your team patrols the containment decks has been nothing short of inspirational. Well, there was the one issue with Dave, but…we already suspect there was more to his escape than mere accident.”

Surda nodded, making a mental note to check on the progress of the investigation.

Cobb rubbed at the back of his neck, keen to move on from the unpleasant memories of their, so-far only, anomaly breach and the mountain of casualties that ensued.
Clearing his throat, Zachariah smoothed at his tunic then announced in an officious voice, “Surda, I hereby promote you officially to the rank of full Lieutenant, with all the rights and privileges that entails. Congratulations.”

Then stepping forward, he gently lifted the pip from its cushioned seat and swapped it with its former black counterpart.

“Thank you, sir.” Surda swallowed then met his eyes with a smile.

“Well, I’d say that calls for a celebratory drink,” he announced finally with glee, almost skipping to the cabinet in the corner and returning in a breath with whiskey and three glasses.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Surda grinned and shook her head. “I don’t know where you stash your alcohol. It certainly isn’t anywhere I keep mine.”
-Surda, CoS

“Perhaps we can compare notes some time then,” Cobb chuckled as he filled the glasses before handing them out.

“I think the Captain has stash’s all over the ship, I try my best to remove them but…” he smiled as the Captain fetched them their drinks, “They keep reparring, worst than tribbles I swear” On this occassian he was willing to take a toast with the pair of them, after all Surda had earned it the stats really did speak for themselves when it came to her and her department.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Zachariah raised his own glass with a wink to Ryder. “Come now, Mr Raauhl, we both know you value your continued existence on this starship far more highly than that.” Then returning his attention to Surda, he continued, “The Leviathan is, without a single doubt, the most challenging and, at times near unbearable, environment I have ever served in. But moments like this, when we can witness and celebrate talent, make it all worth fighting for.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Surda laughed wryly. “And the chance to consume more alcohol.” She toasted with Cobb, muttering “Lalali,” as she did so.
-Surda, CoS
OOC: Lalali = Goddess of accomplishments (Like promotion!)
-L’s Orion Culture Blurb

Raauhl raised his glass and followed Surda’s approach and toasted. “To future success and less Daves” He tipped the contents of his glass into his parted lips and swallowed.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

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