Checking out Anaya - Medical Boarding Examination

Posted Feb. 21, 2021, 5:08 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Anaya (Assistant Counsellor) (Ffion Grace)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) in Checking out Anaya - Medical Boarding Examination

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Anaya (Assistant Counsellor) in Checking out Anaya - Medical Boarding Examination

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) in Checking out Anaya - Medical Boarding Examination
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The hour was late and Sickbay was quiet as Anaya entered for her boarding examination, the low hum of the various diagnostic machines in standby mode adding an almost restful background music, which combined with the lowered lighting led to a peaceful ambience, almost more like a meditation chamber than a theatre where the actors fought a life and death struggle on a daily basis.

“Hello?” She called in a hushed tone, wary of disturbing the tranquility of the compartment.

Anaya- Asst Counsellor

There was a light soft piano music playing from one of the labs in the bay. Old earth classical and seeming to meld into the background of the machines hum to the point that the ears of anyone hearing it really had to strain and their brains asked the question ‘am I really hearing that?’ As such anyone in the bay would possibly be so intent on answering this that it effector acted as a cover for the noise of anyone moving around, almost deliberately.

“Good evening.” A voice said and should Anaya turn towards it she would find herself face to face with a tall dark-eyed, dark-haired man dressed in a teal medical uniform. A black leather apron covering his front.

“Good evening… Doctor?” Asked Anaya, her eyebrow raised in an almost vulcan manner at the leather apron.

Theo watched her a moment and then arched both his eyebrows and held his hands up in a placating sort of gesture. When he spoke his tone was cultured, calm and gentle. “My apologies, I, of course, assume you heard me approach.” A slight smile touched his lips. “It is rather late for a social call. Are you well?”

Dr Knox

“I apologise for the late hour, my previous appointments had overrun but I was hoping you might still be available to give me physical examination? I assure you it won’t take but a moment of your time, I am in perfect health as you can see, yes?”

He smiled. “I would of course, be happy to assist you.”

She listened for a moment, her acute senses picking out the agreeable notes of the piano. She closed her eyes to better feel the ebb and flow of music, letting the subtle variations wash over her.

“Ahhhh, old earth classical, the Goldberg Variations yes? An excellent choice Doctor”

Anaya- Asst Counsellor

Theo watched her as she listened. “You have quite the ear.” He said approvingly. “I often like the change of ambiance while sickbay is quieter. I find it affords me a greater ability to focus on my…research.” He smiled again and gestured with a hand. “Please, this way.” He said and led her to a biobed reaching up to calibrate the scanners on the bed he said “Please make yourself comfortable.I’ll be just a moment.”

Dr Knox

Anaya swung her long slim legs up on to the biobed and relaxed, hands behind the hairless scalp of her head, her natural poise making her look instantly at home, giving the appearance of one relaxing in a boudoir on a chase longue rather than about to undergo a medical examination.

“Take your time Doctor, I am in no hurry.” Her voice was perhaps a tone lower than would be expected from her striking appearance, her words seeming to flow through the air to the ear like honey, warm and inviting.

Anaya - Asst Counsellor

Theo observed her as she relaxed and then began scanning with the tricorder. “You are Deltan, correct Lieutenant?” He asked as the device worked.

“Whatever was it that gave me away?” Said Anaya with a smile.

“ I have always found it fascinating your species ability to ease pain with a simple touch. Tell me do you find yourself ever frustrated by the reactions of others to your pheromones and sub-conscious telepathy? I can imagine that in a society such as yours the oath you take to serve in starfleet must be sometimes a hard burden to carry.”

“I would be happy to assist Doctor if you feel that you have a patient that would benefit from a non-pharmaceutical approach to pain relief.”

He looked at her over the tricorder as it worked then added as he brought the device over her heart and lungs. “Nice deep breath for me if you please.”

Dr Knox

She paused to consider the answer his question.

“As to the oath, it really is only for appearances sake that we make such a public declaration. Not only would I be likely left unfulfilled by a purely physical interaction, I would never jeopardise the safety of a crew member by engaging in intercourse with a member of a less sexually mature race, the consequences could be quite lethal after all, no matter how pleasurable for the recipient at the time. The oath is there for the same reason that jar over there is labelled ‘bio hazard’ or a button is marked ‘do not press’.”

Anaya sighed, thinking back to an incident aboard the Seeker on her last mission.

“Unfortunately, the galaxy does seem to be full of people that want to press that button, just to see what happens, don’t you find Doctor?”

“It is the nature of explorers and scientists I am afraid.” He said

Anaya took a deep breath in, her chest rising and then falling as she gently exhaled.

“Would it help if I were to disrobe Doctor?”

Anaya - Asst Counsellor

Theodore gave a slight smile at her. “No, I do not think that will be necessary.” He said and continued his scan. “I appreciate the difficulty and need to restrain oneself in the best interest of the crew. Do you find yourself in complete control of you pheromone reactions all of the time or is there some chemical restraint in place?”

Dr Knox

“Ahh yes, always searching for the ‘final frontier’ yes?”

Anaya produced a small pill box from the pocket of her uniform and flipped it open to show a row of small pale blue pills, neatly stacked.

“Pheromone inhibitors, a requirement along with the Oath, to help prevent myself becoming a distraction, sad that they are needed but everyone must make sacrifices in order serve, yes?”

Anaya - Asst Counsellor

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