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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ilena Keelara Rox (Medical (Assistant Researcher - Abell)) in Puppy Pals

Posted by Ensign Misana Kahl (Scientist (Archeologist/Anthropologist)) in Puppy Pals
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Ilena had brought Thor in to get his evaluation done with the CSO. Now that they were done, and Thor was totally enamoured with the Ferengi scientist they were on their way out to so that Ilena could get the rest of her check-ins finished. Thor had other ideas though. He yipped, actually yipped, something he hadn’t done since he was a puppy. He walked beside her until they got to the door of a lab and he started nosing around the bottom, whinning excidely. MOM! There’s another dog in there! Can we go in? Please? PLEEEEEAAAASE! Thor looked at her and then back at the door, his tail wagging wildly.
Lt Rox and Thor

Misana had been quietly writing reports when she realised her own dog’s ears perk up suddenly, twitching her own ears towards the sudden noise she looked to the door, having sensitive and strong hearing came in handy sometimes to identify new guests. Smiling, the Caitian called for them to come in. Neither had really seen other dogs on the ship before. The large St Bernard chose to stay close to her owner, unsure on whether or not it was okay to go play.
“Welcome! little guy got excited huh?”

~ Ensign Misana Kahl, Archaeologist / Anthropologist

Ilena entered, Thor politely at her side. Ilena grinned at the ‘little guy’ comment. Neither dog, now that she could see what had gotten Thor so excited, was small. “Yes he did. He’s not been around many other animals in awhile. And certainly no other dogs since he was a puppy.” Thor’s tail was wagging happily, tongue lolling. He stood still, not getting into anything but it was obvious he was eager to make a friend. “This is Thor, and I’m Ilena. We just arrived on board a couple of hours ago.”
Lt. Rox

Misana stepped away from her desk, smiling politely. She had been eager to make more friends since she came back from leave, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.
“I’m Misana, and this big ball of fluff is Gemini! Welcome aboard!”
Misana resembled a humanoid version of a brown tabby cat, her eyes were a mis-matched blue and green, while her hair was long and curly reaching down towards her coccyx. She had minimal fur on her skin, but the fur surrounding her ears and tail made up for it. Her tail was a fluffy long string-like appendage that usually had a bow and a bell tied around the end, usually so people would know when she was around since her footsteps were so light and airy.
She giggled and motioned something towards Gemini, which was their universal language for “Go on then”. Upon seeing this gesture, the large dog walked up to Thor to sniff about.

~ Ensign Misana Kahl, Archaeologist / Anthropologist

Ilena grinned and looked at the dog. “Hello Gemini. You are beautiful.” She turned back to Thor and nodded, and he very eagerly pranced forward in happiness to greet Geimini. HI! Hi hi hi! Ilena turned back to Misana. “I am really sorry we disrupted your work. But I am very glad Thor is getting to make a friend. Where’s a good place to take him to run? He has a LOT of energy. We layed over on Maxia and he was able to run outside for hours while we were there. Being back on a star ship is going to be disappointing for him.”
Lt Rox

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