My Brain never Stops (Anaya)

Posted Feb. 21, 2021, 6:01 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Anaya (Assistant Counsellor) (Ffion Grace)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ilena Keelara Rox (Medical (Assistant Researcher - Abell)) in My Brain never Stops (Anaya)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Anaya (Assistant Counsellor) in My Brain never Stops (Anaya)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ilena Keelara Rox (Medical (Assistant Researcher - Abell)) in My Brain never Stops (Anaya)
After her medical exam, Ilena headed straight down to deck 33, the counseling deck. She saw a crewman sitting behind a desk and walked over. “I’m here for my onboarding. Is there a counselor available? I didn’t get the chance to make my appt before my transport left. Honestly I forgot about it. I’m not usually so scatter brained, but my dog, oh my gosh, was being uncharacteristically hyper and distracting. You wouldn’t happen to have an animal behaviorist on board would you? I mean I only feel excitement from him but I’m not expert. Anyway, sorry I’m Lt. Rox.” She really had to learn to be more socially polite. It wasn’t that she was rude, she just didn’t have time for it. “Anyone will do, I’m not picky. I know there are five different counselors on board.”
Lt. Rox, Abell level researcher

Anaya stepped out her her office with the intention of heading to the small mess hall nearby to see if anyone fancied joining her in partaking of a few sweet nibbles. As she did so, she overheard the new arrival talking to Crewman Deans on the reception desk.

“I am free now as it happens Ms Rox if you would like? We can either step in to my office or perhaps we could head to the mess hall for a little bite of something, yes? I am Anaya, Assistant Counsellor.”

Anaya - Asst Counsellor

Ilena looked up. Food? Did she eat today? She fed Thor, but did she eat? Oh no, the freighters replicator was on the fritz that morning, and she usually ate when she fed Thor but she’d been on the way for her physical. “Yes, food would be amazing.” She walked over to the assistant counselor and took her in. “You’re Deltan aren’t you? Oh I would love to study how your people help people with pain. It’s fascinating! Oh I’m Lt Rox, Ilena Rox, by the way. It’s nice to meet you, Anaya.”
Lt Rox

“Nice to meet you too Ilena, I may call you Ilena, yes?”

Anaya waved a hand in the direction of the mess hall, indicating that they should walk and talk. She had been working all morning without a break and felt the need for a late morning sugar boost to see her through to lunch.

“I would be happy to demonstrate the pain relief techniques for you, Dr Knox has also expressed an interest, perhaps next time he has a patient that would benefit from a non-pharmaceutical approach, I could assist and demonstrate, yes?”

Anaya - Asst Counsellor and amateur foodie

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