MPT-"Six Hours From Evil"- the other Leviathan Shuttlebay

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Death wasn’t what Raauhl expected, he opened his eyes and all around him was blinding light and a haze which hindered his view. From beyond the veil he could make out a voice, a woman’s voice but the words were unintelligible from thier tones they were sad and desperate. The fog began to close and the voice seemed ever distant, some say you should go to the light but in his case Raauhl couldn’t escape it.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Somewhere in her unconscious state she felt him slip further away, and reflexively tried to hold on, but the effort creating immense pain and an almost seizure like reaction. Her world was reduced to an intense throbbing, like shards of glass being hammered into her over and over again. She tried to figure out why and it only got worse. It was only better if she let go and floated, detached and away. There was something she needed to do, but the pain was too much. Then the pain was less, but like a broken foot that feels fine if you don’t put weight on it, but will suddenly cripple you when you take a step, so her mind reacted in the same way.

Durheim took in the shuttlebay (and the departing shuttle) with a small sigh; feeling somewhat defeated. Though truthfully, he wasn’t completely sure what he would have done had he gotten there earlier - presumably that was Mr. Hampton aboard the shuttle. He looked at the hull axe in his hand; and thought of the phaser under his coveralls. Barring anything.... unexpected from Mr. Hampton, he could have made an attempt to subdue or murder the newly-malicious Chief Engineer. Success was an entirely different mater. But that was a (currently) hypothetical situation, and there were more pressing matters bleeding out on the deck before him.

Mr. Raahul was.... stabilized’ for now; and the lack of pulse suggested that a deteriorating condition didn’t matter too much; though perhaps the symbiont still lived. A glance at the mangled torso put that at low odds, though. Turning to Ms. Synthi-er, she still read above room temperature; and the erratic breathing and twitching suggested life; if somewhat tenuous - there was no telling what exactly had happened here. A quick but delicate examination revealed a bleeding nose; but no brain serum visible; eyes were bloodshot and unresponsive. Pulse and breathing were both erratic; but reasonably stable. No obvious physical damage; maybe a psychic attack? Curious… As much as he wanted to stay and figure out the puzzle; now was not the time. Ms Synthi-er appeared stable enough for now, but she needed to be examined and treated by someone more qualified.

=/\=Durheim to Bridge; two to sickbay, please. High priority. Please stand by for Ms. Surda and I.=/\=

-Crewman Durheim, Engineering.

A few moments later, Hampton, Gen and Knox appeared in the shuttlebay.

Hampton looked around at the scene before him, his XO appeared very much dead, the counselor looked very bad off, and the Engineer had lost his usual spunk. Guilt flooded his heart once more, even though he didn’t commit these atrocities, he knew he had wanted to. That was almost as damning.

Lt. Hampton

“Misters Knox and Hampton; Miss McAllister.” Durheim nodded politely at the new arrivals; those familiar with his mannerisms would note that while he appeared quite chipper compared to what one would expect in such a situation, he was somewhat subdued in relation to his usual self.

If being phased through one ship then weirdly transported across to an identical version of the same ship, but not, was strange at all it didn’t really show on the doctors face as he took in their new surroundings. He merely quirked his eyebrow and allowed Theodore control on this one, Theo was much too placid for a dangerous situation. As it had always been since he was a boy.

The Doctor immediately moved to the two fallen officers, he bent to the counsellor then saw Ryder and moved to him first. Kneeling, he put his hand on the mans pulse point as he opened his bag. “How exactly were they injured.” he asked as he opened the tricorder to give the XO a scan.

“I can’t say, Mr. Knox - I came upon them after the fact. I had Fenrir place Mr. Raahul in containment; in hopes of preserving his condition - though I admit I am not completely versed in the unit’s capabilities. Ms Synthi-er is in significantly better physical condition; though the seizures and bleeding suggest possible nervous system damage.” Durheim’s tone was polite and deferential; his knowledge of biology was limited to the ‘mechanical’ side of things, and he was far from an expert.

Gen meanwhile, eyes still glowing, and now small waves of a dark purple almost black aura growing and ebbing around her looked directly at Hampton, the expression that he should feel guilt evident on her face. She softened as she saw Caseka and floating over to her hit the ground onto her knees at the woman’s side, her hand going to Casela’s head. She gently touched her fingertips to the woman’s skin. Tears threatened to fall as the girl shook the woman who had been so kind to her slightly as if trying to wake her from a nap. Her earlier rage forgotten it seemed.

Casela groaned as her head began to throb insistently, trying to stay numb to the pain, but it wouldn’t stop. Her whole body was being rocked back-n-forth. Her eyes fluttered open taking in Gen in confusion. She hadn’t been with them. Her eyes darted around, landed on Hampton, and despite the pain reached out to seize him once more, but stopping short. This was their William Hampton. The brief touch would leave a feeling of relief and gratefulness on him. She whispered, the faintest of sounds triggering off a migraine almost as bad as the pain from whatever weapon the other Hampton had used. “You got free.” She was extremely happy for him, and then her eyes closed seemingly drifting in unconsciousness again.

Dont die…please don’t die… she thought desperately at the woman.

Knox and Gen

She wasn’t able to answer Gen telepathically but she nodded her head slightly. What about Ryder? Maybe it was a dream, a hallucination like the one Sandman had forced her to endure? He wasn’t really dead was he? And then she really was unconscious again.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Letting Mr. Knox get to work, Jonathan turned to the Chief Engineer. “Mr. Hampton; it appeared that Mr. Hampton took the shuttle out of the system; I had expected him to engage the Leviathan. Do you have an idea of where he may have gone? Giving him time to plan does not sound like a wise idea; assuming that he continues to wish us ill.” Durheim showed no hesitation or discomfort at the usage of duplicate names; and his gaze was sharp, though not accusatory as Gen’s had been.

Durheim, Engineering

Hampton shook his head. “I have no clue, although I can say with almost complete certainty that he is not attacking Leviathan, not with a shuttlecraft.” Hampton paused for moment, as if trying to anticipate what his double was about to do. “If I were in his position, I would be looking to escape.” He finally said. He looked around the room, his eyes falling on Raauhl, “I need to fix this,” he muttered to himself.

Lt. Hampton- CE

“Well Mr. Hampton, if nothing else, I am glad to see you have returned to us; I’ll admit to being concerned after your interaction with the Orb. And I suspect you are right; even at your worst, you are not a foolhardy man. But with vengeance so obviously keen on Mr. Hampton’s mind… it does seem odd to break off so suddenly. Could there be something going on that he knows of, that we do not?”

-Durheim, Engineering

Theo continued to examine the XO. His expression grim as he pulled hypos and other equipment out to try to do something.

Ooc: sorry folks can I have some readings?

Dr Knox

Readings would show that Ryder had deceased more than a few minutes ago, almost instantly when he was shot. Burns to his symbiotic pouch also meant that Raauhl the symbiote inside was also dead but died sometime after its host.

The XO’s lifesigns were gone, Theo could read nothing, Raauhl was dead as a doornail. The ship began to shake somewhat violently. Hampton turned to Durheim and nodded. “Yeah, whatever is happening right now.” He looked back to his XO, clearly in contemplation.


  • Cmdr Raauhl, Deaded.

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The readings on Casela would show seizure activity focused in the paracortex and that her alpha waves had been disrupted. Reading similar to, but exponentially more intense, a migraine. There was blood from a nose bleed and even some around her ears. What ever had happened had disrupted her bio rythms making her heart and other autonomic systems out of natural rhythm. Now that whatever had caused it seemed to be gone, her body was trying to return to normal but was struggling to do so. Any activity in her paracortex would trigger a seizure.
Lt. Synthi-er, RTF

His expression grim, and his mouth a thin line Theodore stood and stepped over the body of the XO. He tsked to himself, more for the benefit of the others than his actual feelings. What a waste of body parts. He moved to Casela and began examining her, his expression remained the same but his eyes lit up slightly. Yes this one was better, there was something to be done here. He considered the readings and brought a hypo then a device from the medkit. Carefully running the beam of the hand held item across the woman’s head he used his other hand to administer the hypo. “Counsellor, can you hear me.” He asked her

Whatever the device was seemed to clear her head some, and the first thing she did was reach for Ryder, he had to hold on, but there was nothing to reach for. He was gone, and something inside her broke. The telepathic activity increased the readings of her paracortex, attempting to trigger another seizure. The hypo seemed to dull the migraine intense pain to a degree. She heard him, but she didn’t want to. She tried to shake her head, but that made her dizzy, and it hurt. Her whole body hurt at this point, probably from collapsing so hard onto the deck plating and the seizures. “Yes” she croaked.

“Hmm.” Theodore said as he scanned. “Please counsellor, I will ask you to refrain from using your telepathy at the moment. Whatever happened has disrupted your body’s natural rhythms. I am going to try and help you stabilise this, but if you continue to use your telepathic abilities you will trigger another seizure. I cannot correct the damage until I can stabilise you. Do you understand.” He asked. As he spoke he worked. He placed a neurocortical monitor on her forehead and began work over her head again with a cortical Stimulator.

“I am sorry to inform you that Commander Raauhl is dead. There is nothing you can do for him. Stop.” He said

Gen meanwhile sat back, crouched at Casela’s side. Her eyes fixed and glowing on the body of the XO. The line of her jaw was set and she turned to look helplessly around at Hampton. “You have to fix this.” She told him. The earlier anger diluted.

Knox and Gen

Gen? Why was Gen on this Levi? No she had to go, it wasn’t safe. She flicked her wrist, summoning Fenrir. Both looked at her, but Fenrir from their Levi was occupied with containment and wouldn’t move till instructed. The other Fenrir approached, Casela could hear the clicking of the feet against the plating. When it stopped near her, she whispered, “Gen.” Fenrir looked at the girl and then settled beside her. Casela tried to open her eyes, no matter how much she wanted to follow him, she couldn’t. She had Gen. The lights in the shuttle bay hurt her eyes, a symptom of the migraine and nothing more, so she closed them again, listening. Hampton? Where did evil Hampton go? And how did their Hampton get there? He must have gotten out, so the orb was broken? Contained? What?
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Theodore swapped his device for another hypo and carefully slotted a vial into place. “ I am giving you. Dose of Hyperzine to counteract the seizures. And Improvaline. It is a synaptic stimulant and cardiostimulant that will fortify your cell membranes however this is a low dosage as too high can lead to Cardiopulmanory System collapse. And we wouldn’t want that now…would we.” He gave a mildly chilling smile. Then looked over at the other assembled crew.

“I need to get the counsellor back to a sickbay. I assume transport is currently out of the question. Is this version of the ships sickbay still operational?”

Dr Knox

Hampton stared at the corpse of his former XO. His hands blue. He raised his right hand, if he could direct temporal energy, why not simply manipulate the matter to an earlier state before the trill had been shot? He figured it would work. Suddenly, a temptation, a thought, which had been clawing through his feeling of guilt pierced his mind, satisfaction. The same he had seen when the NE had died on the Einstein. He was feeling it again. For a second, everything around him stopped. He was frozen in the moment, with nobody but himself to discuss the situation. If Hampton was a coward, he would just pawn off the urge as some sort of residual effect of the orb. Hampton was not a coward, he knew damn well this was his own thought.

Why should he bring Raauhl back? Had the XO ever taken time to try and get to know Hampton? No. He was just another link in the long chain of abusers on Leviathan, complicit in whatever dark dealings the crew around Hampton were engaging in. The only thing Raauhl would do once back would be to hop in bed with the good for nothing counselor again.

The people around him were surrounded in pain at his death, good. They deserved it, they deserved to be in a state of emotional grief. The anomaly that was passing herself as a girl was a nuisance, the counselor, a snake, the engineer, a buffoon. Why should any of them get their XO back?

It was a blessing his back was turned to the rest of the group, the hesitation was carved into his face. He continued glowing for a moment as the thoughts swirled in his mind. No, he was not the vindictive, evil man his counterpart was, he would not be selfish, he would not be cruel, as strong as the temptation was, his desire to make the right decision was stronger.

Suddenly, the entire ship shook so violently that everyone who was not already on the floor would be knocked to it, including Hampton. The computer sounded overhead, alerting the crew to a warp core breach in progress.

Storyteller S/ Hampton

At that precise moment, as Hampton wrestled still with whether to return the Leviathan’s First Officer, they would all be unaware that on the ‘true’ Leviathan, Captain Cobb was making a desperate attempt to establish a transporter lock and beam them all home…

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

The shaking of the ship knocked Durheim to the floor much like everyone else, but all of his focus was on the alert tones over the klaxxon; music that every engineer dreaded. Warp Core Breach.

“Mr. Hampton! We need to eject the warp core! We are too close to the Leviathan; if it goes off it’s liable to take out both ships.” Durheim scrambled to his feet; his body tense. His fingers twitched; waiting for a command. Rather than panicked, his voice was almost demanding; begging the Chief Engineer to give the order.

-Durheim, Engineering

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