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“Apologies for my tardiness Lieutenant, am I too late to join in the fun?”

Anaya was dressed for exercise, figure hugging leggings and a cropped tank top doing little to disguise her long slim legs and dancers physique.

She went through a series of graceful stretching exercises, each move flowing into the next, making it appear almost spiritual in nature, displaying admiral flexibility and control as she moved from each position to the next.

Anaya - Asst Counsellor

Again as if summoned, as she normally did, Gen did in fact appear. The ground at the side of Cobb turned dark for a split second as if a shadow had fallen over it then rippled and there she was at his side. She looked around and put a hand onto the Captain’s elbow silently. “What’s this?” She asked.


The brief ripple of darkness at Cobb’s feet startled the burly captain, as always it did when the Leviathan’s resident teenage anomaly appeared. One would think Zachariah now accustomed to her unique method for entering a room. But in truth he could never fully shake the sensation of uneasy curiosity when with the girl.
Her fingers, like tendrils of ice around his elbow, generated a shiver. “Ah, well it’s…I am not entirely sure, truth be told,” the captain shook his head. “But I believe we are about to play a game. Your friends are also playing,” he nodded over at Cerenity and Jeane, before adding with a whisper, “although if you are looking for the winning team then I have already set the precedent in Lt Surda’s games.”

Surda smiled at both late arrivals, dipping her head to Anaya. “Hello Gen.” She turned her attention back to the Assistant Counselor. “You are right on time, Lieutenant.”
-Surda, CoS

It took Jeane a moment to process all of the questions Cerenity was asking him, but he did eventually speak up. “I’m Jeane and uh…well…I don’t know if my wings make sound. I’ve never flown before. Dad has been hoping I would meet someone that can teach me, though. I’ve always wanted to fly, but couldn’t because…because....” He let the words trail off and shrugged. “Anyway, it’s very nice to meet you, Cerenity. I didn’t know there were others out there with wings like me. I bet Dad is so happy for me!”

Upon return, Jin’Lor was happy to see Jeane actually socializing. He had opted to leave behind not only his knives, but his coat as well and felt odd without it. He had come here to get out of his comfort zone, though, so it was best to get used to not having it or his knives on this ship. He also noted the new arrivals and gave them simple nods of acknowledgment.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Luran was the next tardy arrival, heading in after the others. “I hope I’m not too late. This ship can be just a tad confusing at first,” she said, looking around at the others in attendance. “But I’d love to join you, if that’s okay?” She was still new aboard the ship then, and this seemed a good way to both get involved and get to know some of the other crew.

~ Ensign Akunon, Medical

“Aye, the more the merrier,” Cobb waved the newcomer inside, while silently wrestling with a name to go with the face and sadly coming up short. “I…do not believe we have met? I am Captain Cobb.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Cerenity sprang up and ran over to Gen. ” Gen! She called excitedly. ” Gen you have to come meet Jeane” she said excitedly. She was happy to see her friend. She hoped Jeane would join them and be there friend.

“Luran Akunon. I’m new to the medical department, sir,” Luran informed the Captain, putting her hand out for a hand shake. “Nice to meet you.” She could tell he was trying to come up with a name but this did not bother her. It was the first time they’d met, after all. She didn’t expect anyone to know the name of every Ensign aboard.

~ Ensign Akunon, Medical

“Well in that case, welcome to the Leviathan, Luran Akunon,” Cobb grinned, before adding somewhat more awkwardly, “I shall be sure to pay you a visit in the medical bay by way of a more formal introduction. Most likely I am due for a physical right about now,” he cleared his throat, one hand raking nervously through his long hair.

” it seams we have had quite the influx of new people. I’m Ensign Luna” she said. She looked over to the children. She was glad that Gen and Cerenity got along so well.
Ensign Luna

Surda stood up and clapped twice, satisfied with the group. “Alright everyone, it’s time to begin. Today, you will take part in a varying gravity obstacle course. To promote teamwork, everyone will have a partner. You will be handcuffed to your partner. I am the only one who can release you. Do not try to get out of the cuffs. You will fail, and you will lose the game. If you really want to try breaking out of my cuffs, we can do that one-on-one later.” She hid her mirth at the innuendo to continue explaining. “The highest gravity setting is only a bit higher than Vulcan. The lowest, naturally, is zero. I’ve done the math, and everyone should be fine in all grav settings, particularly without the air composition fluctuations.” She was, of course, including the children and those with much lower bone density. “People are less likely to get hurt on this game than our last one, thus why it’s open to everyone. Any questions?”
-Surda, CoS

Cobb chuckled at the ‘one-on-one’ comment, before glancing nervously at Synthi-er in the hope she had not ‘heard’ his mind wander at the suggestion.

Casela saw Cobb’s look and could deduce what he was thinking. Lucky for him she didn’t go around listening to just listen. He should know that by now.

OOC: Alright characters present are: Luna, Cerenity, Gen, Casela, Anders, Akunon, Jeane, Jin’Lor, Cobb, Surda, Anaya, and Irida. If you want in, now is the time. If I skipped you, tell me.
OOC: Also Niven, Trainor, Ujaw and Lehiw from RTF are there IF you need them.
Casela smiled at Luna’s question about Juliet, but didn’t answer. Luna needed to learn to make fair and honest evaluations of people rather than trusting in other opinions. Juliet was there, like the rest of them, as a Star Fleet officer, which meant they had been vetted by Star Fleet command AND ARU command as well. She watched Gen with Cobb and shook her head. One of these days Gen was going to REALLY scare Cobb. But he seemed to adore her and Gen had taken to him from the very beginning. Casela grinned turning her attention away from the influx of officers and listened to Surda. Great zero-gs. Maybe this was a bad idea, she didn’t need to puke all over her partner.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Jin’Lor grimaced, not sure he wanted to play this game, but shrugged. “It seems interesting enough to join.” He stated and glanced toward Jeane, who was standing there looking very uncomfortable.

The young winged teen was twiddling his thumbs. “I don’t know…I never played many games.” He said.

“Jeane, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Jin’Lor interjected. “Just make a choice before things begin. You can’t be indecisive all the time.”

“I know…” The silver haired boy said with a glance toward Cerenity and Gen. He did want to make friends. “I’ll stay.”

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Gen had moved away from Cobb and walked around both Cerenity and this new boy a few times. Walked being the incorrect term, floated around a few centimetres from the ground. Which in itself was mildly rude as she was staring, yellow neon eyes glowing as she did. “It’s ok. If you don’t want to play we can always go see the fish.” She said still circling slowly.


Cobb watched the children silently. When he accepted the role of Commanding Officer of the most dangerous starship in the quadrant, it had not included any pledge to house or shield minors. But in spite of his own misanthropy, he could not help but acknowledge the current of humanity that accompanied minds so innocent and unsullied. Or, in the case of these particular children, at least more unsullied than the various adults onboard. In truth, their effect on the crew was a positive one, a visual and emotional reminder of their reasons for hunting anomalies. And a reminder also, of what lay at stake should the Leviathan’s mission fail…

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Casela watched Gen out of the corner of her eye. Hoping she didn’t scare the young teen, but hoping she felt comfortable enough to be herself. But her main focus was on Juliet and trying to reconcile, find a solution, to their problem. Her father and Uncle Jo’nar used to tie them together and make them work together when they would argue. Of course they had loved it so much they would argue on purpose to get their fathers to do it. This looked like a very similar situation. She glanced at Surda and nodded her head subtly at Juliet. If she was lucky maybe Surda would stick them together.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

“If everyone could place both hands in front of them and close their eyes, I will place your partner with you now.” Surda betrayed nothing in her body language, but she had seen, and agreed with, Casela’s request already.

She walked around the group, moving people into place beside their partners and attaching them to each other for the foreseeable future. Casela and Juliet, Jin’Lor and Akunon, Cerenity and Gen, Luna and Cobb, Anaya and Irida. She paused beside Jeane, tapping him to get his attention. “I thought you might be most comfortable with the person who has the key,” Surda whispered, “and I have a good feeling about your chances on this course.” She offered him the handcuffs to tie the two of them together.
-Surda, CoS

Luna tensed when the hand cuffs were placed on her an Cobb. She could not help that for a moment she was stuck in her past. Remembering the scientists started using sothhithing similar to control and help them move her from her room to the lab. Sje took a deep breath and shook her head. Cerenity because a little Anxious as well though this was more to do with not liking her wigs touched and the close proximity to Gen made that more likely.
Ensign Luna

Jin’Lor stared at the handcuffs for a long moment, an uncomfortable expression on his face, but said nothing. It was not much difference to him if he was attached to someone or not. Working with another had always been interesting over the years of his life. With a calm look toward Akunon, he stated, “This should be interesting.”

Jeane gazed at Surda for a long moment before turning his lavender colored eyes to the handcuffs with fear. Memories of the person who had hurt him most swam through his mind and sent cold chills through his entire body. He took a step away from her. “I…I can’t wear those…” He murmured and tried to shake off the memories. This was not the time or place for a panic attack, despite what his mind wanted him to do. “I’m sorry…”

Narrowing his blue eyes, Jin’Lor was tempted to step forward and intervene but remember the cuffs and kept in place. It was obvious by the look on his face he was worried about Jeane.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Surda nodded and tucked the cuffs away, about to speak when she was cut off.

“Its ok Jeane miss. Sandra won’t hurt you and she has the key so you can have them removed at any time” she said from her spot. Luna smiled at Cerenity.

” Jeane your a winged human are you not its only natural for people like us to no enjoy being caged or chained up. Its ok im afraid of the hand cuffs. You can get past it i know you can. Just don’t think about it and have fun its a game after all” Luna added theee pair trying to encourage Jeane.
Ensign luna

“Ensign. He is within his rights to refuse, as is Gen, as Cerenity would be.” She knelt down and offered Jeane her hand instead, speaking to him quietly. “We all have our demons. Are you alright with holding hands?”
-Surda, CoS

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